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  • i was oddly fond of the giant bright orange building. but this looks likely to be lovely. i just hope they’re done soon!

  • What’s the story behind this? Over the last few months I’ve watched them take down the brick and now put it back up. Why?

    Any idea what the building will be used for? Seems like all the businesses there fail within 6 months. It’s an odd place for a commercial business, as is. Hopefully the Sherman Ave streetscape project will improve the foot traffic allowing a business to thrive.

  • It’s hard to tell from google streetview because those photos are have a fish-eye sort of distortion, but it’s possible that section of wall had significant outward bowing. The middle first floor window was way out of plumb.

  • PoP, I tend to think they were obligated to replace the wall for structural reasons, and everything will be painted to match.

  • That brick is no longer structural.

  • The guy who runs/owns the Saloon is a partner in the building project….

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