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  • No wonder this house always intrigued me. It’s gorgeous and I always thought of old homes in Massachusetts etc. whenever I looked at it!

  • I suspect the columns on either side of the front door, and the gable above them, were added later. Otherwise a great house true to it’s 1700 roots.

  • North Shore represent!!!

  • It really bothers me when buildings like this claim to be the “oldest building in XXX-PLACE” even though it wasn’t originally built there (like this one that was building in Massachusetts and only moved to DC in 1935). I feel like that title should only be bestowed on buildings that are actually still in the city/town where they were originally built. While this is definitely a historic building, it is not as historic to DC it appears to be when it claims to be the “Washington’s oldest house”.

    That being said – it really is a beautiful building and looks like it’s been fantastically maintained over the years.

  • Echoing DC_Arch, the ‘Old Stone House’ in Georgetown is probably the true oldest house of DC. Though I see on it’s website it says “Old Stone House, built in 1765, is the oldest known private home in Washington, DC”
    Does this mean there are older public homes, I wonder??
    Regardless, The Lindens is a beautiful house.

  • Ugh – even our oldest house is an annoying Masshole transplant

  • I thought the atone house on m st in Georgetown was the oldest.

  • Wow, very cool. I always had wondered about this house. It seems architecturally out of place due the style of architecture, even in this architecturally diverse neighborhood.

  • It looks very classy. It’s made with stone, right? Me and my husband are planning on building our own home. I really want to make it like that, you know? Ha, maybe our home would last as long as that house!

    • no. it’s made with brick and faced with stone.

      are pure masonry structures even possible anymore?

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