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The Florida Coffee House is located at 220 Florida Ave, NW. While they opened in late Jan. I’m told that they are now open 7 days a week. Anyone check them out yet? Is this a good alternative for when the nearby Big Bear is too crowded? Do you they have any good eats?

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  • Tried them 3 times in the past 2 months, they were always closed.

  • It’s a good alternative when the nearby Big Bear blows.

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  • I’ve been their one time. I thought they were closed at first but their door is just really hard to open. It seemed like a normal coffee shop. I would go back.

  • I have gone by multiple times and never seen it open. Am hoping the coffee is ok alternative to BB when crowded. I would use Windows as the alternative but do not find their coffee to my taste. However, I find Windows’ food superior to BB.

    • windows coffee sucks. shame too since they sell great ethiopian coffee by the bag. but they seem to brew something else.

      i wish they would switch to just being an ethiopian restaurant instead of the subpar coffeeshop that they are.

      • I like their sandwiches. We dont need more ethiopian food. Clearly they recognize this. Maybe they dont like it either.

        • the veggie omelet bagel is amazing

          • they use frozen peas and carrots in that bagel. i actually threw it away after eating it. i hope you were joking. or maybe the place just isn’t for me, yet good for you.

      • Have you tried their Southwest DC sandwich? It takes them awhile to make it but I think that sandwich is pretty good.

        I have been once to the FL coffee shop. Had a good experience, would go back.

  • The business’s motto: “The Florida Coffee House: a good alternative for when the nearby Big Bear is too crowded”

  • Been there three times. The pastry selection leaves a lot to be desired but the coffee is OK. I like that you can get in and out quickly, without dealing with BB’s annoying hipster crowd and bad music.

  • Went there at 8:30 in the morning this Sunday and it was open. Nice decor but menu is limited. Coffee and muffins and that is it. My bad for wanting a bottle of water. Nice back outdoor seating area.

  • It’s good to see more business in the neighborhood!

  • Does anyone know who the owners are of the fla ave place? And please – someone else open a coffee shop that has the light and space (and good coffee!) of the BB cafe w/o the attitude, the zillions of laptops etc. I think they long ago stopped being a ‘neighborhood coffee shop’. I hope Florida Ave place will be that but would love another option nearby. stopped going to BBC months ago.

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