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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: I can’t believe we still aren’t allowed to vote in this city! No wonder we have such a worthless mayor and city council when they’ve been appointed by a Republican congress!

  • Rant: Ongoing issues with the Virginia DMV…

    Rave: Allergies seem to be getting better.

  • We should be allowed to vote! DC ROCK THE VOTE!

  • Rant: No tax refund, for a third year in a row. And the amount I owe has gone up.

    Rave: The IRS doesn’t know about the several thousand dolalrs I make every year playing music and (unless it someday becomes my day job) they never will.

    Rave: Awesome weather! Can’t wait to get on my bike after work tonight.

  • We CAN vote. We DO vote (or should). The problem is that we don’t have a rep in Congress with the power to vote.

    • That’s what Fox News would like you to believe. Do you know for a fact that after you go to the polls, your vote is actually accounted for? Not in DC if you live here!

  • Rave: The weather
    Rant: Cr*p. Sounds like another big layoff is ahead at my job!

  • Rave: The Weather!
    Rant: I will not be able to enjoy it b/c I have to work all day, then go to my second job and work till 8:30. By the time I get home it’s almost bed time.

  • did a tourist fall off the Washington Monument again?

  • Rave: Got to watch bald eagles mating at my friend’s island in Virginia yesterday.

    Rant: I am inside my office on not at the Island! (or better yet out sailing on this fine day) (time to start a PoP sailing club!)

  • Rave: I’m weirdly at my happiest on Mondays? Still haven’t figured that one out – I think I like the feeling of starting fresh for the week.

    Rant: Why do I always take so much to the dry cleaner’s at once? Today’s bill = ouch.

  • Rave: Wonderful long weekend with my parents visiting both out of the way and all the usual attractions, including a moved-to-tears visit with my Dad to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I think I learned more about him over the last 4 days than over the majority of years of my life.

    Rant: Playing hostess and tourist are both exhausting jobs. I need another long weekend to recover.

    Double Rant: Nerve-wracking site visits by funders today and tomorrow.

    Rave: Gardening this weekend is my light at the end of the tunnel. Herbs, a dwarf lilac, sweet william, forest phlox (or something like that) and all sorts of beautiful things to plant.

  • Rant: the shut-down didn’t happen!

    Rave: the shut-down didn’t happen!

  • Rave: The social conditions that have made DC’s political class scared crapless. The days of providing folks of all races bad service and looking the other way on corruption and making hysterical, inflammatory and incorrect statements are about to end.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Mrs Johnny Depp.
    Rave: No shutdown so I don’t lose my vacation time.
    Rant: Left ac on and window open.
    Rave: Electricity is included in my rent.

  • Rave: Such a beautiful day and the tulips blooming around the city or glorious!

    Rant: Ignorant bicyclists. I’m not saying all bicyclists are ignorant, I’m just ranting about those who have no ideas of the traffic rules they’re supposed to follow. Like blowing through stop signs when there is traffic and then proceeding to yell at drivers that “I’m on a bike, I don’t have to stop, and if you hit me I’ll F*ing sue you for everything you’re worth!!!”.

    Rant: Congressmen we didn’t vote for adding policy riders onto our DC budget.

    • I am planning on getting a ridiculously loud horn to scare the crap out of these ignorant bikers next time they jump a stop sign!

    • I wouldn’t take those lawsuit threats too seriously. They’re riding on bikes, for Pete’s sake! Might as well be a clown on a unicycle running a stop sign and then threatening to sue you for everything you’re worth.

  • Rant: New person at work is working my last nerve…tromp tromp tromp all over “people’s feet.” Why doesn’t she work on getting us some much needed paper or learning about what we really do before trying to change all procedures and systems.

    Rave: beautiful day, 1 hr left of work, and then I’m hitting the park for a run.

  • Rant: Shooting in Bruce Monroe Park on Sunday.

    Rave: MPD was on the scene within seconds and park was busy and well used by many a mere 20 minutes later.

  • claire

    Rant: One of my roommates managed to accidentally set our completely full trash can on fire with his cigarette before leaving for his girlfriend’s place.

    Rave: Luckily I noticed the smoke and was able to put it out with the assistance of other roommates.

    Rant: Now our trash can is full of trash *and* water, and I’m scared my roommate will accidentally burn down the house.

  • Rant: the absence of Petworth in PoP lately. It’s more like the Caliph of Columbia Heights, or the Baron of Bloomingdale, or His Highness of the Hill.

    • I hear a waaaaaaaaahhbulance

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I hear ya Anon @4:03pm Unfortunately I’m restricted by this pesky thing called reality. I can’t invent things that don’t exist here. We spoke last week about the construction on Georgia Ave in Petworth as well as the replacement of Wings & Things on Upshur St. as well as a GDoN off Grant Circle. But you see what you want to see here.

      That’s cool.

      Nobody wishes more than I, that I was posting about a new bar, restaurant, park, building or whatever in Petworth.

      I dare you to come up with a notable development in Petworth that hasn’t been posted here.

      However, if I’m ever missing something of note please do email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail

      • pssshaw prince. reality doesn’t stop the commentors on this blog! why should you hold yourself to a higher standard?

        ; )

      • To anon, here’s some, maybe not all that notable:
        A couple of the storefronts on Georgia near Webster-Allison (I think) have been fixed up. One has a dollar store already in it (yay) and the other is still empty.
        There’s something called the Georgia Ave. Builders Surplus that appears new at Georgia between Taylor and Upshur.
        The skateboard shop up by Ras & Moroni’s is newish.
        I think Upshur St. repaving should be done soon.

        That about sums up the Petworth excitment this month – dollar stores and street paving.

  • The guy in the picture looks like Glenn Beck.

    RAVE: I’ve reached my stress threshold with all of the chaos and churn going on in the office. If I can’t absorb any more tension, I get oddly lucid and calm. Nice.

    RANT: Why are all women’s shoes designed to strangle, slice and blister the woman’s foot? Is it to prevent us from running away? Yeesh. Spring shoes blues.

  • Rant: Vincent Gray
    Rave: Mayoral recall election potentially scheduled for next April

  • Said (4:18): I thought that was Glenn Beck, too, when I first looked at it!

  • Rave – Rock Creek park was crazy with bird sex this weekend. Watched some bad-ass cardinal boys battle it out in their best disco brights.

    Rant – I’m not a bird.

  • Rave/Rant// Since Kwame and Vincent are in jail, who is the Mayor?

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