Judging Restaurants/Bars – Das Bullpen

Das Bullpen is located across from the Navy Yard Metro:

Anyone check it out yet? How does it compare to the Biergarten on H St, NE? Before going to a game would you recommend the original Bullpen or Das Bullpen?

On a side note, it seemed a shame that this whole area (even the beautiful Yards Park) with the exception of a few souls, was basically a ghost town on that beautiful Sunday we just had. It’s too bad these places aren’t open on non game days.

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  • I’m curious about this place– I drove one day when it was hoppin’, and it looked fun (although being around a bunch of baseball fans is not my cup of tea, personally).

    This area’s having atough time getting off the ground because there’s still not much in the way of restaurants or retail. But once the tipping point is reached I’m sure it’ll be fabulous.

  • We went after one game two weekends ago and we were just about the only people there (could have been because it was a double header that day and we left a little before the end of the first game). But the folks behind the bar were friendly and helpful, and the brat was delicious! I think it’ll be a nice lower-key alternative to the Bullpen.

  • It’s definitely better than the bullpen, although there isn’t much that could be worse. It has tables and seats, which is a major step up, and it isn’t nearly as crowded. Same $6 Miller Lites as the Bullpen though.

  • Seems like a nice establishment. But the name? It could be a bit more imaginative.

  • I’ve been incorporating bits of the waterfront into my runs recently and was also marveling this sunday at how eerily empty it all was on such a glorious day!

    but then I remembered it was easter.

  • Seems to me that a lot of the temporary fences in this area are becoming permanent.

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