Good Deal or Not? “OSP, FP, CAC, EIK” edition

This home is located at 231 8th St, NE:

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The flier says:

“LOCATION! COVERED PARKING! Charming, LARGE 3BR/2.5BA Victorian offers very best of the Hill, only steps to Eastern Market, Lincoln Park, Stanton Park, Union Station! 3 finished levels, high ceilings, original HWF, light-filled, large lot, large yard, large house, OSP, FP, CAC, EIK, oak cabinets, stone countertops and much, much more!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $779,000 – sound right?

We’ve also featured its awesome transom before:

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  • it comes with an elk? i’m sold!

  • Maybe it’s just the pictures, but doesn’t seem very spacious nor well-lit, despite the listing description. And does this neighborhood really warrant bars on the front windows?? Taking my $$ elsewhere.

    • The chances of being burglarized in this neighborhood are relatively low if that’s what you mean, but I personally think ground-level window bars are a good idea no matter where you live.

  • No chance in France.

    Too much money for that.

  • We recently bought a house several blocks south of here, at 8th and Independence, for $775k. Similar size but with nicer features and in better condition (from what I can tell) and much closer to Eastern Market. Our transom is better too. 🙂 The people next door neighbors bought their house two weeks before us for $800k.

    So I think this is priced a little high, but demand is going up now that it’s spring. It will probably go for around this price, and quickly.

  • IDK. Is this a good house for a SWF with ADHD? Are those HWFs? What are the HOAs? Is there a UPS or TGIF’s nearby?


  • I think this place is pretty awesome. Too bad it’s on the very top end of my budget or I would have jumped on it. It has the three most important things to me: parking, outdoor space and size.

    And does it ever have size. At 2100 square feet, this place is huge.

    I’m not in love with the location. Not that it’s a bad neighborhood, but for that price, I’d prefer something in the SE rather than NE. The other problem is that you are never going to get a certificate of occupancy for the basement without an expensive remodel.

    All in all, I’d be surprised if it lasts 30 days on the market. I could easily see this going for 750ish.

    • You’re 2.5 blocks from SE, I think most people will be ok.

      • I think his/her point was that, for this price, you should at least be closer to the action around Eastern Market and Barracks Row (and I agree).

        • I actually prefer this location over something closer to Barracks Row/Eastern Market because you’re within easy walking distance of Barracks Row and the Atlas District.

          • Yeah, that’s a valid point, but I think most people would rather be further south because it’s less sketchy, and property values are higher, and you could always catch a 90-series bus up to H Street if you wanted to do something in the Atlas District.

  • While the house does have some nice detail, the problem with it is actually its location. It’s pretty much right across the street from an ugly hospital building. Based on all of that I’d be surprised to see it go for at or near asking price, but this spring I’ve seen some houses fly off the shelf that a few months ago would have sat there.

    • I think the bigger problem is that it’s on 8th right by the 7-11. It’s a pretty busy stretch of thoroughfare.

      And technically you’re facing a very pretty church. Although if dangling on the cross jesus bothers you, I wouldn’t live here.

  • If it weren’t on 8th street and so close to that nasty Mass intersection, I’d really like it. It’s a big house with parking, which is pretty desirable. It’s close to Lincoln Park, Eastern Market and H-street, without having to deal with all the congestion.

  • What does OSP, FP, CAC, EIK mean?

  • I agree with billybob. From the pictures it seem really really small as I am not sure if it is worth the price.

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