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  • Thumbs down on the Cato Institute.

  • I would prefer the windows be bricked up like the new condo building on Georgia so their “ideas” don’t seep out and harm the surrounding area.

  • their building does not scream – we have profound ideas – or even , look we have good ideas.

  • When I was younger, I did delieries and Cato was an occasional stop. I always had the same point of contact there. I developed this theory that they were a cult of some kind, mixing the neatness of Mormons with the reasonable-seeming crazy of Scientologists.

    This was before I knew anything about their politics.

    • That’s pretty accurate. It must require an interesting mix of crazy and/or stupid to work there. To be smart enough to firmly believe in an idea (however wrong) but not realize that you are just a pawn of evil companies that receive more benefit from the government than anyone else.

      • How exactly are they a pawn of evil companies? Even a cursory glance at their finances and annual report shows that less than 3% of their funding comes from corporations.

      • Or wait, let me guess. Are you one of those folks who have actually bought the theory (however wrong) that everything the Kochs touch (King Midas like) turns to evil.

        Comon, man. I’m no supporter of the Cato Institute (or, at least, all their policies), but I’m not going to take the intellectually lazy approach at judging their politics. (The labor unions own Obama! The NRA is running the Republican party!! The Fed is socialist!!!) Please.

        • You really don’t know anything about the Kochs, do you? I work for an organization that promotes clean energy and we face daily attacks from Koch front groups. Their influence is very real and very evil.

          • An organization that promotes clean energy…provide clean energy and you won’t need to promote clean energy. How often do competitors view each other in any other way? Of course you think they’re evil…they are greedy and successful and do bad things to make their money. It’s crazy that the country can’t be one big non-profit of promoters. When are we going to start outsourcing non-profits, the government could save a ton of money in funding by doing so, but the bread lines would be long as sheiiiit.

          • Michael,

            You really don’t know anything about leftist groups, do you? I work for an organization that promotes dirty energy and we face daily attacks from labor and clean energy front groups. Their influence is very real and very evil.

            and round and round we go

  • not inspiring, but nicer than what was there before. It was an ugly greenhouse. http://goo.gl/VlKnd

  • why didn’t they make the expansion a rectangular for more space?

    • ah

      I believe it follows the lot lines or the required setback from Mass Ave., which is at an angle to the front of the building.

      • ah

        Oh, whoops. The new part does look like the standard box. The glass part is the old-new addition, which has been there for several years. The new-new addition appears to be a renovation of the existing building onto which the old-new addition was build.

  • I think it’s funny that, in a city full of boring square buildings, people are complaining that this building isn’t boring and square. I like it myself. It has a nice open, modern feel when you’re passing it. Nice interaction with the street.

  • Wasn’t Cato a witness in the O.J. Simpson murder trial? How did he get to be so successful?

  • None of you people had even heard of the Koch brothers before a month or two ago when they assumed the Emmanuel Goldstein spot in the daily Two Minutes Hate routine of the liberal press.

  • Not too keen on the Cato Institute, but the building looks nice.

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