Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale

This rental is located at 2305 1st St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Be the first to live in this newly renovated modern 2br/1ba English basement apartment in the heart of the very social neighborhood of Bloomingdale. Convenient DC location, walking distance to the Washington Hospital Center, Veteran’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital, Howard University, METRO/METRObus, Rustik Pizza, Big Bear Cafe and the Sunday Farmer’s Market. Five minutes from the U Street Corridor, Gallaudet, the Capitol, Catholic University, Chinatown and I-395.

– 1100 Sq Ft. English basement apartment with front and rear exits
– Easy zoned street parking
– Gas stove/oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher
– Granite counter-tops
– In-Unit Washer/Dryer
– Plenty of closet space
– Water/trash included
– Free DirectTV
– ADT Alarm system

Available immediately
Rent $1945/month
Lease 6 months or 1 year
1 month security deposit required
$45 application fee p/person for credit and background check
Small pets (<20lbs) considered on a case by case basis (additional deposit req.) Sorry, no smoking in unit" $1945 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/1 bath English basement?

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    • Agreed. There’s no way a basement apartment in that location is going for close to $2000. Not to mention it’s a mile to the closest metro…

      • Do the bloomingdale haters ever bother to check facts? Its about 3/4ths of a mile from a metro.

        I dont believe that it will go for 1945, though the free directv is nice… but I think thats what the last $45 is paying for…

        I think 1750 dollars is pretty reasonable…

        • Oh damn, I got burned by my own hubris. It is a mile away.

        • Umm, you must be smarter than google. They have it at an even mile.

          • You’re always such a jerk. I admitted I made a mistake right away.

            Also, seeing your post below, its nice to see you’re consistent with your ridicule of Bloomingdale.

        • Such a jerk? For what…pointing out the factual truth that the place isn’t 3/4ths of a mile from any metro and it is indeed in the middle nowhere?

          This price is what the same would go for within a 5 minute walk of the columbia heights metro…and this ain’t no columbia heights

          • You are a jerk because: (i) the poster had already corrected the mistake; and (ii) you were a bit snarky in doing so. There is a civilized way to have a discussion and you outside the bounds.

          • This place will be in high demand. I rented a 1br basement unit albiet at the southern end of Bloomingdale (closer to metro) for $1450. I put it on Craigslist and had over 50 responses in the first few days.

            You will have no problem.

            When I rented my place I had a few interested from Georgetown Law, just down North Capitol.

          • exactly, it’s no columbia heights. the density is much lower than columbia height’s and the available units can’t fulfill the demand.

      • This would go for $1800 in a heartbeat. I can see $1945. Like someone else mentions below, there are indeed some $1500-ish 1 bedroom rentals in Bloom. And they rent fast. This is 2011. Not to sound overly rude, but some people are living in 2005.

        Not to say you can’t get better deals. There’s a range for 2 bedroom english basements in Bloomingdale. I’d say the low end for reasonable-to-live-in 2 bedroom basements starts in the mid $1600’s.

      • Looks pretty good. Ours is similar – just a little more transitional and we get 2K for ours + electric. We had people literally fighting over it. The neighborhood is hot, guys.. face it.

    • Agreed…

      In the middle of no where and a basement to boot.

  • Aren’t you required to have both a front and back exit for a legal unit?

    1100 Sq. feet is big. I bet it will go for that or close to it.

  • It’s very out of the way. I would only consider it if it were very nice & very cheap, and it’s neither.

    • out of the way of what? it’s right next to one of the largest destinations in dc. and 3 universities.

      • “it’s right next to one of the largest destinations in dc.”

        What are you referring to with this statement? The hospital center?

        • Yes, the hospital center is just up the road. It is also on the 80 bus route to several law offices just outside Union Station as well as the Senate office buildings. There are four Universities within an easy commute (Howard, Catholic, Georgetown Law, Galludet). I’ll never understand when people say Bloomingdale is out of the way. I live here and commute by Green line. It takes me 12-15 minutes to walk to Shaw/Howard stop. This may be too far for some people, but it really doesn’t put too much of a heavy burden on my day.

          • Got it; I knew it was there, it just never occurred to me to describe the hospital center as a “destination”, especially with respect to a rental unit. Seems only to be a selling point if you work there.

        • The Washington Hospital Center is a destination? Who knew? I’ll tell my visiting friends to go there instead of going down to The Mall. I bet the ER waiting room is sight to behold during hot summer weekend evenings. Fun for all!

  • $1945 + electricity + gas.

    If it goes for anything near this it should be considered a new highwater in rising tide of rent around here. Yeah, it’s big…but it’s still a basement, and not really near anything.

    I’d also question if this thing is really 1100 sq ft.

  • Hell to the naw. Not $1945.

    Looks decent, nice that it’s new, nice if that’s the accurate square footage, but $1945. Maayybe $1600.

  • Can anyone tell what that flooring is? It’s colored like wood but wood isn’t listed and the CL photo makes it look like mottled linoleum (which I doubt that it is)

  • They’re smoking crack. It really shouldn’t go for more than 1400, but I could see someone feeling ok paying 1500. No more than that for sure.

  • Crazy. You could rent a three bedroom house in the same neighborhood for 2200 and not have to live in the dark.

    Home owners in DC should begin to realize the days of English Basement apartments are coming to a close.

    • How are the days “coming to a close?” The housing stock isn’t going to change, and there are always new people moving to DC. Basement apartments can be a great first place in the city, or perfectly suitable to a young professional who prefers to live alone. Granted they’re not the most desirable, but we have a lot of them, and owners/tenants will always be willing to rent them.

    • I guarantee you my English Basement is brighter and nicer than your place. Wake up and look around, buddy.

    • Please do tell where you can get a three bedroom house in Bloomingdale for 2200.

      I call bull#hit!

  • You can get the exact same thing in Shaw, a block or two from the metro, for less than 1400. Total ripoff

    • 2 bedrooms, 1100 square feet, with laundry in the unit, a block or two from the metro, for $1400? Post a link, please.

    • Uh, I would rather live in Bloomingdale than Shaw anyday. These neighborhoods are worlds apart. If you don’t live there, you probably wouldn’t know.

      Plus, anyone who says that Bloomingdale is so far away or in the middle of no where clearly does not get out enough…(not saying the price is legit, just commenting on the rest).

      • For me at least it’s more about the specific location, and I would take almost anywhere in the large swath of land referred to as ‘Shaw’ than this particular area.

        • I usually stay out of these neighborhood pissing matches, but, please “A” – this comment can only be made by someone who’s never been to Shaw or Bloomingdale north of RI Ave. on first street.

          First street up there is as beautiful as any rowhouse area of NW, meanwhile, unfortunately, Shaw is pockmarked by undesirable housing complexes and abandoned buildings. I love both neighborhoods, but I really think that if you’ve never been somewhere (and I really think you’ve never been up 1st Street) then you should just keep your mouth shut.

          Or maybe you really would rather live in Lincoln Westmoreland, I dunno.

          • Sorry if I insulted your neighborhood, but I was just approaching this from the POV of someone w/o a car and proximity to transit/retail.

        • Have to say that this section of Bloomingdale is absolutely gorgeous. All three story victorians with nice yards and pretty wide streets. It is also very nice to walk or run around the reservoir. I think they will get their asking price, or damn close.

  • Clearly you all missed the real value which is included in the “Neighborhood Links” section of the website for the property: P Spot Fitness that does, “Exoterobics”

    Love it!

  • 1400. Tops. In that area.

  • I rent my basement in Truxton Circle for 1900 that includes all utilities, given its 3 blks from metro, but the area isnt as nice since the shady non-profit (that pays all of the executives and employees 100-300K) SOME organization has taken over the neighborhood by dropping off 800 + men per day for free breakfast and lunches. If you dont need metro, this is a great location! There is a cute park, Ciprus, right there too.

  • At least they did a decent renovation. Funky shaped rooms though. But almost $2,000 for a basement? Put the meth pipe down!

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