Judging Restaurants – Sensorium

The Sensorium is located in the Capitol Riverfront near Yards Park. It’s web site says:

“Sensorium is a culinary and sensory experience featuring creative atmosphere and cutting-edge production. Enjoy a 12 course tasting extravaganza brought to you by Executive Chef Bryon Brown, amidst an evening of delights, mysteries, and surprises for all five senses!”

It ain’t cheap but sounds pretty cool. They’ll be serving until May 1st. Anyone have a chance to try them out?

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  • I think they are going to be around at least through May but are releasing tickets incrementally. There was a Groupon a few weeks ago offering a 2 for 1 deal which was pretty sweet – too bad I missed it. Hoping to hear from some folks who went to see if I should be saving up for May!

  • we did the groupon/living social/whatever the hell it was for it, dinner for two for $100. However, this did not include the wine flight that is included in the standard $150 a person price. The dinner was a blast. Considering what we paid, I joked it was a poor man’s minibar. The theatre performace was the perfect mix of avant garde and cheap laughs, and most importantly, the performers didn’t take themselves too seriously. I’d say 10 of the 12 courses hit the mark. The Pork Belly and the ricotta gnocci were big hits at our table.

    Overall, it was a blast. is it worth it at full price? Probably debatable. But we definitely got our money’s worth

    FYI – If you’re doing the wine pairing, you should probably eat something beforehand and take public transportation. Everyone starts with a monster glass of sangria and then gets 5 glasses of wine. We did the late seating, and I assume people did not eat since lunch, and dinner did not start till 10pm. Because of this several people got REALLY drunk, including one woman who had to leave early and got sick out on the lawn. The girlfriend and I split a wine pairing, and we were feeling plenty good from that alone.

  • Is there A/C inside? I bet this wasn’t an issue before but now that it’s getting steamier, the last thing I’d want is to be paying so much and sweating to death during the meal/show.

  • My boyfriend and I got the groupon and went to the early seating on a Wednesday night. We both agreed that while it was fun, but that it would not have been worth the full price. Felt like the food was trying too hard to be minibar-esque, but it really fell flat in both of our opinions. Good use of unique ingredients and textures, but the flavors we were left with just weren’t fantastic.

    Also, the performance was cute, but nothing exciting. It was also trying too hard to complement the meal, taking literal interpretations of the course and showing presentations of them (ie a fish swimming through the water while we ate fish, a monologue as a plant while we ate vegetables…)

    Overall: it was definitely a $50 night, but NOT a $150 night. (We didn’t do the wine pairing)

  • Me and my husband went and had a great time. Diffidently something new and unique here in DC. We paid the full price and I didn’t feel cheated. The food and performance were great together. I thought it would be corny, but they pulled off a great balance of food and show.

    Overall: we had a wonderful time and would recommend going!

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