Signs that Spring is here and Summer is on the Way

There are two major indicators, besides the cherry blossoms of course, that indicate to me that Spring and Summer are well on their way. They are both water related. One (above) are the fountains at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park. They are now in full effect.

And the second one (below) will be when this gets filled. Oh so close…

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  • PoP. First, I love your blog. But it’s just “Meridian Hill Park”. If you would like to learn about the real history of the park, you should have attended the historical information session you posted about yesterday (

    Sorry this is such pet peeve of mine. But, I dislike the revisionist history going on in this city that assumes that DC only existed starting in 1968 and that if you lived in DC since then, you get to write the history of the city like it belongs to you. DC was around a long time before a generation of people tore it down, let it rot and then complained about it once it started getting better. Let’s respect the true history of the city (and it’s parks) and call them by their proper names.

    • I’d have to agree with the historical disconnect. As covered before in earlier posts, DC hasnt the right to name the park. It’s Federal land.
      Which Malcolm X do they want to memorialize, the “By Amy means. Necessary”, where it’s okay to shoot people, or the “I just realized everyone is the same and the FOI is nuts” Malcolm he was killed for becoming?

    • Someone needs to pull the stick from their you know where. History is great, but everything evolves. Why don’t you go live in Amish Country if you like everything the way it was in bygone eras. I’ll continue to call it Malcolm X Park.

      And what “generation of people” are you talking about? Black people? I think I smell a bit of racism.

      • He is talking about the generation of people who gave it the nick name. That doesn’t sound racists to me.

        DC was once majority white, then black, and now going another way – Latino.

        These are the generations the History Preserver is talking about.

        One built it up, another tore it down, and yet another will rebuild it.

  • “Which Malcolm X do they want to memorialize, the “By Amy means. Necessary””

    Yes!!! Dibs on the porn title, “By Amy means. Necessary”.

    and as a DC’er, we don’t have any federal rights, so it’s time to start taking some back! and shit, what does it really matter. If enough people call it by that name, then it is THAT name! and Malcolm X is so much cooler than Meridian X.

  • So excited for another season of Banneker!!

  • If you are catching a whiff of racism, it’s on you. Calling the park Malcolm X commemorates a bygone era. One of anger and hatred. One better left in the past. Times have changed and evolved. Keeping it real would involve understanding and accepting that.

  • I personally think the Prince’s use of both names is fine.

    The official name is kind of cool as a reminder of the early days of the coordinate system for the surface of the earth that we still use. In those days just about every country wanted the “prime meridian” or zero longitude line to run through its own capital. Ours ran through the White House and what became known as Meridian Hill (the Zero Milestone on the Ellipse, the Jefferson Pier near the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Memorial dome also mark it).

    The unofficial name has been a genuine people’s choice among DC residents, especially those in the neighborhoods near the park, for a generation or so and as such deserves acknowledgement even though Malcolm X himself had no special connection with our city (i.e. other than as the capital of his country).

  • The official name is not “kind of cool” it is the actual name. The “genuine People’s choice among DC residents” is meaningless – unless you took a vote? Renaming is fine for Safeways. A “generation or so” is only 20 years. Want to honor Malcom X? Fix up the schools and name every one after him.

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