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  • Craftsman bungalow

  • brookland_rez

    Craftsman. There are a lot of craftsman homes in Brookland.

  • That place has a fantastic garden, and it is really just getting going. Check out some Greater Brookland Garden Club events, POP. There are some mind-blowing green thumbs in this neighborhood.

  • wow. i am coveting that house. cripes, i want a real yard.

  • Arts & Crafts

  • I’m sure arts and crafts is techinically right, but in descriptive terms it looks very Adirondacks-y to me. I can picture a nice lake behind it with happy little wood ducks swimming by.

  • Craftsman. Reminds me of some parts of suburban Los Angeles!

  • I like it. Agreed that it looks atypical for DC proper.

  • That’s my neighbors’ house and what a good eye to choose it for a photograph. (I live around the block) And yes, it’s an example of early 20th century arts & crafts and Brookland has lots, but this is a particularly well restored version. They’ve done as nice a job on the inside as on the outside, which is saying something as the landscaping is lovely all around the house. Come back later in the spring or early summer for more — their garden only gets better.

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