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  • It’s an improvement over the mustard colored monstrosity on the right. I like the style…not so much the siding.

  • Agree. I think it looks great. Now can they bulldoze the buildings on either side of it?

  • Definitely an improvement over the vinyl-siding POS that was there before. Not sure about the red entirely down the side of the building – they should have done something to visually break up that long side.

    • if you didn’t notice the nice old Victorian hiding under that vinyl siding then you are not one to judge buildings.

  • The decision not to include a basement apartment was certainly intelligent.

  • Thumbs up: building design
    Thumbs down: curb cut and street level parking.

    • Not sure where you live but as someone who lives a block away, thumbs up for the cut curb and [however-many-apartments-there-are-in-this building] fewer cars searching for street parking. In my view, it’s well worth the loss of one parking space on the street.

  • crazy block! why the hell not

  • thumbs up!!!

  • The curbcut, driveway and parking lot continue to be totally unnecessary and a bad precedent.

    • Doesn’t look like this lot has access to an alley – so the driveway and parking lot kind of make sense to me.

      • It is too bad that this building doesn’t have alley access, because the curb cut and parking lot ruin what I otherwise think is a pretty good design. The use of asphalt as the paving material really looks lousy, and will add to rainwater runoff. Too bad they didn’t use some sort of decorative paving surface, and/or a pervious material. I really like the pavers that allow vegetation to grow through.

    • Don’t agree at all –

      They now have at least 3 to 5 spaces on their property.

      That is at least 3 to 5 cars that will not be taking up space on the street.

      Simply math.

      LOVE the building!

      • at the expense of two parking spots used by residents of the block. This building privatized formerly public space for the benefit of private landowners. Was the street compensated in any way for the loss of a public good?

        • Does $6-8,000.00 in new property tax revenue count for “public good?”

          • Depends on who’s spending it. In DC, probably not, unless you count payment on Navigator leases as “the public good”.

            I agree though, a curb cut for a single family home is stupid, but for a multi-residence building it isn’t as bad, especially for a place with no alley access.

        • ok, i didn’t like the fact that there was a huge curb cut either, but now that i know it does not have alley access, it’s perfectly reasonable. no curb cuts means those cars will be competing for spots with other residents of the block. you would be taking away lots of spots instead of just two.

          IN ADDITION, if you look at google maps, there was an existing curb cut between the house this building replaced, and the diarrhea colored house on the left (as opposed to the diarrhea colored house on the right). 2 spots weren’t even lost.

        • Your logic is flawed. Having a curb cut that provides access to 5 parking spots will decrease competition for spots, not increase it. Duh.

          Also you imply that the people who will park and enter this building will not be residents of the block; they are, whether you welcome their presence or not!

    • ah

      Since there are a couple of curb cuts on either side (check google maps) it seems like the precedent was set a while back.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Thumbs up!

  • It looks like a levitating shipping container. No front door and the curb cut/driveway make it even worse. This is a major thumbs down for me.

  • Two of the five units look like they’re under contract already.

  • Copenhagen on the Potomac.

  • It appears I’m in the minority here but I think this building is hideous. Really really ugly. Looks like they forgot to put in doors too.

  • I’m with you. Not a fan at all.

  • It looks like either 1) it was made out of Legos or 2) was designed during a drunken game of Tetris. I can’t decide if I like it – I think it would look better if they had done something more interesting with the roofline.

  • I think it looks great. Modern, fresh, and interesting use of color and texture! These units should sell pretty quick.

  • Visually this building is attractive as a recent Petworth home shopper. I think it a very good play by the developers to try a design that attracts a contemporary style condo buyer. I wouldn’t mind if there were more run-down blocks of the city that were given the opportunity to flourish in a more contemporary style.

    Having a car, it attracted my attention for its parking option. Not all DC residents have the opportunity live AND work in the city. Another plus for this condo building.

  • “F” no!


  • Love it.

  • Condiment Row. Honey Mustard, Ketchup (ez pour bottle), French’s.

  • This thing is hideous. A lot of prior comments said this looked “modern”… I guess in the way that some of the plastic, cheap stuff at IKEA looks modern, sure.

    I take the most issue with the three large doors on the front- it looks like the builders forgot to finish the balconies.

    For what they are charging per square foot- I’d expect a lot more for my money, personally.

  • fug-lee.

    It’ll look even worse in ten years’ time and the owners will be pooling money to remodel

  • I agree with Biscuit, I think it looks modern in a cheap Ikea kind of way.

    And, you’ve actually got the condiment row comment wrong, it starts with Ketchup to the left just out of the picture, then goes Honey mustard, bbq sauce, frenchs and there’s a lime green house a bit further down the block that we can call relish.

    But I also disagree that the house on the left is out of place, you may not like the color, but it’s still brick and doesn’t impede the feel of the neighborhood like the 2 buildings to the right.

  • We checked out the open house a few weeks ago (3 units open). Here’s what we noticed on the inside:
    -no roof deck! They have really prime space for it. The agent said if all the owners want to put one up, they can…
    -some cheaping out inside. There were no recessed lights (or lights of any kind) in the living room, no fan, etc. The entire north side of the building has no windows so all units have a long dark hallway running down that hall (2 recessed lights). One unit had a water leak under the kitchen sink, damaging the cabinet.

    We live in a house around the corner & are fine with the exterior. Its not my taste, but happy to see investment in the area.

  • It is what it is.

    Saying that the hulking building on the one side and the old townhouse with a pop-up on the other make all three seem less obnoxious.

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