Judging Restaurants – Khan’s Bar and Grill

Khan’s Bar and Grill is located at 1125 H St, NE. Ever since I posted a Food Friday (2nd pic) I’ve been curious what folks think. While they’ve only been open a short time – I’m super curious about this “Mongolian Asian Fusion”. Their Facebook page says:

“Interactive Mongolian grill experience. Great lunchtime destination and meeting place, with a very wide variety of Asian delights. In addition a great place to watch almost any game on one of our 10 L.E.D. 1080P HDTV’s, or our super huge 110″ HD Projector and amazing sound!”

Anyone check them out yet? What was the interactive Mongolian grill experience like?

Sounds like this could also be a good place to watch the NFL draft tonight.

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  • De Flame, De Flame!

  • the service was great, the dining area and the bar was fine, nothing special but definitely nothing wrong with it. The food- you’re pretty much designing your own chinese food dish and you get to watch them cook it. It costs about 12-14 per meal without a drink, a little high in my opinion, but not outrageous. I’d go again, but I’m not in a rush to go back

  • Prices were a little high, but food was good; I’d say it’s worth it and plan to go back sometime.

    Only complaint it that the grill cooks didn’t use gloves and didn’t wash hands between handling raw chicken and beef.

    • My biggest complaint was that the peas touched the mashed potatoes.


    • ugh, hello samonella poisoning!

      • “salmonella”

      • You wont get salmonella if the beef and chicken are both cooked on the outside.

        Chicken needs to be cooked all the way through and beef does not.

        Same with not using gloves. As long as the surfaces affected are cooked, there’s no risk in contamination.

        • not necessarily true, if they aren’t washing their hands between handling raw meat and handling raw vegetables.

    • If you are really that worried about food handling cleanliness, I would never go out to eat. Ever again. Anywhere. Consider Khan’s a benefit that you can see your meal being prepared? Have you ever worked in a restaurant and see what happens behind the counter? My first job was in a fried chicken place and I have not been back to one since. It’s ironic though that I don’t have the same hang-up about any other sort of restaurant.

  • Prices were high? I think it was $10 for a big plate of food and a soft drink.

  • Price was a little high. My biggest complaint was that you didn’t get to portion your own meat.

    On the whole, it wasn’t bad though.

  • The projection screen is very nice. They usually have decent drink specials too

  • Whoa – the food safety thing, if true, would keep me from every going there.

  • “ever” going there. sorry!

  • I haven’t been there yet, but I don’t like how you’re limited with the sauces and proteins. The hole-in-the-wall Mongolian grill I went to a college let you go crazy with both, and it was more fun that way.

  • Great place to catch a game. Nate, the bartender, is awesome. And you can’t go wrong with a giant HD projector.

  • Food safety thing? Did I miss something?

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