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  • Beautiful building. I’m sure the millions spent on will go far toward bringing world peace.

  • Wasn’t the US Institute of Peace recently denied new funding by Congress?

  • Beautiful building, stupid charter.

    It looks like a jobs program for “formerly” important people who need 6 figure salaries.

    • The charter may need revision (and I think plenty of folks in the field would agree), but there are still some well reasoned voices advocating for continued national support –

      “Congress would be hard-pressed to find an agency that does more with less. The institute’s entire budget would not pay for the Afghan war for three hours, is less than the cost of a fighter plane, and wouldn’t sustain even 40 American troops in Afghanistan for a year. Within the budget, peace-building is financed as part of national security programs, and is recognized as an important adjunct to conventional defense spending and diplomacy. The institute’s share of the proposed international affairs budget, $43 million, is minuscule: less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the State Department’s budget, and one-hundredth of 1 percent of the Pentagon’s.”

      More of the editorial is at http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/08/opinion/08zinni.html?_r=2

      • I think you just proved my point with that one.

        No budget and fuzzy objectives. Sounds like a perfect organization to stash people who do nothing but collect a salary. They can’t affect anything because they can’t spend, and “world peace” was supposed to happen a while ago so they don’t really have an objective.

        Besides, USAID/Red Cross/Peace Corps and just about every UN body already do concrete things to bring about world peace. These bozos just talk about it.

  • I would totally kill to get in there.

  • I work for a federal agency with USIP and I can tell you that they do excellent work, and offer services that are not offered by any other federal agency or the UN, mainly in the area of education and training. They serve an important role in peacebuilding in post-conflict situations and provide people with meaningful skills.

    Furthermore, the building was paid for by private donations, and not by the taxpayers.

    A lot of people criticizing USIP’s mission and the building don’t have all the facts.

  • We need to take back America by closing down government buildings like this. Starting today I’m waging war on the Institute of Peace.

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