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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

Rant – I always fall for at least one April Fool’s joke. Every year I say – I’m not falling for one this year. And every year I fall for one. This year was my record – I fell for one before 10am (fake free pizza at Rustik). Dang it!

Rant – More houses are getting broken into:

“Wanted to put this out there for local residents: yesterday morning a home was broken into on New Hampshire Ave just off Grant Circle. The burglar beat down the front door and went inside the house (uncertain what, if anything, was stolen), but apparently ran off before the police arrived. This is the second time this method of forced entry has been used to break into a house on this block in six months–both occurred in the morning after most people were gone for work. Please remind area residents to be observant when coming and going from their homes, and definitely alert neighbors and/or police of suspicious activity. Also, make sure you know who your neighbors are. In the incident yesterday, no one on the block even knew the homeowners well enough to know how to contact them.”

Rave – There is a huge tree blossoming outside my window that makes me smile every time I look up.

Rant/Rave – so many good cherry blossom photos in the PoPville flickr pool that I’m having a very tough time picking which ones to post! (But keep ’em coming!)

Photo by PoPville flickr user Chabelamarie

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  • Rant: Dear DC, please fix your roads. I’ve had to fix 3 punctured tires this year alone…

    RANT: Also DC, Plz fix the Pedestrian rule to let them know its not wise to just “step into the street” on a green light, even if you’re in a cross walk.

    RAVE: Looks like business is finally beginning to see the value of investing in Georgia Avenue… Hopefully solid restaurants and stores (not named Wal-Mart) keep investing.

    • What’s the “Pedestrian rule”?

      • I believe it’s that motor vehicles must stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, regardless of what color the light is for the motor vehicle. You know, so motorists don’t kill pedestrians.

        • As opposed to what makes sense, and is much safer for pedestrians: to wait until they have a walk signal.

        • or to not assume that just because you’re in the cross walk that every single driver will see you, have time to stop, isn’t speeding, texting, fiddling with the radio or planning to run the yellow light, etc.

          Having the “right of way” won’t magically prevent a foolish pedestrian from getting run down. Sure, the driver’s in the wrong and went to jail (maybe. after all, if he had the green, who knows), but you’re dead. So…

        • You’re kidding me. That’s an actual rule? So a pedestrian has the right of way in a crosswalk at all times, essentially? Even if they have a “don’t walk” sign and vehicle cross-traffic has a corresponding green light?

          That makes so little sense I really can’t believe it’s true.

          • I think the cops can write you a ticket for trying to walk against the light. But in unsignaled crosswalks, indeed, cars must stop for the pedestrian in the crosswalk.

          • There are usually two types of crosswalks- ones at lights/walk signals and ones that aren’t. While I whole heartedly agree that pedestrians should wait until there is a walk signal at the signalled ones, what is the point of having crosswalks without signals (between, but not at intersections) if cars do not stop for them?

            All the signage (neon yellow and huge pedestrian crossing signs before such a crosswalk doesn’t stop that fact that cars simply do not want to stop, irrespective of the law.

            To be fair, it also doesnt stop the pedestrian who doesnt care about walking in such a crosswalk, and just jaywalks, but the whole point of crosswalks is giving a dedicated spot to safely get across a road.

            I think that there is a practical middle ground here, and that is the pedestrian that slowly walks out in these crosswalks in situations where the cars have plenty of time to slow down (not necesarily even have to fully stop in many cases). Is this suggestion too rational?

          • @Ed: I totally agree. Unfortunately, yes. Too rational.

            The problems: Drivers who speed through those cross walks (they don’t want to stop, as you point out), AND pedestrians who think they’re physically invincible because the law is on their side and that little yellow sign says so.

          • Yes, I knew this was the rule at crosswalks without traffic signals, but surely it does not apply to crosswalks at signaled intersections.

          • Yes, I saw a cop peel out on GA Ave yesterday to give a ticket to a guy who didn’t yield to a lady (possibly high on a foreign substance) that suddenly changed her mind, deciding to dart into the street in a “green light” intersection. Georgia Avenue has a bout 10 crosswalks in a quarter mile stretch, its a hell of a money maker for DC I tell you.

        • I came close to hitting a cop on Wednesday night, when it was pouring rain and the visibility was terrible, going down 8th Street SE. She just darted out in front of me, in the middle of the street. No crosswalk– she wasn’t crossing at the intersection. Luckily I was going very slowly because it’s a busy street and the weather conditions were horrible, but I wouldn’t have been able to stop in time had I been going faster.

          Just as I recovered from that shock a second cop almost tried to to the same thing! They really need to be more careful!

    • Second the rant on roads – I destroyed a (three month old) tire and bent my wheel on a gigantic pothole on Connecticut Ave yesterday. $142 down the drain.

    • Rave: I just want to give kudos to Allie, the original victim who posted about him.

      What a detailed and helpful description Allie! Excellent work. She gave height, appearance, behavior, and even schedule of the perp. She noted which metro car he got in and when.

  • Rant: Lou’s City Bar. I really wanted to give the place a chance, but it is terrible. Food is absolutely awful, I know it is a bar, but I haven’t had a single good thing. Sweet potato fries tasted like fish, chicken sandwich was bland, calamari tasted like vinegar. Also, why only have happy hour one day a week? After the NCAA tournament I think this place is going to be dead. My hope is that they don’t completely mess up Commonwealth, but I fear they will, because the food at Lou’s is TERRIBLE

    Rave: checking out the Queen Vic tonight.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t very impressed with the food. I ordered a burger and it was completely charred on the outside and rare on the inside…

    • Ugh, their “onion loaf” — a cube of deep-fried onions — was repulsive. I really hope their menu changes, fast. The bartenders aren’t too friendly. You think with a new place trying to muster up some regular customers, they’d try a little harder..

    • Hmmm. I was gonna try Lou’s after work today, but maybe I won’t. If CommonWealth were still open, it would be worth the parking hassles (driving directly from work in Virginny, so no other option), but for Lou’s I’m not so sure anymore.

      • If Commonwealth were still open, there would be a thread about how much it sucks – which is exactly what happened when PoP posted that Commonwealth was closing; 90% of the posters were like “good riddance”.
        What did Joni (and Janet) say – “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?”

        • Yeah, I remember. I always liked CW, though. Never had a problem with the staff. Everybody was always cool with me. And a nice group of regulars. That’s what I miss mostly.

          I didn’t go out of my way to eat there, though!

        • The food at CW was not spectacular, but it was amazing in comparison to Lou’s. The hand cut chips and scotch eggs were amazing. The other thing about CW was the athomphere, it actually had some and once you knew the bar staff they warmed up.

    • After reading all these rants, I checked out the reviews on Yelp! and sadly, they are very similar. A few outliers have given the place 4 or 5 stars, but the vast majority of reviewers not only said it was bad, they proclaimed that they won’t ever return. Yikes! Too bad. I was thinking of suggesting it as a location for drinks tonight. Now, uh, no.

    • I went there last night after work and actually liked it…my friend and I loved the onion loaf but admittedly, it doesn’t take much to impress me when there are deep-fried onions to be had.

      Waitress was friendly, plus I had a bonus Adrian Fenty sighting. I’ll probably be back.

    • I agree that the food it really terrible. I really hope the owners listen, because it has so much potential. I think most dive bars have far better food, Wonderland even has better food. Lou’s please listen, improve your food!!!

  • rant: ack about the house on New Hampshire. I live across the street and didn’t even know anything was happening until all the cop cars showed up. I saw the K-9 unit and thought it was a drug bust or something. I work from home and sit in front of the window and can see this house. However, either they or the neighbors have put up a wall on the porch so I can’t see the front door so I didn’t see anything. I will stay alert though- crazy.

    • What happened?

      • It is in Pop’s rant at the top…. essentially the house got broken into in broad daylight.

        • Yup, it did… at ten in the morning! The noise was so loud it woke me up (I live next door). The K-9 was because they didn’t know if anyone was still hiding in the house.

          That porch has a wall on one side–there is zero visibility if you’re driving south on NH Ave (which at that time of day, most people are). But still, pretty nervy to go in through the front door!

  • Rant: I’m exhausted. Need a Nap.

  • Raves: overcast weather + coffee shop combo, hearing a friend’s great band, local art, white flowering trees, wonderful boys.

    Rants: wars ten years on, student debt, healthcare cuts for the disabled.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: mother F*@#ing MicroSoft Word

    Rave: can’t think of one right now, I’ll have to get back to you

  • Rave: I’m home from an amazing trip to Afghanistan. What a country. (Sorry, PoP, there was no good way to get a t-shirt picture while I was there.)

    Rant: my cat is all over me, trying to get the three weeks of lovin’ he missed while I was gone.

  • Rant: Tax increase. Come On Man!!!!! Really a tax increase after the fiasco that has been in place since Gray took office. How about we cut the wasteful spending and nepotism instead?

    • By my read, the budget has a $35 million tax increase, but spending cuts of $195 million.

      That’s on top of the, what, $170 million they cut in November.

      There’s always going to be fat and waste, but don’t pretend the cuts aren’t real at this point.

      • The district has 17k people on long term welfare with a population of 600k
        Maryland has 25k people on long term welfare with a population of ~6M.

        What the DC Government is trying to do is fundamentally economically unsustainable.

        • The bond rating agencies don’t think it’s unsustainable.

          The poverty’s maddening, though, I agree.

  • Rave: After one and a half years of do-it-yourself trial and error, elbow grease, and awesome Community Forklift finds, our kitchen is almost unrecognizable compared to what it was in Dec. ’09. In a good way!

    Rant: Gray days at the office when all I want to do is go home and figure out how to install crown molding!

    • That’s my next project after the bathroom. My window trim went in really well and the crown is going in the sitting room next.

      My biggest concern is the uneven plaster in my house. I really don’t want to re-skim coat to even everything out.

  • Rant: Wintertime go away already. Damn. Seriously. I will rant about you until it is predictably in the 50s/60s which at this rate won’t be until June. At which time we will skip Spring and launch straight into sticky, humid summertime. Awesome.

    Rave: Sticky, humid summertime. And outdoor drinking spots. And barbecue. And cookies.

  • Rave: Mayor’s budget – I didn’t see why people earning $250,000 weren’t paying a higher tax rate than people earning $50,000.

    Rant: Mayor’s budget – cuts to human services, education. Closing a $322 million budget gap is never pain-free.

    • The more important question, for people who can do math, is why the the tax rate needs to be higher for one set of people than another at all.

      The same tax rate results in higher tax payment for someone with a higher salary than someone with a lower salary. Fussing about the rate is just saying “Geometrically how much more is someone at a higher salary going to pay” and that gets into how many people outside your own family you should have to pay to support.

      • 15% of someone making $40K lowers the standard of living much more than 15% of someone making $500K.

        • +1 It’s impossible to tax the same rate to the same effect across the board, which is why a flat tax is a bad idea. High earners can afford to pay more on a percentage basis, without suffering ill consequences. So you tax them at the full rate — the rate you wish you could tax everyone at — and then tax the poor at the rate they can bear.

          • How do you know they can afford more? The high earners just bought the same row house their neighbor paid $30k for in 1978, for $500k in 2008. The person who bought it in 1978 has no mortgage now and presumably their kids are gone. The “high earner” may have to pay off university debt and their kids’ expenses.

            The lower income family could have more disposable income and certainly should pay the same property tax for owning the same size home in the same neighborhood.

            It’s not so cut and dry, my simple friends.

          • It’s called the arithmetic mean, my simple friend. Apply it to these arguments instead of wasting time thinking up outlier situations.

  • Rave: Great dinner last night with family and friends on H.

    Rant: BS doctor appointment was a waste of time. I don’t need to pay $350 for you to tell me non-specific information that I can read in a pamphlet.

  • Rant: Got in a car accident last night on the parkway because of some woman who probably thought she was playing mario karts

    Rant: Waitlisted at my top choice grad school

    Rave: Its Friday Friday Friday

  • Rant: The feelings between us weren’t as mutual as I thought.
    Rave: My best friends from college had been planning on visiting anyway. It’ll be great to see them, enjoy the cherry blossoms and have their support.

  • Yes, I saw a cop peel out on GA Ave yesterday to give a ticket to a guy who didn’t yield to a lady (possibly high on a foreign substance) that suddenly changed her mind, deciding to dart into the street in a “green light” intersection. Georgia Avenue has a bout 10 crosswalks in a quarter mile stretch, its a hell of a money maker for DC I tell you.

    • Rave: The entire metro region has also just launched its big street smart campaign, stepping up enforcement is planned big time.

  • Rave: Six months after leaving my old job to work for a gov agency, and I’m happier than I have ever been in my adult time. I got well over a 30% raise smart benefits AND i just moved and cut my rent by 33%.

    Rave: Bike shopping this weekend with my returned security deposit.

    Rave: My bff is in town and we are gonna blow the FREAKIN ROOF off this town. SO damn EXCITED.

    Rant: why is there still gang tags all over the benches at grant circle???

    • I’ll take care of it. I’ve been emailing Brandon Todd in Bowser’s office and he has been really great at following up. Seriously, through their efforts I’ve been able to get nearly all of the ones from the GA metro up past Grant Circle removed, including all the 80 mph speed limit signs. The ugly white tags on those black benches has slipped through the cracks, if that’s what you mean. Rave: Diane Groomes of MPDC reports she is hot on the trail of one of our worst taggers, this time yet another Virginia resident coming into town to waste paint!

  • RAVE: WMATA just announced new MONORAIL system is coming! It is going to run between Crystal City and the Cathedral.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Still sick since the day I got up too early to take sunrise photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/5572525899/

    Rant: Bad weather is preventing my from taking better sunset photos now that I know a little bit better how to do it

    Rave: I’ve been working on my new photo website and it’s going to be ready sometime soon 😀

    • what are you using to drive your galleries. Flash or JQuery, or something different?

      I’m working on a site right now and have decided against Flash for numerous reasons, but JQuery is a bit hairy for me.

      • jQuery is actually quite elegant once it makes sense. Power through the learning curve, and stay far away from Flash.

  • Rave: One of the best things about being a parent, this week my 2 year old pretty much out of nowhere starting singing the entire ABC song, if I could just bottle up the cuteness, I’d make a fortune.

    Rant: One of the worst things about being a parent, lack of time in bed getting busy. Please god, help, I can’t take it anymore! 😉

  • pablo .raw

    Actually I’m working with smugmug.com, they use flash.
    When I said “working”, I meant uploading photos, creating galleries, the look, etc.

  • “Overheard in DC” on DCist is always a fun Friday afternoon treat – but the first posting today – about US marshals abusing a homeless man at a payphone – was just awful.

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