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  • It’s solid falafel — not as good as Amsterdam, but it is a good cheap option if you are in the neighborhood. Nice staff, too.

    I would go back.

  • It’s good, but I think it’s weird how i can’t squirt any sauce on my falafel with the squeeze bottles. I had to awkwardly put it into a small takeaway cup and then ooze it onto my wrap outside…

  • love the falafel shwarma, and the proprietor might be the friendliest person in the city. Thumbs up.

  • How is Old City in comparison to these spots?

  • i’ve never eaten there, but i have to give props to the phrase on their menu (possibly their slogan…?):
    “we falafel, you falafel, EVERYBODY falafels”
    i like to reward good marketing and will be trying out this place soon! thanks, PoP!

  • Red Toque Cafe’s falafel is really good. Better than Amsterdam IMHO. Haven’t had this one.

  • I concur. Red Toque Cafe has the best falafal. I eat there almost everyday. Their other dishes are good too. I’ll have to try this new place out to compare.

  • Not impressed. Workers were nice, but the pita was just too small to work with. As a result, I had dry falafel at the bottom and a delicious mess at the top. The whole pita should be filled with delicious mess. Plus, they’re not cheap. Even though I live across the street from vFalafel, I’ll keep walking to Amsterdam Falafel for my pita fix.

  • Sadly, not very good in my experience. Went there late a couple of weeks ago and was quite disappointed. The falafel had no flavor and was too greasy. The stuff from the salad bar was mediocre at best. And to top it off it was way to expensive for what we got. Would not go back.

  • try the falafel burger or shwarma – better than the regular in pita

  • Just want to reply to the question about Old City. As a passionate Middle Eastern food consumer, I was really stoked to eat at Old City. It was horrible. There was no one there on a weekend afternoon, the food looked like it had been sitting in the same SizzEx style buffet trays for months, and there was definitely a big mosquito chillin on the beets. I made every attempt to continue my optimist after noticing the mosquito, but it didn’t matter. The food was just that bad. Tasted old. I am so disappointed.

  • Eli’s Deli takeout window makes a mean falafel.

  • eh. smells funky when you walk in. i actually walked out recently because of that – and the ‘toppings bar’ stuff didn’t look all that appetizing. but will give it a shot. just looks like they didn’t put much effort into the place.

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