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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • Rave: I got a $500 bonus this week at work.

    Rant: Unlike past boni I’ve received, this one I really didn’t deserve.

  • Rant- please refrain from posting pictures of tasty looking cocktails until at least 4pm. This makes me want to quit my job just to start happy hour early

    rave- shopping for a new puppy

    • Where does one get a tasty margarita in this town? I had the misfortune of buying a pitcher of margaritas last night at Surfside and they were truly awful. Food was delicious, but they were undrinkable. Need suggestions before it actually gets warm out.

      [Note: I know we’re not in Texas, but I’m hoping for suggestions of places where a round of margs doesn’t cost as much as a month of rent]

      • Lauriol Plaza or Cactus Cantina should solve the giant pitcher-o-margarita craving. Or El Tamarindo.

        Personally, I like Oyamel, but they’re not going to be coming in industrial sized containers there, and your cost cap may be infringed on.

      • Get the sangarita at Guapo’s.

    • houseintherear

      Get an Ernie.

    • go to WARL! They’re great: http://warl.org/

    • Check out Homeward Trails, too! http://www.homewardtrails.org/

      My roommate and I are adopting a second kitty cat from Homeward Trails tonight 🙂

      • Second this – Homeward Trails is awesome (especially when you get a pet that’s been fostered and can find out some info about them in advance).

        Also check out Lucky Dog http://www.luckydoganimalrescue.org, or just go on petfinder.com. It’s like match.com for pets (except there are even MORE dogs than on match…zing!)

      • yes–I loooove my cat from HT. I’d never had a cat before, so advice from her former foster mother has been very helpful when she does dumb things like stop eating because her kibble company changed their recipe. They are super. Lost Dog & Cat Rescue is great too–I’ve volunteered with them and that’s where my parents got their dog.

        Rant: the rain. that I still have work if the govt shuts down.
        Revels: pretty trees in bloom. hanging out with awesome friends. gf coming home tonight from a business trip. getting paid even if the govt shuts down.

    • Petfinder.com posts animals from all the area rescue groups in one place. http://www.petfinder.com/index.html

    • Me too! Where are you looking?

  • Rave: No matter what happens with the potential shutdown I’ll be working next week.

    Rant: Still hate my job.

  • Rave: Film Fest, Pizza

    Rant: Rain, Rush Hour Metro Shootings

  • rant: been living in the city for over 10 years and I’m feeling less safe than ever. maybe I should stop reading local blogs.

    rant: I want a vacation — even if it’s unpaid — but I don’t work for the gov’t.

    rave: put in perspective, life is really good.

  • Rant: Rode my bike into work today and got yelled at by a crazy lady screaming at the top of her lungs (like I just mugged her) that I’m a F_ing a$$hole for riding on the sidewalk. Mind you I was not going fast, did not come close to hitting her, and I was not downtown, so riding on the sidewalks is legal.

    Rave: Might go look for a new kitty this weekend 🙂

    • Re: biking on the sidewalk.

      I’ve noticed an increase in sidewalk riders lately even on streets with bike lanes. Why on earth would someone ride on the sidewalk when there is a bike lane 6 feet over that’s not filled with people. Argh………………

    • Rant: Some a$$hole bike rider rang her bell and yelled at me (pedestrian) to move over on that wood ramp in the cordoned off sidewalk section of 14th St between Florida and Chapin. I get that you can bike on sidewalks when you aren’t downtown, but seriously????

      Rave: ERNIE!!! Give us more Ernie PoP!!! He absolutely embodies the Beautiful life.

      Rave: May have finally worked out a conflict of interest standing in the way of an awesome new job!

    • saf

      I have a spare kitty. Let me know if you are interested in an adult tuxedo cat.

      • A “spare” kitty? Sheesh.

        • saf

          I care for ferals outside (5) and have indoor kitties (4).

          Someone dumped a housecat here. At least, she seems to be a dumpee (we get those periodically). She’s sweet, and house-ready, but we simply have no more room. So we’re caring for her and looking for a home.

          I suppose I should have said that I have a foster cat in need of a home, but we just call her the spare, so that’s what I typed.

          Don’t worry, all the cats get good care and adoptive homes get checked out.

          So, not as cold as it sounds.

    • I had a cyclist yell “On your left” yesterday evening while walking down 20th St. Too bad I didn’t have a stick at the time.

      They are called sideWALKs for a reason!

      • Get over yourself. If there is rush hour traffic on the road and the sidewalk is open i am going to take the sidewalk. I do ride far away from pedestrian as i can never guess their zig zagging movement. Most pedestrians are probably too busy texting , talking on their phone, or listening to their ipod to even notice what is going on around them.. oh and didn’t get me started on motorists.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: My bosses are very happy with my work.

    Rave: I even got a phone call from the big boss man recognizing my good work.

    Rant: Looks like no possibility of a raise until the budget is fixed.

    Rave: My work has funding for almost a week if the gov’t shuts down.

    Rave: Fee-based funding!

  • Rave: Won $750 at blackjack in Atlantic City last weekend

    Rant: Allergies are starting to get worse

  • claire

    Rant: I’m really frustrated about this government shutdown, not only because I’ll be furloughed (and I’ve only been working less than a year so I haven’t much saved up), but also because I’m truly terrified for the near future of the country.

    Rant: My cat’s been peeing outside the litter box in all sorts of other places; I’m worried she might have a kitty UTI and it’s going to cost me more than $100 at the vet just to figure out one way or another. And if it’s *not* a UTI, I have no idea how to go about fixing it . . .

    Rant: My mood tends to be highly impacted by the weather and this dreary weather today is getting me down – I just want it to be 100% spring (or even better, summer)!

    Rave: At least I had the financial smarts/ability to save up enough money that I’ll be able to pay my rent and my cat’s vet bill even if I’m furloughed for a bit.

    Rave: Emotional support from my boyfriend.

    • I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news…but you should take your cat to the vet immediately! My cat started doing this and it turned out he had kidney stones blocking his passage and causing an infection.

      • claire

        Called the vet this morning – was told there might be an opening tomorrow if I call at 8am so hopefully I can get this taken care of ASAP.

    • I heard from a coworker that some types of kitty litter may contribute to UTIs. I’m sorry I don’t know more about what kinds, but maybe that is why your kitten is avoiding the litter box? Good luck resolving it, regardless!

      • Cat Attract litter is the absolute most amazing pet product on the market. Our cat had medical issues that then led to behavioral issues and that brand of litter saved our sanity.

    • @Claire:
      As a dad of two cats (and two dogs) I can share some info on this as well. We’ve had cats do this before and yes, in one case it was a medical issue (crystals in the bladder caused by stress of just having moved), but in many instances, this type of thing can be behavioral. By all means, go to the vet to eliminate the chance of this being a real medical issue, but here are some potential factors that might have caused your kitty to pee outside of its box:

      Stress, change in environment (did you move the litter box or other furniture near the kitty’s box?), change in type of litter (even a different brand or scent), adding a new family member (boyfriend, another cat, another pet of some sort).

      In my experience, cats are incredibly sensitive to this type of thing and are creatures of habit. If anything changes, they can essentially get anxious and that shows itself by either peeing uncontrollably or trying to get your attention by doing something they know is wrong (shredding your favorite sweater, for example). I read once that even getting yelled at or reprimanded for bad behavior is something that they consider a positive b/c at least you’re now paying attention to them.

      I started watching our cat (the one where it was confirmed not to be a medical issues) closely and started to be able to tell when she about to go pee. I would then put her in the litter box and pet her in the box (she thinks: hey, positive experience in the litter box. I am getting the attention I want in here). Eventually she would just start peeing in there while I was watching and after doing that twice, she was good to go and back to normal.

      Hope that helps. Good luck. In the meantime, I suggest a black light (to detect) and nature’s miracle (to clean).

      • me

        @OatsDC, any advice on how to move with cats? Doing that in 2 weeks, from a condo to a house, and I’m not looking forward to that part of it…

        • @Jen
          We did the exact same thing with our two cats (Hoffman and Sasquatch) three years ago when we moved to a house in Bloomingdale.

          What we did that worked pretty well is the following. Given that the kitties don’t really like change, move them last. We basically kept them in our bedroom which was packed and moved last. And we always isolated them from the movers (they hate people coming in and out of the house). Once the movers needed access to the bedroom we put them in a closet, etc., always together. At least they knew they weren’t being separated. We even transported them in the same cat carrier (assuming they get a long, I recommend this – we go to the vet that way too).

          Once at the new place, we put the cat carrier in the corner of one room. Corner is important b/c they then know that a potential threat can only come from their front (makes them feel safer). We opened the door to their cat carrier and closed the door to the room. Then you basically just wait a few hours. They’ll come out to eat and drink (put some food and treats near their open carrier). Try not to go and in and out of the room or force them to come out – they’ll freak out hearing the noise of the new door opening, etc. We really didn’t disturb them very much the first day other than putting food out and putting a litter box near them. We tried coaxing them out for a while the first evening by offering petting and eventually curiosity took over and they came out to explore. We found that they do a lot of that at night when nobody was around too – things would be slightly moved from the kitties rubbing their cheeks on them. That’s how they ‘mark’ new territory apparently (there are glands there). Expose them to additional small spaces one room at a time if you can with closed doors. They need to get used to the smells of the new place and also not be overwhelmed by a huge new territory all at once.

          We found that our two cats who didn’t always get along became best friends once at the new house. Something about new, neutral territory that they now share and probably going through a traumatizing experience together.

          Good luck to you! Hope it all works out.

  • Rave: not depending on the federal government for income
    Rant: depending on a non-profit for my (piddly) income
    Rave: quitting said non-profit
    Rant: resuming a job search
    RAVE: maybe working in a coffee shop instead of being a freakin’ lawyer.
    Rant: being a lawyer.

    K, I’m done now. Oh, wait, DOUBLE RAVE: 75 degrees this Sunday and brunch plans!!!!

    • Try a small firm, life is less stressful there. I’m at a small firm with a young boss and really enjoy my work as an attorney.

  • Rave: Get to keep working no matter what (thank God for gov’t contracts funded up front).

    Rant: I’m weirdly taking this shutdown really personally and feel myself becoming one of those “angry people” who is constantly mad at the world. But seriously: I AM REALLY ANGRY. So much wasted money. Why punish the nice organization I work for and my nice city? 🙁

    Rant: Oh, and gunshots as I waited for my bus this morning.

    Rave: I will be spending 95% of my weekend far from any computer screens, and am super happy about that. Too much news and blog reading this week.

    • I feel you on that, this feels very personal, and it seems most of the people I know that live outside of DC don’t really know what’s going on, and don’t really care. It’s so frustrating; luckily we have some money saved up, but I am angry on behalf of the people that support their families on $30,000 per year, and really can’t afford this. All because of ideological bullshit at this point.

  • Rant: Government Shutdown..

    Rave: Kids getting furloughed will probably learn to save and not spend all the money on booze and high rent.

    • Rave: non-gov’t job allows me to avoid the lesson of not spending all of my money on booze and high rent.

  • Rave: Picking up my new bike tomorrow. I can’t wait to start commuting to work!

    Rant: My boss thinks she can manage our company’s Facebook Page…I’m getting really frustrated that when I try to explain why something doesn’t work a certain and she doesn’t agree or understand what I’m saying, her automatic response is “oh it’s just because you’re young.”

    She really needs to admit she doesn’t know how to do any of it and move on. Or give up some of her ego and let me do it, since I have some idea, being the ‘youngin’ that I am.

    I’m pulling my hair out, please help.

  • Rant: Congress can suck it!

    Rave: Congress can suck it!

  • I have to bring it back to sidewalk bike riding, WTF? Is that really legal?

    I’ll tell you one thing, it shouldn’t be. I’m all for bike riding but unless you are 13 or younger, keep it on the street.

    • me

      I used to hate it too, but I think it’s fine if the bike riders are respectful and not trying to hit pedestrians. Like an above poster said, I’ve seen a bunch of people, say, up and down 15th St (where there are bike lanes going both ways) and these people are hauling ass down the sidewalk, making me jump out of the way to avoid being hit. Those people, yeah, they suck.

    • Unfortunately, outside of the downtown district it is, apparently. Blows my mind too.

  • rant: I’m kind of hungover.

    rave: that’s my belly in the margarita picture. DAMN YOU, CHIEF IKES!

  • So is it every 25 years or so that it feels like the world is coming to an end? How long til the riots?

  • Raven’t: Having been here through Newt shutdown with parents on the Federal payroll and as a working adult during 4 straight years of semiannual corporate layoffs + mandatory annual unpaid vacation, I’m rather blase about the whole government shut down thing. It’s just life. It sucks, but the world keeps moving and life goes on.

    Don’t get caught up in the media circus of it all. Unplug if you feel any emotion about it, and you’ll feel better within a few hours. It sucks when the people at the top of your “organization” appear to be sucking, but there’s no human institution that’s immune. You’re just feeling what every other American at one time or another has gone through. You’re powerless to stop it, so just chill.

  • Bear

    Rant: Work is hell. Thought things were getting better but it seems my whole division is tanking and I need to look for something else by the end of the fiscal year.

    Rave: Vacation next week, so I can mostly tune out the work BS for a few days.

    Rant: If the government shuts down for longer than this weekend Yosemite will be closed and I won’t be able to spend a couple days there as I had planned to. I’m seriously bummed about this possibility.

    Any recommendations for other places near Reno/San Fran (besides Tahoe) that I can check out? Ones that aren’t national parks?

    • Muir Woods is awesome. It will technically be closed, but technically there won’t be anyone to stop you from walking around either.

      I’d just drive down the coast from SF to Santa Cruz. It’s a beautiful drive.

  • Revel?: Has anyone tried the new Georgia Avenue Builders Surplus that I just noticed on Georgia between Taylor and Upshur? It looks like it might be a good resource.

    Rant: Stop raining.

  • Rave: Going to Philly tomorrow to celebrate my friends birthday and the weather appears to be on our side!

    Rant: Rain and a$$hats that think its “ok” to ride their bikes on sidewalks with pedestrians present.

  • Rant: Got an email from the DC DMV saying my driver’s license was going to be cancelled. Found out it was because I cancelled my VA insurance policy after I moved here and got DC insurance (why would I maintain insurance in a state I no longer lived?). Apparently my VA license (which I no longer need because I have a DC license) was suspended, and the DC DMV found out because they never checked my old driving record when I got my DC license and were just getting around to it this week. What??

    • I had a very similar problem when my wife bought a car and was added to the insurance policy. It was a total DC DMV f-kup. I got extremely threatening form letters.

      Call or visit the DMV today (if possible, you don’t know if they’ll be open next week) and see if they’ll sort it out.

      You can also try having your insurance company sort it out for you.

      However, if you have two driver’s licenses, that’s not legal and you should reconsider whatever impulse you had to have both. You should have turned in your VA license when you applied for DC.

      • I DID turn in my VA license, which is what makes this so ridiculous. I called both DMVs this morning to get this straightened out, and I had to fax my DC policy to VA to prove I didn’t lapse on insurance.

        Then I have to follow up after 24 hours to make sure the VA DMV got the policy and have removed the suspension. After I beg and plead with them to waive the $145 reinstatement fee (or just give up and pay it), I will have to pay an additional $8 to get a certified copy of my VA driving record to give to the DC DMV to get my license back in good standing.

        I’m putting most of the blame on the VA DMV because in my experience they can’t do anything right.

        • Oh, and I also returned my VA tags and changed my address with the VA DMV after I switched everything over to DC… so I have no idea why they still think I’m still licensed there. Probably just a typical bug in their system.

          • Sounds like you got screwed by the system.

            It sounded like you still had your VA license from your original post. No offense intended.

          • Yeah, what I should have said is that I surrendered the little piece of plastic, but my VA license still exists in a virtual sense.

          • It’s hard not to be screwed by the system in VA. Their DMV makes DC’s look like a model of efficiency, competence, and professionalism.

    • Got some clarification from the VA DMV on Saturday. They have this new policy that when you switch states you still have to provide them with your updated insurance policy. I asked them how I was expected to know this (it’s not on their website anywhere) and they referred to a letter they sent out to customers in 2008, before I even moved to the state.

      The VA DMV still hasn’t processed my fax; now they’re saying it can take several days. I’m getting really worried… being at the mercy of a sluggish agency is no fun. 🙁

  • Rave: Special police with the balls to bust a 17 year old carrying a gun.

    Rant: Our city’s tolerance of children with guns.

  • Rave: Free surprise tickets to the White House Spring Garden Tour tomorrow!

    Rant: Probably it will be cancelled.

  • Rant: Went to the recycling center last Saturday to shred a ton of stuff and found the local DC crew replaced by a crew from Frederick, Md. There was nothing wrong with the local people. Why is DC giving all our local jobs to Md, PA and WV. Then they wonder why small businesses in this city cannot get off of the ground and unemployment is so high.

  • Rave: I’ve been deemed “essential”

    Rant: I’ve been deemed “essential”

  • Rant: Drivers who pull into crosswalks and force peds to walk in the street, then smile & wave as I and my small child are forced to walk in front of his car dangerously close to oncoming traffic.

    Rave: DCPD who saw the a**clown driver and pulled him over after the light changed.

  • random question / does anyone know where to get stained glass transoms with the house # ? i see them all over the neighborhood

  • Crazy…

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