PoP Pizza News – Changing Names on U Street and New in Logan Circle

“Dear PoP,

Any idea what happened to the Angelico’s at 1334 U Street, NW? It seems to have reverted back to Jumbo Slice. Would be nice to know because there is a decent amount of us that have LivingSocial deals to it.”

Strange it was almost exactly a year ago that this space became an Angelico’s. So, I stopped by on Tues. afternoon and the guy working the front desk said it’s still under the same ownership they just decided to change the name and perhaps more importantly for the question above: they are still taking the LivingSocial deal.

Which do you think is a better name?

And just south of Logan Circle at 1418 12th St, NW (in the former Roosevelt Food Shoppe carryout space) comes Pizzolis Pizzeria. It’s a takeout place that opened up about two weeks ago that also will deliver if you live between 1.5-2 miles away. In addition to pizza they have stromboli, calzone, pasta, salads, subs, gyros and more. Their flier says:

“Pizzoli’s is your neighborhood pizzeria. Our goal is to serve the fresh natural ingredient and tasty food. All of our pizzas, stromboli, flat bread and foccacia bread made with organic flour. Our dough is made fresh daily on site with 100% organic wheat flour mixed with spring water and extra virgin olive oil. Our pizza sauce is made with organic sweet tomato with real italian herbs and kosher salt topped with top quality fresh ingredient and best cheese money can buy.”

Sounds awesome – makes me wish I lived within the delivery zone.

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  • For what it’s worth, both times I have ordered from the old Angelicos, they have failed to deliver.

    The first time they actually called me after a half hour, and I just went and picked it up. No big deal.

    The second time, I called to check on the order after waiting two hours just to have them tell me that they weren’t going to make the order.

    Bizarre transaction both times. The stromboli was delicious the time I was actually able to pick it up though.

  • They don’t understand pizza here at all. It’s awful.

    I ordered two slices, they simply threw them into one box, one on top of the other with no wax paper between, so they were stuck together. Pretty stupid.

  • Their pizza tastes like crap. Worst pizza in DC. I ordered wings too and they were disgusting, not to mention the caesar dressing they threw in there.

  • At the very least, this is a rare example of truth in advertising. Because when I think awful crap pizza, I think “Jumbo Slice.” Also drunken vomit and violent explosive diarrhea.

  • Jumbo Slice is a better name for tourists who actually seek out it out.

  • And that place is super expensive. I walked in there one night and they wanted 11 bucks for two slices.

  • We normally order from Picante’s in Adams Morgan but they were closed the other night so we ordered from Pizzoli’s and I have to say – WOW! It was soooo good. A little bit more expensive but worth it. Also, delivery to 9th and U took only 30 minutes. I have waited up to an hour and a half for pizza from Picante’s.

  • bfinpetworth

    Noticed Pizzoli’s on my way home from work the other night. I’ll be stopping in for takeout for sure.

  • Is there a menu for Pizzoli’s online?

  • I USED to order from Picante, but then I went in there once to pick it up and almost puked. It’s absolutely disgusting in there and if that’s how they keep the front of the house, can you imagine what the back looks like?

  • U St Pizzeria or whatever it’s called, which is a few blocks down, is delicious and not too expensive. Why would you ever use this place over that one?

  • The two word kiss of death for a neighborhood… “Jumbo Slice”. U St. is over.

  • they do still honor the living social voucher. just used it two weeks ago and was hella confused that when they answered the phone and when i picked up the pizza it said jumbo slice. definitely not the angelico’s of tenleytown which is delicious!

  • Jumbo Slice caters to the drunks. The whole point of their pie is to have something in the stomach to bring back up later that night or the next morning. It does therefore serve a purpose, but I wouldn’t call it particularly good pizza. Also, since they are catering to drunks they can charge more (drunks don’t care what the price is).

  • Isn’t Angelico’s coming to the 1400 block of H Street?

  • I live five steps from Pizzolis- right now you can pick up a “large” cheese pizza for 5.50. It’s decent but nothing to write home about. In Fairness though I think they have two types of pizza NY Style and Traditional, and I think the 5.50 pizza is on the lower end. The menu there is huge.

  • I always liked Angelico’s but I’m concerned that their name change also refers to their business model on U. I also am digging Duccini’s, but Angelico’s was pretty good.

  • Has the new Italian Pizza Kitchen in Woodley opened up yet?

  • That Angelico’s (now Jumbo Slice) is terrible. The pizza is typically undercooked, overpriced and over-greasy. Plenty of better options nearby.

  • I’m pretty sure they use a “cheeze” type product. Not a fan.

  • I live a half block from Pizzoli’s, and so was understandably super excited when it opened. Pizza! 53 seconds from my house! (according to google maps). Tried it last week and was definitely impressed. True, it’s a local basic pizza delivery joint, but they do it well. The sauce is more spicy/savory than sweet, for those that care. And, as others have said, the menu is pretty large. Can’t wait to try some other things on there!

  • Hey PoP, just tried Pizzoli’s and it was good. I talked to the owner and said you mentioned them in you blog. He said come by and he will give you a free pizza. Ask for Guani, Gani?

  • Jumbo slice on U St has been there for years.

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