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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • I don’t like the painting on the picture above… disturbing.

  • Revel: Rants
    Rant: Revels

  • Rave: Found a house on the Hill! Submitted an offer yesterday!

    Rant: We’re 1 of 5 offers.

    Rant: Still living with the parents in Fairfax.

    Rave: At least we’re not living in a cardboard box.

    Rave: The photo above is AWESOME.

    • GiantSquid

      Rant: Living in Fairfax (ugh, been there, done that)

      Rave: Hanging out on the Hill with friends this weekend

      Rave2: Check out house down the street going on market soon if this doesn’t work out

      Rave3: The photo above is definitely AWESOME.

    • I don’t even know you, but I am so happy for you. I sincerely hope you get the house! We just bought our house on the Hill two months ago, after living in my girlfriend’s mother’s house in Fairfax County for 3 years. I cannot even begin to tell you how much our quality of life has improved since moving here. Be prepared for some steep closing costs, however. And if you don’t get the house, don’t worry– it happens to nearly eveyone (including us) and a better one will come along.

    • I hope you get the house! We bought near eastern market in dec of 09. It’s a great area! You will like living on the Hill so much better than Fairfax!

      • Oh yes indeed! We love the Hill! Sold our condo in December and have been camping out in Fairfax waiting for the market to pick back up. Still waiting to hear about our offer…

  • Rant: Not enough sleep this week

    Rave: great show at Rock & Roll Hotel last night — the H Street street car construction is really coming along and the finished streets look great!

    Rave: I am SO thankful to have a well-adjusted, independent, quiet cat as a pet. I’m realizing how lucky I am, especially after seeing/hearing how AWFUL other pets can be (see rant above)!

    Rave: Happy Earth Day! I’m all for saving the planet, but this website is *cracking me up*: http://www.earthconfessions.com

    Raves > Rants — Happy Friday everyone!

    • Raves: That web site — the online confession booth. Love it. Love the trompe l’oeil painting on the house above. Both are fun. Cleaned out two bags of papers. Dating man who is so completely different from me it is a total laugh.

      Rants: Spring is ending quickly, humid summer stickiness is creeping up. Have to think of meal for Easter. Feeding many people in a small space.

  • Rant: Found a man in the alley next to my building pissing on my building. When I told him to stop pissing on my building, he told me I’d do the same thing. I said that I’d go to a bathroom rather than act like an animal. Man, he didn’t like that and he threatened an ass-kicking. All things considered, I should’ve thrown him into the wall of my building therefore knocking his ghetto ass out!

    • i have to admit i’ve done the same thing in the past. sometimes you just have to go, you know? would you knock my waspy ass out?

      i think your building can stand up for itself.

      • I would love to knock your waspy ass out, but I would refrain as I did with this guy.

        Seriously? You’d stop in some alley and piss on somebody’s home like some animal? Way to respect your neighbors.

      • “Sometimes you just have to go”?

        A full bladder doesn’t just WHAM! hit over the head all of a sudden. Tiny little children are taught how to know when they have to go with enough lead time to let an adult get them to a bathroom.

        Maybe you never learned? Do you need an adult to help you, snookums? Lacking an alley, what would you have done, piss in your pants?

        I’d turn the hose on you like the dog you are. People have to live in that building and walk past your stale dried up piss. Maybe think about that before you have 13 beers without hitting the head.

        • Want it to burn you up even more, TaylorStreetMan? The building is on Taylor St!

          Thanks for the backup.

  • Rant:

    “Walmart Foes Release List of Demands” – High on the list was this little gem:

    •Not ask job applicants about previous criminal convictions.

    Sometimes I really forget how fundamentally ghetto this city is. Thanks Metro Washington Labor Council for reminding me.

    • I bet you the same guy who wrote this demand was the guy pissing on my building!

    • It takes some chutzpah to ask Walmart not to ask about previous criminal convictions. If I were Walmart, I’d tell these people to take a hike.

    • I looked at that list. It was silly.

      I really liked the line:
      “Fund workforce training programs for D.C. residents, and use training programs as its primary avenue for hiring D.C. residents.”

      Yeah, right…

      Read more: Walmart D.C. foes release demands | Washington Business Journal

  • Rant: The tree in the picture above and all of its friends that are sending my usually tame allergies into overdrive.

    Rave: Caps game 5 tomorrow; let’s hope they end this series at home!!! Rangers SUCK!!!!

    Rave: Getting to celebrate the birthdays of two of my closest friends this weekend. And I’ve got some beautifully dyed easter eggs ready for my Polish Easter breakfast.

  • Rave: Survived an evening of forced networking last night.

    Rant: Realized this morning as I went to do follow-up emails that I accidentally gave away the card that I had received from one person when I went to give my own card to another person. I’m not destined to be a mover and a shaker at these things.

    Extra Raves: Weekend. Gardening. Planting a new tree.

    • Extra Extra Rave: DC processed my state tax return in record time and put money into my account today! I love tax time.

  • RANT: after a week of back-and-forths with the realtor and the management company, i’ve been rejected from an apartment rental based on my dog being an extra 5 pounds over the weight limit. with almost zero time left until my move-out date and slim-to-no dog friendly apartments out there, it’s looking more and more like my dog and i are gonna be homeless.

    RAVE: it was supposed to be raining all day today, and it’s not. as someone who works from home, this is the silver lining to my day 😀

    • Have you checked out Park Crest in Glover Park? They accept dogs for a small monthly fee! We went two weeks ago and they have cute (and DC-affordable 1 bedrooms)!

      • thanks for the tip! but now i have a new post….

        RAVE: me and my dog found a new place!!! i’m happy to report that she is now 55 lbs UNDER the dog weight limit 😀

        RANT: i’ll not only be paying $300 more than the place that screwed me over, but i’ll be leaving petworth 🙁

  • Fucking shitty raise at work. TGIF, though.

    • Wow, haven’t had a raise in two years +. Salary was frozen. No increases for living whatsoev, no bonuses, no . You got one?

      • Seriously. My org is looking at layoffs and salary increases have been out of the picture for a long time.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Rant: My bathroom tub is leaking. Does anyone know a good tile/grouting person?

    • Joe Wood who did the Meridian Pint build out is the man of all trades. Call the fellas for his number. He just renovated our master bath and it is AMAZING. I really need to submit some pics.

      Rave: My amazing new bathroom!

      • Rant: Amazing 2 years ago Joe Wood said to me “Man, I can’t believe you haven’t asked me to help with your project.” Here I am 2 years later still working on this fixer upper in Petworth saying to myself “I can’t believe I didn’t ask for his help.”

  • Rave: Earth Day. Celebrating 15 years of living car-free in DC!

    Rant: My recycling bin was (stolen/borrowed/lost?) and it’s not clear when 311 will provide a new one

    • GiantSquid

      I hear your rant. Realized ours belonged to another house when downstairs neighbor left it out on the curb and it disappeared. Been waiting several months for a new recycling bin.

  • Rave: Trip down to Raleigh this weekend to see soon to be in laws and avoid the rain
    Rant: My work gets to come with me!

  • Rave: Found pretty good New York style pizza – Washington Delicatessen on K Street (entrance on 20th).

    Rant: I’m never full after eat New York style pizza.

  • Rave: 112 people commenting on the post asking for advice on raising a puppy.
    Rave: Harvested a big bag of arugula yesterday.

    Rant’n’Rave: Big income tax bill this week because 2010 was a very good year.

  • Rant: Nasty weather and I’m tired of hearing about the royal wedding.

    Rave: Things going really well with the girl I’ve been seeing (not quite ready to call her my gf yet, but it looks like things are heading that way.)

  • So by all means, let’s continue the cycle of DC residents with criminal records being unable to secure employment, thus setting sparkling examples for their children to follow in their footsteps.

    • That was supposed to be in response to Joker’s WalMart post. Stupid captcha made me post in the wrong spot.

      • So by all means, lets lower our base standards to the lowest common denominator to accomodate and reward a demographic of people who haven’t bothered putting one second of thought or effort into their lives and all managed to obtain a nice shiny adult criminal record by the time they were 18 years and 4 days old.

        McDonalds, the posterchild of jobs that are the lowest of the low, ask you about your criminal record. Are we really asking Walmart to simultaneously hire a bunch of people who couldn’t get jobs at McDonalds and pay them more?

        Like I said…fundamentally ghetto.

        Reminds of of those folks critizing the possible Walmart and its location because the local kids were just going to get criminal records, the inference being that the local kids are just too stupid not to steal and it was unfair of Walmart to tempt them.

  • Rave: Happy Lenin’s Birthday!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Because I scheduled dentist appointment badly I got to spend the afternoon in my hood being a tourist on Tuesday.

    Rave: Growing basil from seed this year and it’s doing nicely.

    Rant: Basil not ready for harvest.

    Rave: Star Hollow Farm will have some basil at their farm stand on Saturday.

  • Rant: Really sad and upset about the violence in Columbia Heights. I don’t like being scared.

    Rave: I forgot I brought a limonata to drink with my lunch! Yippee!

    • Rant: Second the violence rant and add that I am also tired of thinking, reading and talking about it and the lowlife in this town. Really had enough of the DC antisocial bullshit.

  • Rave: TGIF!! The week was heinous.

    Rant: Can’t decide to move into a new place or not.

  • Rave: My friends sent along a video they made of the late local blues great Ben Andrews. Brings back memories of the great old hippy group house out in Virginia. Actually forgot Ben actually visited, and remember Hugh cranking away on the harp to Jimi Hendrix LP in the wee hours of the morning.


    • Apparently there’s going to be a tribute to Ben next Saturday at Madam’s Organ.

      I have an acoustic duo gig tomorrow night. I’m sure we’ll dedicate some songs to him.

    • Also, I can’t watch that video because I’m at work, but I will this weekend. We probably have some friends in common.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Really boring week at work.

    Rave: I have work.

    Rant: Had dream hubs went to game 5 at Verizon Center and paid exorbitant amount for tickets. Hope real life doesn’t imitate.

    Rave: Time to put some veggies and herbs into pots in the backyard patio this weekend and I’ll have a friend to help me out. Frager’s here we come!

  • Rant: I hate our neighbors. Their children are so loud they could be in our house (why is it that we never heard the two children who lived there before them but ALWAYS hear these children?!?!). When it is 11pm, your children should not be keeping me awake by screaming, running, jumping off things, etc.

    Rant: I also hate our neighbors because they take up two spaces every time they park. With each of their four cars. Grrr.

    • Ugh, I had that problem when I lived in Fairfax County. When I’m on the phone, at night, inside my house with all the windows closed, the person on the other end should not be able to hear my neighbor’s kids screaming their heads off. And it gets even worse once school lets out.

      • The worst part is they aren’t old enough to be in school. Two year olds should not be running around screaming at 11pm, ever!

  • Rant: Trash collectors in our neighborhood. I hope I never see on in the morning, they’ve been throwing trash cans around, breaking bottles in our alley, and spilling trash for months now. I called the mayor’s help line to sweep our alley and they haven’t come in over a month. I’m disgruntled.

    Rave: My new PC.

  • Rave: A quiet Friday since everyone is off
    Rant: All heck broke loose

  • Rant-I really dislike my neighbors. A lot. In fact, I make up mean songs about them and fantasize they are moving to the burbs (where they belong) any day now.

    Rave-I just realized I can post about it every Friday thereby relieving my bf of my rants about the neighbors. Probably will still sing songs though

  • rant: food poisoning

    rant 2: dc united blown out by nyrb

  • rant: freezing cold, dark, and rainy. mother earth must really hate us.

  • Bear

    Rant: Work continues to suck.
    Rave: Will be done with the proposal from hell in another week, then I can focus on planning my field research in South Africa!
    Rant: The guy I’m seeing is pissing me off. Why is it hard to actually make plans? I’m really tired of feeling like it’s a chore for him to make time to see me.

    • Bear, no offense, but, perhaps he isn’t that into you, and is not making much of an effort. Or, he is legitimately very busy.

      Alternately, you could be repeatedly shooting down his suggestions and discouraging him.

      • Bear

        I think it’s a combination of the first two options. He has legitimately been busy…but I do think he would be making more of an effort if he was really into me. Not a great feeling.

        • I suggest you try making less of an effort to see him. He may paradoxically be more interested if you seem more elusive, or if not, then at least you didn’t waste a lot of time/energy on someone who’s not worth it.

        • I hear you, Bear … in similar situation. Everybody’s busy, but if we want to do something bad enough, we figure out a way. You deserve someone who wants to see you!

    • go meet yourself some south african guy. drop the other guy quick.

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