Old Sake Club Space Hopes to become a Noodles and Company, Next Door Cafe International Closes in Woodley Park

Thanks to a reader for sending word and photos. Back in May ’10 we learned that Sake Club had closed at 2635 Connecticut Ave, NW. There is a sign announcing a hearing for a Noodles & Company to occupy the space. You can see their menu here.

The reader writes succinctly, “that totally sucks”, what do you guys think – any fans of Noodles & Company?

And right next door at 2633 Connecticut Ave, NW the reader writes:

“Cafe International is closed. windows are covered in newspaper. didn’t love the place, but a nice alternative when open city is packed for a quick coffee.”

I’ll be sure to update when we find out who is moving into that space.

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  • So many closings/movings at Woodley Park lately. Hope we can get some decent food places/bars in the empty spaces.

  • Decent food is not likely going to happen. We no longer dine in Woodley Park because we got tired of restaurants who don’t care anymore since most of their customers aren’t coming back. So they can go after the tourist/hotel business all they want because they ain’t gettin’ our $$ anymore.

  • Oh, Noodles–the college food staple that everyone says they love, but somehow charges you $15 for what you can make at home for $2. Get ready for an OK pesto pasta with sub-par chicken and a mediocre mac ‘n’ cheese for around $11. They’ll fit in here just fine…….

  • Wow that sucks. From overpriced sake to a cold plate of noodles. However, the closing of Cafe Int’l was probably long overdue. Worst customer service… and virtual horse gambling in a coffee shop?

  • Noodles & Co will be insanely popular with the tourists. I don’t know anyone who eats in Woodley Park anymore – even my friends who live over there. They will usually just cross the bridge into Adams Morgan or hike down to Dupont, unless they’re going to Open City. It’s a wonderful neighborhood, but dining is not one of it’s strong suits.

  • Senile nimbys don’t want interesting food. Their cars get forty rods to the hogshead and that’s how they like it! Besides, like Chipotle, it might attract the “wrong element” (e.g., people who aren’t senile nimbys).

    • Monkeyerotica wins the prize for moronic comment of the day! Hard to argue with the logic that people in Woodley Park are anti-restaurant. So, by monkey’s intelligent use of the word “NIMBY,” we can ascertain that if someone doesn’t like something he likes, he’ll vilify them as being “anti-progress.” It says more about the poster than the people of Woodley Park that he’s willing to go to bat for Noodles & Company. Maybe monkey should get out a little more. If so, he/she would see that Woodley Park is hardly and old and “senile” demographic, and that there are better restaurants than the Olive Garden. We’ll miss monkey when he/she moves back to the suburbs.

  • +1, from a former resident of WP

  • I actually like Noodles & Co. Dont live in Woodley Park though. People won’t be eating there because it’s something super fancy that they can’t make at home… they will eat there because it’s easy and they don’t have time to make dinner. And paying $7 for a bowl of noodles is kind of like paying $7 for a burrito, also made with cheap ingredients that you could easily do at home. Yet Chipotle is always slammed with people…. It’s the convenience.

    • The people who eat there likely won’t even be the people in the neighborhood. It’s the zoo goers. Anyone opening a restaurant in this location is not (and for practical reasons, should not be) trying to cater primarily to the residents.

      If you are taking your three kids to the zoo, where are you going to eat before you schelp them all back to your nothern virginia holiday inn? Tajijajaj Indian food or Noodles & Co? Exactly. Even the pizza place that is already there doesn’t seem like it is geared towards a family friendly dining experience.

  • Disclaimer: I personally have never eaten at Noodles & Co. But there is one right by my work and every person I know that’s eaten there has ended up sick. So, no thanks.

    • I ate at Noodles & Company about a year ago and got terrible food poisoning. I know this can happen at any restaurant but your comment makes me think they’re just a careless chain.

      BTW I think there is some good food in Woodley Park. Open City is great, there’s good Indian food, and the Lebanese place is decent. Also that little French place next to the gallery, whatever it’s called.

      • ah

        +1. Petits Plats is the French place. There are probably other better french places in DC (Georgetown/Burleith/Glover Park), but it’s pretty good. Lebanese Taverna is high quality. New Heights used to be good and I hear still is, but haven’t been since the new chef arrived. I favor Tono Sushi, especially for the sushi happy hour. And, Mr. Chen’s Chinese was good, but seemed to go downhill a few years ago.

        In other words, like lots of DC there’s some good places and some crap places, although there are a surprising number of crap places that survive in WP like cockroaches.

  • I know Noodles and Company from the Midwest. I was younger then, as in college, but the food was good for what it is, cheap, filling and tasty. For people in need of a quick meal, it’s definitely a step up from fast food.

  • Any place that has a bottle of Sriracha on every table (the noodles I’ve been to does) is all right by me.

    • AMEN.

      I’ve only eaten at the one in Silver Spring and I think it’s decent for what it is. The Indonesian peanut saute with tofu is pretty good.

  • I’ve been to the Noodles & Company in Ballston and it was REALLY bad. Bland, overpriced dishes and service that is far too slow for the concept. This would be a major disappointment, but aside from a few exceptions, it’s par for the course among restaurants on that block.

  • You know what would be great in that space? A $#@$/# Sake Club.

    • +1

      For some reason, I miss that place. The sushi was really hit-or-miss, but the sake list was great, and inside, it was the prettiest Japanese restaurant around.

  • RIP Cafe International. Always so friendly. Shame.

  • We’ve eaten at the Noodles & Co. at Pentagon Row numerous times. It’s not food I can fully recommend, but the place provides relatively fast, relatively cheap, and adequate quality fare for sustenance on a shopping expedition. It will likely be popular with families with children staying at nearby hotels looking for a moderately priced meal. Can’t see this as a hipster hangout.

    FYI, I went to Petit Plats up the block in February and had an excellent (although fairly expensive) meal.

  • Noodles has good food and a decent menu, but its sad that Woodley Park is losing its own restaurants.

  • This stretch of Connecticut Ave. is a constant retail disaster for small businesses/ restaurants. The only thing that has ever been able to gain any traction is open city. But that’s not the area’s fault– restaurants with subpar, “lets aim for the tourist/hotel/zoo crowd” food are what are always opening. Hopefully the crappy Woodley Cafe (or whatever) is next. There are also TWO indian places next to each other. The watch is on for the crawfish place.

    I am encouraged to see that Italian Pizza Kitchen is coming soon, though.

  • ugh, another place to get noodles in WP. PLEASE GOD, GIVE US A GOOD PLACE TO EAT. We need a bagel/deli!!

    So long International Crapfe. I really enjoyed nothing about your establishment

    Also, POP, the t-shirt shop next to the new “italian” (Indian) restaurant looks closed.

  • I was also wondering if anyone knew what is coming into the former space of Pesto Ristorante further north on Connecticut Ave. NW. It looks like a coffee shop but I’m not sure.

    • I’d like to know as well. I actually enjoyed pesto quite a bit. It was always quiet and unpretentious. It’s a great retail space too how it isn’t part of a commercial corridor. I think a coffee shop could be cool if done well.

  • The fact that there are few stellar dining options in Woodley Park is precisely why there is a market for one. I keep thinking the next vacancy will lead to one but it never does. At the end of the day though its a great place to live and its a very short walk to some better dining in Cleveland Park/Adams Morgan. And when you dont feel like leaving the hood there are plenty of good options. New Heights, Tono, Labenese Taverna, Rajijai Curry House, Open City for breakfast. Just nothing spectacular in the way of Palena yet but I’m sure it will happen. Can’t ignore the demographics around here even if tourists ARE your bread and butter 4 months out of the year.

    • “Can’t ignore the demographics around here…”

      I think that works both ways. The people that fall within these demographics are willing to take a cab to dinner. An extra $30 on a $180 meal isn’t a big deal. A person opening a high-end restaurant isn’t going to necessarily value foot traffic and Metro accessibility.

      However, mediocre eateries targeting tourists on the way to/from the zoo value the strip down Connecticut.

  • Woodley is just such an odd place. I’m guessing the rent for these places is through the roof and thus why so many fail. But thats no excuse for crappy options.

    Italian pizza kitchen will be a great addition.

    But there’s no reason for Cleveland park to be so much better than woodley. Woodley is a merry go round of overpriced food and tourist traps. (I’m looking at u Medeterra)

    • What, you don’t like Medeterra’s $5 for a giant martini glass of rail liquor and some lime juice special?

      • Everytime I walk by Medaterra(ble) on a nice day, I want to slap those fake drinks off their little stands, whip out a megaphone, and chastise all the patrons for wasting their money on terrible food and drink. That place blows hard.

    • “But there’s no reason for Cleveland park to be so much better than woodley.”

      The difference is the Omni and Wardham.

  • Ditto the observation that the WP restaurant owners aren’t even trying because of all the tourist traffic. International Cafe served frozen bagels and Philadelphia Cream Cheese from the supermarket, and charged a hefty mark-up. That family that owns the three indian restaurants in a row (now two indian and one really bad italian) are no better. Considering the location, you’d think that some restauranteur would want to take advantage of the heavy foot traffic and get creative.

  • The new crawfish place in WP is actually pretty good, and has been doing great business as far as I can tell so it’s likely to stick around for a while.

    I like Noodles & Co. well enough for what it is – slightly higher end fast food (the Chipotle comparison is accurate). And if its opening means more people go there and fewer tourists invade Open City then I won’t complain.

  • I work in WP. The folks in my office are desperate for more variety in lunch places for when we’ve been too lazy or busy to pack it ourselves. There are only a couple of places where you can get decent, moderately priced food quickly. Food is good at Lebanese Taverna, Petits Plats, etc., but folks are not going to go there for lunch except on special occasions. For a quick meal, we’ve got Chipotle, Mickey D’s, Eddie’s Cafe (which has nowhere to sit), and that’s about it. So am hoping that Noodles isn’t too bad, and maybe the pizza place that seems to be in the works. And I hope the Woodley Park Cafe is the next to close – awful food and terrible service.

  • Woodley Park is going downhill fast! Thank God for Open City, New Heights, Lebanese Taverna, and Afghan Grill. Just about everything else in the neighborhood is chain garbage restaurants or, as other astute posters have commented, geared toward the tourist masses. Pretty soon Woodley Park will be a tourist attraction in itself. “Hey – do you want to sample the fine cuisine of suburbia? Come to Woodley Park – specially constructed to be a comfort zone for fat tourists in a sea of unfamiliar, ‘ethnic’ or, ‘gasp’, non-chain restaurants. I mean, you never know what you’re gonna get at places like that!” Woodley Park is fast becoming Galley Place North and ceasing to be a real neighborhood.

  • I am super excited Noodles is finally opening somewhere in DC. This is one of my favorite restaurants when I head to Pentagon or Crystal City. Great quick food and the price is right! My favorite is the Japanese Pan Noodles with beef. Does anyone know when this is scheduled to open

  • all is not lost in woodley: open city, new heights, the patio at tono.

  • Hope Lebanese Taverna continues to stick around.

  • noodles & co is the WORST. woodley could’ve really used another brunch / lunch spot, not $10 for a small serving of bland pasta with sauce.

  • how is that afghan joint? i’ve never been.

    luckily mama ayesha’s is only a short walk.

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