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  • No. It’s hideous. Almost as bad as the Renaissance hotel.

  • It looks the Black Stone of Mecca encase in townhouses.

    I kinda like it.

  • I really like it. Looks like an evil lair.

  • OMG, it’s horrendous.

  • Ugh, this reminds me of the Belvedere in Arlington… what a mess.

  • Not great, and it’ll only get worse with time.

  • Is this the Mexican or Spanish Embassy? or Darth Vader’s? The further you go up the uglier it gets. It’s just a rising disappointment.

  • I actually think it would be much better to just have a black glass cube building on the inside – rather than trying to match the stone. Then it wouldn’t be trying to match the historic buildings but discreetly lying in the background. The stone facade portion brings too much attention to the new building.

    • I agree. The part I dislike is the faux old facade incorporated into the new. Too on the nose for me. I’d like to see more subtle echoes of the original — very subtle.

      But I like it overall. It’s badass — collage in architecture.

  • I’ve always thought it looked kind of evil. And now that I see the pic I wonder if they thought they were incorporating an element of the original houses by adding the strangely placed windows? Although I suppose if they didn’t add those windows, it would look as if the Borg were rising up from behind the row of houses.

  • Big negative

  • This is the embassy of Spain, right? (Or is only part of the building the embassy?) Maybe there’s something symbolic about it!

    Personally I always kind of admired its audacity, it’s just so proudly ugly that I had to sort of salute it for that.

  • Having worked in the building I can tell you that the inside is just as ugly and not functional.

  • this is why city folk never look up.

  • Dreams of demolition come to mind when I look at it.

  • the architect should probably be stripped of his/her license. anyone know who’s responsible for this?

  • Emmaleigh504

    So close and yet so far.

  • Isn’t that the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey?

  • No go… there are some good examples of modern buildings incorporating old facades, but this is asymmetrical and hideous.

  • PaschTag

    I’ve seen worse pop ups.

  • This is AWFUL!! Every time I walk past it I’m ashamed – don’t know why.

  • I rather like it.

  • Awful !!

    Looks like Jetsons, the Horror Movie Part XX

  • I like it

  • Terrible…absolutely terrible. It reminds me of that hideous block on 8th Street, south of the National Portrait Gallery, where they slapped on old facades of an original 1800s building over a warehouse. Just awful.

  • Q: Does the combination of stone and glass work here?
    A: No.

  • It doesn’t work, but it’s not the combination of stone and glass that is bad, it’s the depth and detail of the windows. The stone and glass as a material combo is acutally quite interesting. But just compare the original windows to the new and you’ll see that the new windows look like flat decals pasted on. They lack shadow and depth that give a facade definition.

    IMHO, the 2-dimensionality of most modern facades is their biggest failure. A little depth would have gone a long way in this building, and I think the half-assed nature of the windows and stone detailing is what some people may be reacting to, rather than the contrast of glass and stone.

  • i could be wrong but I believe this is the project that motivated the Foggy Bottom community to demand the creation of the Foggy Bottom Historic District

  • I actually think this is one of the worst looking buildings in DC. Not a fan.

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