House of the Day

This Adams Morgan house has long been a favorite of mine so I was psyched to see it got all fixed up. (It’s located at the corner of Summit and Quarry Rd, NW.

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  • Very cool and very unexpected! I’m curious, what’s the style of this house?

  • I lived in this house for 3 and a half years and loved it, even when the Comcast cable truck drove through the downstairs bathroom. (Which, incidentally, kicked off the renovations.) Despite its former cracked-out look, the insides were very nice. Nice to see it with a fresh coat of paint!

  • I lived on the top floor many years ago. it’s a wonderful house and the only one left when the rest of the block was converted to apartment buildings. Unfortunately, it looks like they got rid of some of the ornate mettle work that gave the house its true New Orleans style.

  • This is my house and by my I mean I rent a room in the top floor apartment. It’s a gorgeous space and it’s great to see it get some recognition. Thanks POP!

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