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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Idiot boss called in. Suffering from spring fever. . . actually getting work done.

  • I’m a gay man but I don’t want to live that life. Pretty shitty but the weather is nice out. So I’ve got that going for me.

    • Oh boy…

      Listen – there’s no such thing as a “gay life” – this is not a club, fraternity or other exclusive group. Believe it or not, you don’t have to go to Duplex, Town, Nellies and march at Gay Pride to maintain your membership. Some people make it seem that way, but come on…

      The key is to stop living in your head, get out there and live your life!

      • I concur. I mean the expected “straight life” is pretty lame too. find your own way. it may take some time to find people you can relate to, but with a little effort you’ll find people worth knowing, things worth making, work worth doing.

      • Sage advice for pretty much everyone. . .

      • and heaven forbid they drive white jeeps.

      • Sounds like most Gay-borhoods that I know and I have lived in three big ones: Wash DC, Baltimore, and Fort Lauderdale.

        Happiness is yours too find and the bars filled with drunks and druggies are not always the best place to start on either side of the fence, gay or straight. These problems are hardly unique to DC.

        Let’s not forget being gay under 30 and over 40 are two very distinct places in life. You cannot play in both without being recognized as strange.

        You control your journey, no one else.

        • As a straight guy, with a lot of gay friends, I think you’re using your own experiences to derive generalizations about both NYC and DC.

          If you dont like the gay scene you’re in right now, you can quite easily find new friends. Sounds like you’re wrapped up with some pety, childish, self-absorbed folks.

          I think this circle exists in NYC too. You just werent involved with it.

      • What is worrisome to me is your statement, “I don’t want to live that life.” I’m a little concerned on what your definition of “that life.”

        There are a lot of people in the LGBT community who don’t fit in the stereotypical rolls that are often presented to us as the only option.

        If you need to talk to someone about coming out or need resources, etc. I’d urge you to call the Trevor Project 1-866-4U-TREVOR.

      • This doesn’t sound any different than being straight in DC so far.

    • Thanks Scott

      I have no advice. You just touched my heart. Thanks for being a real person.

      I can imagine, if I were you, I would need an outlet to release my anger or stress — like art or sports. You kind of have to be innovative, I guess, or creative with your life — a pioneer of sorts.

      You are welcome in my city and I’m glad you’re here. Thank you, thank you for saying something true today.

      • Rave: Love being a closet bisexual man married to a woman with kids, and unable to ever experience “it” with men.

        Rant: I can’t play a gay man on TV.

  • Rave: DC DPW actually swept and cleaned our street gutters and alley!

    Rant: Idiot neighbors and others passing through throwing their trash on the nice new clean streets.

  • Rave: For the first time ever, I went to Kenwood MD yesterday to see the cherry blossoms. They have 1200 Yoshino cherry trees lining the streets and they were beautiful. Plus you don’t have to fight the insane crowds at the Tidal Basin.

    Bonus Rave: Butler…go Butler! Hoosiers represent!

  • Rant: I have bed bugs. WTF I live in new development where did these things come from.

  • claire

    Rave: Boyfriend came back from a business trip last night (I don’t even care that I didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night as a result!).
    Rave: Stayed in this weekend and got done pretty much *everything* that’s been weighing on me for months – and even found time to bake chocolate snickerdoodles.
    Rave: First slow day at work in about two months (time to catch up on PoP).
    Rave: Only four more weeks until I go on my first vacation in a year!
    Rave: Temperatures in the seventies today! Can’t wait to chill outside after work.

    Only raves today!

    • Where are you going on vacation?! I need a vacation too!

      • claire

        It’s going to be a crazy week and a half of vacation – first, camping for a weekend in Maryland, then relaxing at home for a few days, then San Francisco for four days . . . I’m so excited!

  • Rave: Great weather. Finally!

    Rant: My bike is still on the shop getting a tuneup and repairs.

  • Rave: Enjoyable time hosting dinner for a friend living in same the neighborhood. Good drinks, good times.

    Rant: Hangover. Nationals lost on Sunday.

  • Rave: Nice parental units letting husband and me stay with them while we’re in between selling one place and buying another.

    Rant: Aforementioned parental units live in Fairfax. Commuting sucks.

    Rave: Fabulous friends in DC let husband and me stay with them for several days. Yay fabulous friends!

    Rant: Desperately seeking 2-3BR row house on the Hill. Inventory still low. Can only hope that this good weather brings more places onto the market!

    • Can only hope that this good weather gets more buyers looking – I am selling (Too bad my current place is not on the Hill)

      Rave – Found dream place in DC after very seriously considering move to new, huge, beautiful place in MD.
      Rave – Weather

      Rant – need to sell, sell, sell…

    • There are tons of houses on the hill with for sale signs, maybe you need to expand your search or reset your expectations?

    • Get me back to DC:
      are you only looking in Cap Hill? I have seen several for sale signs in the petworth/park view area. close to metro, up and coming and you can still get a lot of house for under 500k. but good luck to you! I know how disheartening the real estate market in DC can be for people when they are looking.

  • Bear

    Rave: San Fran/Yosemite next week!

    Rave: Just ordered a new lens so I can take pretty pictures on the above-mentioned trip.

    Rant: Good lord I have a ton of shit to take care of before I leave town…

  • Rant: Ticketfly is garbage. Scalpers/”Ticket Brokers” need to die in a fire.

  • dear pop,
    i would like to see recently posted comments going further back than 7 comments.

  • Rave: I finished my first Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

    Rant: 90% of finishers were ahead of me. Oh well, better time next year!!

  • Rave: Weather outside, courage, neighbors, old friends
    Rant: Working inside, obesity, little kids who get cancer

  • Rave: Short week this week – Thursday and Friday are proper vacation days!

    Rave/potential rant: My parents will be visiting for a week starting tomorrow. I love them dearly and enjoy the hostess gig, but I’ve already braved the hoards on the Mall yesterday for separate out of town guests and I’m in no mood for a repeat visit. What undiscovered places can I put on the tourism agenda for the week to provide some respite from the crowds?

    • saf

      What neighborhood are you in?

    • aquatic gardens.
      anacostia museum
      dumbarton oaks

    • if they’re not the early-to-bed types, walking over to the tidal basin from 8-10pm on a weekday for a night picnic is a much calmer option, and everything’s just as pretty…

      • hmm, maybe in July, yes, but I wouldn’t actually recommend being on the mall after dark. maybe you could hang in old town? or georgetown during a weekday?

  • kiki

    @Cait: Head to the Georgetown tourism office, somewhere on M Street and pick up a free walking guide brochure. Fun, if you like history and it’s nice day.

    Rave: I ran best time ever in the Cherry Blossom 10-miler yesterday!

    Rant: I am SORE!

    Rave. Working with the doors open today!

    Rant: Getting my taxes in order tonight. Pretty terrified.

  • Rave: My little man is 4 months old today!

    Rant: He is teething and pretty miserable!

  • Rant: I am a moron and got a virus on my (work) computer.
    Rant: The people that are supposed to fix it haven’t called back and it’s been 2 hours.
    Rave: I haven’t had to work (b/c I’m a moron and got a virus).
    Rave: the (work) day is almost over.

  • Rave: Fun time at botanical gardens and petting zoo with wee ones.
    Rant: Does anybody ever really finish fixing a fixer upper?

  • Rant: my schizophrenic neighbor is driving us crazy

    Rave: said neighbor is in mid-50s. Surely he’ll die first.

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