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  • Not too bad…

  • All the buildings look different from each other anyway, so maybe that’s why this looks alright. Jealous of roof deck.

  • Are you kidding me? That building looks horrendous. There is a freaking gutter downspout installed on the facade. SO U.G.L.Y. I cannot believe it. My only hope is that once they land a tenant, the tenant fixes it up. I’m also not sure it’s a real ‘pop up’ so much as just sorta crummy construction, but whatever.

    • It’s not great, I agree, but the bar is pretty low for pop ups in DC. I’ve seen much much worse.

  • people should really hire an architect.

  • +1 There has to be at least one out of work architect that could have done a decent job with this.

  • Not the best not the worst. Still, given the location, could’ve been off the chain!

  • This is starting to look pretty good. I am excited to see how everything will turn out. H-Street will be the new place everyone wants to go and live.

  • Not just the downspout on the front (and a cheap-ass Home Depot stock one to boot)… but why is that gutter there at all? Isn’t that a gutter three feet above it? The windows on the right are too close to center, should be offset to the right more. And could just be the picture but check out the running bond get wavy and out sorts under the windows and between the two smaller windows. The right windows needs some kind of treatment as well.

  • Actually, I think this is not a pop up… it’s a new building. The original plans were absolutely horrible. This has brick, lots of windows, symmetry. Could have been much, much worse.

  • Sweet Mary mother of our lord the baby jesus christ almighty that’s an ugly building. Maybe this style is the new Brutalism, and 30 years from now hipsters will be professing love for this style and dedicate blogs to diplated pop-ups.

  • ***dilapidated***

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