New Neighborhood Bar Coming to 3628 Georgia Ave, NW

Great news for Park View and Petworth residents. The old Huron Pharmacy space (long vacant) at 3628 Georgia Ave, NW has been leased.

I don’t have a lot of details but I’m told it will be:

“2 floors, super comfy, neighborhood bar with a 1400 sq ft outdoor space in the rear. Comfort food, comfort atmosphere, comfortable prices.”

While they are shooting for a Fall opening, a lot is contingent on introducing themselves to the neighborhood/ANC meetings as well as acquiring the proper licenses and permits.

But the fact that the space has been leased is huge news! The vacant properties of Georgia Avenue are slowing falling one by one. More details when they become available.

This is the space between Manny & Olga’s and The Blue Banana and Looking Glass Lounge a couple blocks south of the Georgia Ave-Petworth metro:

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  • This is fantastic news. Having 3 restaurant/bars in this corridor will serve as an anchor for future development here. There is so much potential up there and I’m excited that business owners see it too.

  • bfinpetworth

    Excellent news. Here’s hoping this place keeps the music volume down to a level that is bearable for anyone over 40! While LGL and BB are pretty good bars, I can’t tolerate the loud music inside. The outdoor spacde at LGL is great, though.

    Also, I thought I saw some activity inside the space that the Hilton brothers have leased on Ga. Over the weekend. Any idea what the timing is on that project?

  • Sounds great!

    Over / under on the first “oh no this will turn Georgia Avenue into Adams Morgan!” comment is 9:27 a.m., btw.

  • Speaking of music, please please please, no internet jukebox. This is one of my pet peeves. Temperance Hall had a fantastic jukebox, really set the tone for the place, and LGL got rid of it, big mistake. An internet jukebox by its very nature doesn’t allow for an establishment to create a consistent mood / vibe. An internet jukebox is to bar music what the Heineken / Amster / Miller Lite / Corona beer line-up is to beer selection: a sign that a place just doesn’t want to bother being interesting or different.

    • No not really you can program the Internet Jukeboxes to only have certain albums and music. Now the jukebox only contains country and music I don’t listen too. Like Rush, you know white people music. Before I could put on the Deftones Ludacris, even Rhianna.

  • Reasonably happy about this… but I’d be happier if someone put in a good restaurant (rather than another bar). LGL & Blue Banana pretty much have me covered for grabbing a beer.

  • I wonder if the roof of the first floor would support an outdoor deck?

  • This is great news for Ga Ave, and I hope it opens without a hitch or long delay. More power to anyone filling in empty storefronts.

    …and If I’m not mistaken, LGL still has the exact same old style jukebox on the wall with the same cool CD’s in it from 3 years ago. But I’m sure that it’s definitely not an internet jukebox! I just played it last week.

    • Wow, my bad, I could have sworn I saw an internet jukebox in the main entrance area the last time I went in LGL. Perhaps I had already imbibed a few too many and i am confusing my venues! They did (do, apparently) have a tremendous selection of albums, last time I saw the jukebox. Now I am scratching my head at my confusion, weird …

  • Yay! Super excited to have another local bar/restaurant to patronize! Hope it’s good!

  • Nice – hopefully will be a nice compliment to the other nearby GA ave bars (rather than an overlap). I can forsee a day in the future where a great night out goes LGL-BB-thisplace-The House!

  • I’m waiting for someone to announce that they’re opening a “Regional Bar”.

    Seriously, this is good news for Park View/Petworth. Starting to build a bit of critical mass near the Metro.

  • Excellento. Also agree that a well-curated jukebox goes a long way to giving a place honest flavor, vs. some internet hell-thing.

    Now if some of this kind of development would just inch down the Avenue a few blocks. There seems to be a psychic barrier to groovy stuff south of that block. It is the birthright of every civilized citizen to have a corner pub. But definitely a step in the right direction.

  • I love a good bar as much as the next girl but isn’t it kind of sad that a former pharmancy, that served the community, is being turned into a microbrew gastropub with (hopefully) a good jukebox? If we want to prevent our neghborhood from becoming the next Ad-Mo we need shops that caterer to the entire community (not just drunken bridge&tunnel). I’m not sure how to acheive this retail diversity without a Hugo Chavez style dictator forcing merchants to open shops.
    All in all, an open functioning storefront is infinitely better than a derelict one.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      This former pharmacy has been vacant for years. The nearby CVS offers a pharmacy so if you are lamenting the passing of the 1950s that is one thing but I also (like you said) can’t lament the fact that a vacant storefront is getting filled.

      • HA! I particularly lament the passing of 1952…

        • Georgia Ave. at the Petworth Metro is full of retail diversity — it’s just not upscale or polished, and there are a lot of empty storefronts that give the impression of emptiness. Small businesses fill in where there’s an economic niche for them (e.g., hair and nail shops, bars, small take-out joints, corner liquor stores). Bigger businesses fill in the economic niche as appropriate too (Safeway, CVS). New businessness fill in the niche for the “newcomers” and other people who like stuff white people like (LGL, Qualia). You could easily get everything you need right there within a few blocks of Georgia and NH. Although I am worried about the fate of the hardware store…

          • I think the hardware store (if you’re talking about Capital Locksmith) could do a lot more business if their store hours weren’t top secret. Put a sign on your door to say when you open and close so I can give you my money!!

            Not rocket science.

          • they’d also be well served to do a little bit of dusting. there is stock on the shelves that has been there for at least 10 years (more likely 20) without moving. the guys are nice, if a bit sassy…and there is a ton of stuff packed in there.

    • Well there seems to be a liqour store every 50 feet so the residents seem to like to drink. Plus they can go to a crack house, CVS or safeway to get drugs. I have smashed your agrument.

      • Where are all of these liquor stores you’re talking about? I was walking Georgia Avenue looking for a bottle of bourbon the other day and options were way limited. Could use another one, if you ask me.

        • Well, Lion’s Liquor is just south of Manny & Olga’s (next to the charter school, I’ll add) and if you continue to walk south on the west side of GA ave there is a a liquor store on every block until you hit Kenyon.

          It’s a fact.

          • I’ll take your word for it, thanks. Between Park and Upshur (which is more my beat) I only know of two, and they are both south of LGL. They both stink, too.

          • Come over to Herman’s at 14th and Quincy. Shop has seriously upped its offerings in the last six months. Woodford, Bullit, Knob. Still no acceptable gin, though.

          • Thanks for the reminder, I keep forgetting about that place. Will check it out.

        • I pass at least 3 liquor stores on the way to Lion’s liquors from Kenyon… Just look for the bums and stench of piss.

    • I’m sorry, but I could have sworn you just compared Georgia Avenue to Adams-Morgan.

      You do realize that this would be the third bar on that block, right? Ad-Mo has single buildings with three bars in them!

    • I would add that we do have a new CVS up the street. Yeah, as the father of a toddler another bar isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, but any development outside of another liquor store is good news.

      I was told the Blue Banana would be expanding next door to open a restraunt, btw

      • Where did you hear that about blue banana opening a restaurant? that would be exciting

      • As the father of two toddlers, I find it is good for my sanity if I pop out for a drink once in a while. Wife and I take turns giving each other little breaks. I’ll be glad to have another option within walking distance.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Hooray! This is fantastic news. I always knew that strip of vacant storefronts had great potential. It’s always nice to have a new option in the neighborhood that we can walk to and see familiar neighborhood faces. And I’m all for comfort food!

  • Give this block two or three more new ventures and it will start to look a lot like H St did not long ago. A little rough around the edges, but definitely a destination in the making.

  • Great news that another empty storefront will be coming to life, but query whether 3 bars are needed on the same block, within 50 feet of each other. Not an “I hope this doesn’t turn into Adams Morgan” argument, just an observation.

    • bfinpetworth

      Well one of those bars offers no food (not sure if this is still true but last time I was there BB had none), so really there are only two full-service bar/restaurants – and one place to drink a lot and get your ear drums blown.

    • I would argue that it is much better to have them within the same block. It means that there will be a lot more foot traffic in that area at night, making it at least seem safer. Restaurants and other businesses will see that the area attracts people already and will be more likely to open up something nearby knowing that people already frequent the area. If the bars were all spread out down Georgia Avenue, I think they would each have much less of an impact on their block than they all do collectively on this one. Other stuff will come – look at H St. It started in the 1300 block, which is now filling up at rapid speed, and other things are coming in down the way too (I know some have been there for a while so it isn’t exactly the same, but H St definitely figured out that they needed at least one section that would be concentrated with redeveloped businesses in order to make it a “destination”).

  • oh, c’mon. they ruined it in a lot of other way, not just the loud music.

  • I love it when people use the internet to complain about internet jukeboxes.

  • Wow, this news came out of nowhere. Just last night I was thinking how cool it would be if another bar opened up on that block. So exciting! I can’t wait to see how it turns out

  • The Georgia Ave Gentrifier Party Block!

  • Sounds great! I wonder how long til we can’t park in front of the house in Park View on Saturday nights because of the bars.

    Also, I’m still waiting for a coffee house on that section of Georgia! The Trysty one on 11th will still be too far. At this point, I’d take a Starbucks.

    • Starbucks has policy not to up a store until the white quota at least hits 50%. You are going to have to wait.

    • well, just open a coffee shop there yourself. in 1 year, after you have just started to bring in regulars, Starbucks will open across the street from you.

  • Hey guys thanks for the support, we are actually taking some of the space above the hair salon next to Blue Banana for our kitchen. The Pharmacy space will be all for seating. We will have a bar on the first floor and more restaurant style seating upstairs. Plus (pending approval) we should have a good amount of seating outside. We will have high chairs and booster seats so at least early in the evening we will be kid friendly. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question or ideas. This should be a really fun place that will appeal to most people. We actually like te idea of the H st comparison and are friends with the BB guys and Are getting to know everyone at LGL.

    Jeremy at

    • This area has the potential to be so much better than H St, given its very accessible by metro and not just some phantom streetcar line. Thanks for moving into the neighborhood. Although I don’t actually live in the area, I love this part of town and will definitely make a trip over there once you open up.

  • This is great news.

    I do agree on the music being too loud at Looking Glass Lounge, though. (And I’m someone who spends a lot of time at places with loud music.) It might be OK for a place that was solely a bar or club, but for a restaurant, it’s really too loud.

  • lmao @ Georgia ave becoming like Adams morgan.That’s just what DC needs another strip of loud bars with drunken kids pizza mart,vomit,urine and fighting throughout..Temperance was a great local looking glass is wonderland north..loud not very good and overpriced…

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