Judging Backs of Rowhouses – H St, NE

It’s been a while since we’ve had a judging back of rowhouses post – I think this one is pretty sweet. Maybe a deck or balcony would’ve been cool as well? Though it does look like it has a pretty cool green roof:

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  • I’m sure it has a gorgeous view of the Autozone parking lot.

  • there’s been no discernible progress on that property for close to two years; still just bare framing on the inside. What has been done has been done quite well, though.

  • there’s a pretty interesting story behind this property and why it was never completed

    • The way I’ve heard it the owner has had trouble keeping contractors on board. But that may be the result of the owner not being the friendliest chap. But I’m pretty sure construction has been going on since 2006 and there have been a number of extensions. The double doors are very nice, and the green roof is a good compliment. I’m sure that the Autozone lot is wonderful around August.

  • Rich Luna is a terrible human being. Hopefully all of his life’s endeavors will end in the same dismal failure as his attempt at creating this incongruous monstrosity in the midst of perfectly a respectable neighborhood of traditional DC row houses.

  • I dare you to make less sense.

  • well, I just checked, and the guy is claiming the homestead exemption according to the D.C. database, so that’s not cool. However, that leaves open the question of how the renovation itself constitutes an “incongruous monstrosity.” Please elaborate.

  • that’s some nasty karma you’re building there, 6:25.

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