New Restaurant Coming to 913 U St, NW, Next Door Velvet Lounge Applies for Summer Garden

More excitement for the 900 block of U St, NW. Thanks to an eagle eyed reader for noticing the permit that had recently gone up at 913 U St, NW in the old Metro Lab building next to Velvet Lounge. The magic words on the permit: proposed use – Restaurant

More info on the new restaurant when details emerge.

And next door Velvet Lounge has applied for a summer garden permit:

“Request a new Summer Garden seating capacity of 25 seats and a total occupancy load of 134.”

There’s gonna be some good outdoor seating options on this block when Dodge City and Dickson Wine Bar get their outdoor seating as well.

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  • As happy as I am that this block is exploding, maybe we could get some development that isn’t a restaurant or bar? A bodega or other little grocery would do bang-up business if you ask me. Maybe once we get 2100 Vermont declared a blighted property someone will buy it and create a corner grocery there. I can dream, right?

    • Psmitty311

      What would it take to get that done (aside from dreaming)? I’m all for it!

      • Simple, just write up your business plan, pull together a hundred thousand dollars or so, solicit additional investment from your friends, go to the bank, get set up with financing based on your business plan, then find and buy a property, get an architect to design its renovation, hire and manage a contractor and series of subcontractors to renovate it into the grocery store of your dreams, meanwhile recruit dependable, hard-working staff to operate it, then once it opens cancel all social or other commitments you have for at least several years as you put in 10-14 hour days 7 days a week to make it successful.

        Couldn’t be simpler.

        • The Florida/Vermont Triangle continues to blow up. I can’t wait for this place. If it ends up being another random ethiopian/italian food place with terrible spelling on the menu, I will still be happy – though I doubt it is. From the looks of it, the place is completely gutted (similar to the Brixton building a few doors down), so whoever is undertaking this enterprise is going will be able to design the space from scratch. A restaurant on this block will be great because right now there are only bars (albeit, three great bars).

  • I’ll take a restaurant, any restaurant, over a Methadone clinic, any day of the week.

  • That top window has been wide open for probably 4 months – and all thorugh out the winter. Can anyone say pigeon crap?

  • What’s the deal with the Brixton nearby. Is that going to open anytime soon?

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