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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

Was anyone successful in scoring a $1 lunch today from Living Social?

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

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  • Rant/rave: there was an anxious, nervous, barking dog tied outside the coffee shop near my office and no one to lecture his owner or post pictures to a neighborhood blog!

    Rant: Rock Creek Parkway/Beach Drive traffic. What an unholy mess that looks to be here for a while. Time for a new route to work.

    Rave: my kid is hilarious and his nana/my mom is coming to visit this weekend.

  • Rave: Redbuds. Pizza lunch with wine. Boyfriend likes my “conversation.” That’s nice.

    Rant: Boy doesn’t want kids… ug. Can count on one hand the number of single men age 35-50 who say they want to have children.

    • I don’t blame him. I have two teenagers. Not sure why the human species doesn’t just come to an end. ; )

    • To be fair, a lot of us women don’t want kids either.

    • Really? Almost all of the guys I know in that age range here are actually quite determined to settle down & have kids. Whether they (and me, to be fair) actually have the emotional intelligence to form a committed long-term relationship is another question. Anyway, try getting up to the 40-45 yr old range — that’s a sweet spot.

      • Yeah, all the young guys I work with already have a small army of kids. But they also all live in Northern Virginia. Maybe she needs to start dating people out there.

      • @ M: ????

        @ Anonymous: Catching orange line now. Now, liberal, educated, not-so-religious… is it too much to ask?

        • Well, the guys I work with do attend church on a regular basis, but they’re engineers so I think you’d have the educated part down (assuming you don’t need someone you can discuss literature with).

        • Absolutely! You just need to get out there on Match.com and OK Cupid and you can literally shop for the guys who want to settle down and have kids. Once guys get past 40 they are really pretty up front about it — the whole “breeding sucks” thing is not quite as cool when you start to see greys and contemplate morality, and maybe your best friend and your brother have kids too. OTOH, stay away from divorced guys w/kids unless they are totally explicit from the get go that they want more.

    • rant: people who refer to their boyfriend as “boy.” and, people who refer to their boyfriend as “the boyfriend”

    • I’ll be 41 in a month and I’m not sure I don’t want kids. Probably don’t, but I’m leaving that option open.

  • rant: the picture by “philliefan99” above.

  • Rave: DC Brau tonight!

    Rant: Tickets to the baseball game tomorrow that will likely be rained out

  • Rave: Lots of great music this weekend, including this cancer benefit in Silver Spring:


    Rant: That benefit reminds me of too many friends I’ve lost to cancer.

  • Rant: I’m looking for apartments for my sister, who will be moving to DC in a few months. The rents in DC for studio apartments are ABSURDLY high — how hard is it to find an apartment in a safe part of town without roommates that isn’t out in East Jabib, Maryland?!

    (PS: this is me ranting, I’m not looking for snarky, unsolicited advice from the PoP peanut gallery).

    Raves: The sunshine today is gorgeous! My mom and sister are visiting this weekend. My boyfriend knows I’ve been having a rough week at work, so he gave me a bouquet of irises on Wednesday night <3

    • I feel you on the helping people look for apartments, I’m trying to help a few friends get situated here and it’s really frustrating. I had no idea how much rents have gone up the past few years!!! If it makes you feel better,try finding a 1 bedroom under $2K for someone with a big dog.

    • Can you have her stay with you for her first month or two? I lived with my cousin my first two months and it gave me a chance to get a feel for the neighborhoods and find a good apartment.

    • Also, I would have her reconsider living with roommates– it’s a great way to meet people when you’re new to the city.

      • not if you are over age 20 it isn’t.

        • wtf?
          how so?

        • Should have picked a better major in college then.

          • you feel better when you say stuff like that?

          • It’s not about feeling better. It’s about people thinking their “above” having a roommate in their 20’s.

            I’ve got a tough lesson for you: you’re ego is getting in the way of your intellect.

        • I moved to DC in my mid/late 30s, got a roommate who is a great guy and is now (after both of us married and bought homes of our own) one of my very good and close friends.

          It’s more about circumstance, personalities and luck than age, I think.

  • Rant: Even though it is going to be great when its done, waking up to the earth rumbling and ear splinting construction on Sherman and Euclid at 7 am for the past 3 months… even on saturdays is making me go crazy. Can they not wait to use the sledge hammer til after 9?

    • 7 AM on a Saturday does not make me excited for when the time comes for our block to be done.

      On the bright side, I noticed this morning that they seemed to have rolled at least their staging area up another block north, so maybe the light at the end of the tunnel-under-construction is at least one block closer?

  • Rant and Rave: Parents coming into town for Passover.

    Rant and Rave: Got a $1 LivingSocial deal, but the line for the restaurant was way too long for me to get in on my lunch hour.

    • I got one too, specified for the “Dupont Circle” location of the eatery. Turns out it was actually the 14th & P location….So I ended up just paying full price since I was already there. Boo.

    • I didn’t both with the $1 lunch deals for that reason. I figured the participating restaurants in my area would be mobbed, and it’s not worth wasting half a work day to save a few dollars.

    • At least you get your dollar refunded since you didn’t use it.

      Rave: I used my $1 deal for a sweetgreen salad with more toppings than I could imagine. Highest topping to lettuce ratio ever. So full.

    • I waited an hour for my Zpizza and it was totally worth it. Luckily I can be away from the offie for that long on Fridays…

    • I do like the sound of their new Instant Deals feature. Does anyone ever have issues using these vouchers from a smartphone? I always print mine because I’m afraid someone won’t take it if it’s on a screen, and it seems weird handing the phone over to a server or cashier.

      • I’ve only ever used them off my smart phone. Have the app for both Living Social and Groupon. It’s the same idea as the printout. They just punch in the number at the bottom.

  • Rant: sore throat! unrelated, I really wish there were more bars on GA Ave. Really tired of LGL.

  • Starting vacation in just a few short hours!! WOO HOO!!

  • Rave: Getting out of town to visit friends this weekend at their farmhouse in the country.

    Rant: It’s going to rain the whole time we are there.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My benefits company keeps not taking my transportation benefit out of my check.

    Rave: I now have 1/2 the PTO saved up that I need for vacation this summer!

  • Rave: My 20 year old Toyota is still going strong. Let’s see if it will make 25 because I don’t want a car note right now.

    Rave2: Ernie pictures

    • Start putting a little bit in a dedicated car savings account every month now, so that the eventual car purchase/ loan will be less painful.

  • Rave: I’m funny, and I have the PoP tshirt to prove it.

    Rant: being funny doesn’t make this damned cold less miserable.

    • I knew you’d win that one.

      Rant: Congress populated by headless chickens. Every time they reach some kind of stalemate over their respective willy proportions, it personally costs me money. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen if they escalate towards a catastrophic default over the debt ceiling.

      Rave: Taxes almost done. Phew!

  • Rave: The mother duck with her ducklings at the National Geographic building make my day! They are so cute and I love that people part like the Red Sea to make room for her and her ducklings!

    Rant: My laundry is forming into a monster much like the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock and I’m certain it’s about to overtake my apartment…

  • Question/rant: Does Metro ever respond to email complaints? I always get an autoresponse saying my email was received and then… nothing. No response.

  • Rant: RIP Ben Andrews, so sad for the world to lose a Blues Legend.

    Rave: Memories of the good times on Tuesday nights at Madams Organ listening to some awesome delta blues.

    • I’ve been trying to find details about his passing. So far nothing in the news or blogs. Ben was a great player who helped keep traidtional Blues alive.

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