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  • I live a couple of blocks away from this, and walk my dogs by it almost every day. It is probably one of the most unusual houses in the area. I’ve got to say that the photo really accentuates the most positive aspects of it while covering up some of its strangeness. I can never figure out what the deal with it is. The people who live in it have very ornate/eclectic tastes. I have wondered at times whether it is actually a bed and breakfast or something.

  • it is definitely a place that pops out from it’s neighbors. that street is strange too. must have been an important road at one time, maybe before union station was built. but now has the feel of a side street.

  • Echoing Anon 8:40, it’s a truly strange house. I’ve walked past it a million times and I’ve never seen anyone go in or out, or even move around inside. The first floor looks more like a lobby than a home. Occasionally there are small rubbish sales out front, but they are not hosted by an owner or resident, just someone who is working for the owner.

  • The owner is actually the woman who used to run the DC Office of Motion Picture and Film…she entertains quite a bit and does have “eclectic” taste…lol!

  • yes! i love this house and almost always stop to take a look….and there is a GIANT chocolate lab who lives a couples houses down. anyone seen him/her?

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