Mt. Pleasant News: Pleasant Pops Spring Kickoff this Saturday and Should Haydees Have A Front Loading Zone?

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From an email:

We wanted to let you know about Popapalooza: our 2011 Spring Kickoff event this Saturday in Mt. Pleasant.

Popapalooza will take place this Saturday April 9 at Lamont Park in Mt. Pleasant (17th and Lamont St. NW)
It goes from 11AM to 3PM
and will feature 3 food trucks: Pleasant Pops, the Big Cheese, and PORC.

We’ll also have three local DC bands playing:
The North Country at noon
The Riverbreaks at 1PM
Amber Dutton at 2

There will be facepainting, a magic show, merchandise giveaways and other fun and games.

This sounds awesome!

And Apparently last night there was an ANC meeting where they discussed a potential loading zone for in front of Haydees at 3102 Mt. Pleasant Street NW. Anyone happen to go to the meeting? Anyone have strong opinions either way?

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  • Yes, Haydee’s and many, many other businesses should have formal marked front loading zones. Otherwise the space in front of the business will always be filled with parked cars, forcing delivery trucks to double park. These double parked trucks are a major pain in the butt for cyclists (and car drivers). This creates a dangerous situation, and there have been numerous cyclists in NYC who have died because they were forced to quickly weave into traffic to avoid running into double parked vehicles (I don’t know of any examples in DC, but I imagine this has happened).

    • You are just another biker who doesnt want to stop for anything!

      Cant you see a stationary vehicle from a distance that you have to “quickly weave into traffic” to avoid it?

      or maybe you are always in such a rush that you do not want to stop for anything, and rather risk your life and of others.

      • I never said that “I” have to quickly weave.
        No, I shouldn’t have to stop or be inconvenienced because someone is illegally parked. I don’t mind stopping at an intersection to let pedestrians cross, by why should an illegally parked car have more of a right to the road than me (a cyclist who is properly using the road)? Double parked cars and trucks don’t just create a dangerous inconvenience to cyclists, they also create an annoying hazard to our 4 wheeled motorized brethren. Proper loading zones and street design can make streets safer and quicker for EVERYONE.

  • I thought that the area in front of Haydee’s was a no parking zone anyway because of the metrobus stop on the corner – what exactly does the new proposal say?

  • Grumpy is correct – there is no loading in front of haydee’s becasue of the metro bus stop. Did Haydee’s mention they want to get rid of the bus stop so they can have loading in front of their business? mmmm bet they didnt.

    If there were to be loading zones in front of every single business in DC can you imagine what the city would look like?

    There is already loading for haydee’s it’s just not conveniently in front of their door.

  • My sense it that the loading zone would be adjacent to bus zone which would actually place it just to the north of Haydees. It would serve all of the businesses on that block. Currently there is no loading zone for those businesses which forces delivery vehicles to occupy the bus zone or double park.

    I believe that a loading zone would benefit the entire community because many of the businesses on this block are valuable community assets.

  • There is a loading zone for that block – it’s on Irving St right by the liquor store.

  • Haydee is a ruthless business woman and good on her for running a successful resturant. However, make no doubt about it, she cares only about herself and not the good of the neighborhood. She constantly tries to strong arm anyone standing in her way. If anyone isn’t onboard with her, they are accused of being anti-Latino business in Mt P.

    Your act is getting tiresome. And for god’s sake take down all those damm pictures of you in the restaurant – vain much?

    • lol.. i agree with you!

      dont really care for the pictures, i mean its her restaurant

      but then again, after the tree box incident, i havent been there even once. I take my business else where. Maria at Burrito Fast makes excellent burritos!

  • Actually, the loading zone is not only for Haydees but for business on the entire block that currently have to use a TINY loading zone on irving ( that also happens to be a residential street and shouldn’t have the loading zone there in the first place and is a pain to use).

    The proposal at the ANC meeting was to clarify that the loading zone initiative was brought on by several business owners on that block by changing the title of the resolution – to include other owners and not just Haydee’s.

    Dramatic shiz went down at the meeting. An ANC commissioner was completely out of line and almost attacked a business owner and disrespected his fellow commissioners.

  • I attended the meeting. Both Haydee and the ANC Commissioner were out of line and would have been better served by discussing the matter in priavte before attacking each other in that charged, public setting.

    Haydee’s request is very reasonable, and she lined up a large number of Mount Pleasant residents and other folks who would use the loading zone while performing at Haydees, all of whom had great arguments in favor of moving the loading zone.

    But Haydee would have better served her cause if she had recognized that the ANC had already passed a resolution asking the DDOT to consider moving the loading zone, complete with very well-reasoned arguments in favor of the move. She needs to build a coalition to approach Jim Graham instead of making enemies by accusing people of discrimination in public settings. The ANC folks should be seen as allies instead of road-blocks.

    And the ANC commissioner should have reacted more constructively instead of going on a mini-tirade (though he did NOT “almost attack a business owner”).

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