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  • Live across the street and my only compliant is the bricked up windows on the third/last row on the right. Previous sketches had windows but for some reason they elected not to put them in!?!

    They go on sale May 1st and I’m excited to see what they look like on the inside!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Will def. make this a GDoN!

    • I don’t like the bricked-up windows either.

      I could’ve sworn I saw a photo or sketch or something of the apartment (condo?) building that’s under construction on Georgia Avenue a block north of the Georgia-New Hampshire intersection, and that building ALSO had a set of bricked-up windows.

      Somebody correct me if I’m wrong… I’m trying to figure out where I saw this photo/sketch, but no luck yet.

  • Thumbs down! I walk by this building multiple times every day, and I think it is so, so ugly. The mismatched brick and the concrete (stucco?) back and side make it look like cheap, shoddy, half-assed construction. It actually looks better in these pictures than it does in person. I hope these condos are priced well, because I can’t imagine anyone paying typical DC rates for one.

  • no way they are going on sale may 1.

    and i COMPLETELY agree that the bricked in windows are 100% unacceptable.

    if they don’t put in windows, i’m going to make some calls — nobody would have approved the drawings with bricked-in windows and they can’t do that to my hood after the fact.

    if they would just put the windows in though i would be more than happy.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’m embarrassed to admit – I didn’t even realize those windows were bricked over. That’s nuts!

  • Another thing is that those window bays are made of wood. That can work fine, but I worry about it on an inner-city Georgia Avenue condo. They will need a lot of maintenance. Hope it works out.

    I would have to agree that they do look cheap with the wood and the bricked in windows.

  • Funny, this morning I climbed through the mud in back and went in to talk to the construction manager. They are far from done, but will go on sale prior to completion (the condo built by the same developer about 6 blocks north was sold like that)
    Could you find the architectural rendering again to check on the windows?

  • I haven’t looked at this building from up close, only from driving by, but it’s nice to see something fresh and new… especially considering that it’s next to one decaying building (on the northwest corner of Georgia and Harvard) and close to others (like the decaying building on the southwest corner of Georgia and Harvard).

  • Rendering:


    I was WRONG! Some bumbass at city hall DID approve the bricked over windows. What an embarrassment!!

    • It looks like those areas should be partial windows, based on the rendering, but they’re fully bricked over in reality.

      They are ugly.

  • Thumbs down. Looks like a half-assed renovation of an older building–but this is all new, right?

  • Coulda been sooooo much worse (Floridian, I’m looking at you…). Certainly not the best new building in the city but appropriate for the neighborhood and fine for what it is.

    I’m also a bit mystified by this animosity toward the bricked over (by design) windows. This is not my cup of tea either but it seems like a pretty trivial point all things considered.

    • if you got to design a building, would you make bricked over windows part of the plan? wouldn’t you just make it a wall?

      that’s why i’m mad at least.

      • No, I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t build about half the buildings that have popped up in the District in the last couple of years. But that’s just me and I’m not the target market for this.

        While we’re on the subject, I also don’t understand why everybody likes open floor plans and insists on granite countertops and stainless steel appliances but is perfectly happy with particle-board cupboards off the shelf from Home Depot. But different strokes for different folks, huh? I’ll save my angst for the true monstrosities and despotic congressional republicans.

        • We aren’t talking about race or class or money or crime or education here (for once, thank god). No need to be so deferential. No one is going to get offended. You think it’s ugly, I think it’s ugly, let’s just say the damn thing is ugly!

          Let’s just pretend we are in the majority here and the whole community thinks this thing is but-ugly…

          Hate to be yet another armchair economist on this blog but — it’s ugly because it looks cheap. It looks cheap because it is cheap. And it’s cheap because that’s how the developer is going to make money on it.

          And I say shame on the city for making not protecting us and letting us look at it all day. All the worn down shops around it look way cooler than it does, and they don’t even have bricked over windows (yes, it really is the windows I hate).

    • See, I would prefer a building like the Floridian here. Something like that is obviously not for everyone, but at least it is not just another cookie cutter one. I don’t necessarily think that this one is that much of a cookie cutter building either, but it is definitely riding the line.

      • Really? That tacky yellow and green paneling? I’ll trust that those colors were the flavor of the minute a year or two ago, but they are ugly under any circumstances and already look incredibly dated and it’s been, what?, five years? At least brick and glass kind of blends in.

        • I don’t know that green and yellow were ever the flavor of the moment. I hated the Floridian at first, but it is one that has really come to grow on me and now I actually think it’s a really cool looking building. But I guess that is the point is designing something a little bolder than brick and glass – some will love and some will hate. That’s what makes the world go round….

  • I hope its not mixed income.

  • gotryit

    I think it looks fine, all things considered.

  • gotryit

    Actually, I really do think it looks fine. But thanks for trying.

    I’m glad it’s part of our neighborhood.

  • I like it. It’s not a beautiful building, but it’s so much nicer than the rest of Lower Georgia, and it’s market rate condos. It’s an improvement to our neighborhood, and I’d be happy to see more of these replacing vacants and nail salons.

  • Emmaleigh504

    From the photos I like it. I particularly like that there are windows on the side, although the little probably bathroom windows should be full size. I hate tiny bathroom windows because everyone knows it’s your bathroom. Full size bathroom windows look better, and if you are concerned about people looking in, just use curtains or blinds. Tiny bathroom windows are such my pet peeve.

  • As I was saying earlier, I like this building, despite the bricked-up windows.

    BTW, I confirmed today (when standing outside the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station) that the new building at Georgia and Quincy also has bricked-up windows. Were they built by the same developer?

  • Not a huge fan of them, but I suspect the windows aren’t “bricked up” in the sense that they were mistakes that were corrected by bricking them up, but rather features intended to provide a balancing visual cue to the rest of the windows for a part of the building that contains a stairwell.

  • Those brick windows are begging for a stencil.

  • I actually like it.

    Certainly better than what was there.

  • Are those supposed to be windows or is there a stairwell there?

  • I live nearby and am a bit worried about parking. Any ideas if its street parking? If so the home-owners on the streets on either side will have a difficult time continuing to park (its hard enough as it is now). Excited to see the restructuring of the neighborhood though- hope the abandoned store next to it opens up again after the condos start selling.

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