Good Deal or Not? “Industrial Strength, Muscle-Bound Beauty” edition

This home is located at 1217 C St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Industrial Strength, Muscle-Bound Beauty, just two Blocks off Lincoln Park! Extremely Loft-Like. .. So like SoHo you’ll think you’re in NY. Rarely found 3000+ square feet of both functional and emotional space–A grand entertainer and an intimate romantic lair. Massive Master Suite w/ 18′ ceilings and bath built for five. Lower Level Arcade of a Rec Room plus guest quarters w/ third bath.”

You can find more info here and a mouse on house tour here.

Well this is a wild one – what do you think of the home itself. Does $848,750 sound right for this 3 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • I always think it a little odd when the virtual tours include photos of things like Eastern Market, or the Capitol, or the Lincoln Monument, as if these are somehow included in the price.

    • If they’re going to do that they should at least show a picture of some dogs frolicking in the new dog park. It’s a lot closer than those other things, and some potential buyers might not know about it yet. Honestly, if you’re looking to buy in this neighborhood and you don’t already know that Eastern Market is somewhere nearby, you probably are not informed enough to be buying yet.

    • Local amenities and location have more to do with the price than stainless steel appliances.

  • ahh, i’ve been looking at real estate listings near h st/capitol hill too long. i saw the description and knew it was thomas faison. his listings crack me up.

    house looks nice but i have no comment on the price. was listed on urban turf recently as “this week’s find”.

  • I really hate the “open to below” sections, as well as that unfinished-looking crap at the front of the master bedroom. The first makes me think that I could never get a good night’s sleep in that house because noise from anywhere would carry all the way upstairs. The second makes me think that pigeons or other such nastiness could be nesting up there (also not leading to a good night’s sleep).

    I’m sure it’ll appeal to some people, but clearly not to me.

    • Definitely a unique listing, in good ways and bad. I checked it out this weekend and had a similar reaction, mainly because of the temperature disparity between the 3 levels. It will be a bitch to keep warm in the winter. My girlfriend and I were split on the master ceiling – I hate the idea of the open roof beams but she loved them. They kept a lot of the old wood flooring though which looked great. Some hipster with money burning a hole in their account will buy it for near list price I would bet.

  • Price to high! 1) C st is a major one way artery into Cap Hill in the mornings and Marylanders drive by at beltway speeds starting at 5:30am. 2) Basement not suitable for independent living for a renter. (At this price you would expect that) 3) Except for the exposed brick of the 3 floor atrium, all the charm of this house was stripped by the reno. 4)Barely a backyard.

    This house (at best) should be listed for $699 (for the Hill) and expect to get about $675 after a few back and forths.

    $20 co-pay please!

    • I think it will go for more than $699, but I agree that the list price is probably too high.

    • Just a quick note about C Street.

      You are half correct. C Street is a artery into the City for Marylanders. However, C Street now has stop signs on almost every block after 15th street. So no more “beltway speeds starting at 5:30am”..however I would imagine noise is still a factor.

      I’m sure most Marylanders hate C Street now. stop and go, stop and go…but I say F’ em.

      • When they complete the 295/39n Anacostia bridge project in another summer or so, you won’t have street level traffic in Capitol Hill like there is today.

        If you’re time horizon is at least 2 years, you’ll notice the difference.

    • I live near here and watch the real estate market pretty closely. This will easily go for $800,000 or more and it will go quickly. Only drawback seems to be the open layout which might turn off buyers but the house is well done, spacious and in a very desirable location for most people. and the c st traffic has improved dramatically over the past couple years due to the calming measure put in place including the new stop signs at 10th and 12th

    • I think your assessment of C St is dated. Yes it does get some commuter traffic, but not on the order it once did. It’s no longer continuously 1 way westbound into town, has numerous traffic calming measures, and a notorious speed camera near 17th St.

      The Hill has lots of easy highway / commuting route access – it only makes sense that there are a number of busy roads intersecting the Hill.

      • The houses on the block already go for $800’s. The only reason I can see this going for less is it’s a 3 bedroom and most of the time you need a 4th bedroom.

        C ST traffic isn’t loud except for the occasional bus (I live a block away on C across from a bus stop). If you work a normal schedule, the traffic arrives after you’re awake and as other’s noted, the addition of a number of stop signs on C ST and Constitution Ave on 11th/12th have made all the difference in the world.

        What I like about this block is that you’re walking distance to H ST and EM without being IN either place. So there are almost never parking issues, you don’t get a ton of vagrancy and you see people you recognize more often than strangers. It feels like a real neighborhood.

  • I’m confused by “bath built for five.” Does that mean the 5 people can fit in the tub ’cause it doesn’t look that big? Or does it mean that 5 people can fit in the bathroom and really, why would you want that?

  • I think it’s really cool. but having renovated and sold many houses in dc, i can say the problem with this house is that they added a premium for uniqueness, when buyers in dc are sheep who discount anything they haven’t seen at least 50 times. therefore, it’s uniqueness makes it worth about 100k less.

    • That’s quite a generalization, but I do think there’s some truth to it in regards to Capitol Hill.

      There’s a house near Lincoln Park that was quite spacious and had a garage and a huge backyard. However, because the interior was painted completely black and had a contemporary loft rennovation, it sat on the market for months. It finally sold for what I believe was $150-200k less than what it was worth.

      Part of the problem is that a lot of prospective Hill homebuyers have families, are planning to have families, or are retired. These groups usually want something more traditional. The Hill also attracts a lot of people who appreciate historic architecture and would prefer to have the inside of their home reflect that.

      • There may be some truth to that on CH, but not everyone is into the open floor concept, especially when a lot of CH housing stock has original features worth keeping. For properties without original detail a modern approach may be appropriate. I just wouldn’t want my main floor to look like a bowling alley like 90% of the renos I’ve see.

  • It is gorgeous, will sell for near list, and as usual prove the PoP real estate naysayers who can’t believe any property is worth what the market prices it at wrong.

  • I hate the half finished (open roof beams) look in the mater. Wouldn’t that make your heating/AC bill go up? It looks like there is no insulation. As far as the price, goes, it’s prob about right.

  • I give the renovators credit for taking some chances and doing something beyond what has become the standard remodel. So many of there rowhouse renovations tend to blend together regardless of what neighborhood they are in. But this one stands out – in a good way in my opinion. It’s certainly well done. (Love the little touches like the lighted kitchen cabinets with opaque glass.) Not everyone’s cup of tea but I will bet it finds a buyer for at or near list price.

    • You can get those at IKEA, which I’m pretty sure the owner did based on a lot of the finishing touches in this place. Not that that is a bad thing, but it definitely has a negative connotation stateside.

      • Bro, might wanna be careful using the IKEA word on this blog. Terms like that and “Home Depot” are like busting a cap upside some dude’s head – it ain’t cool unless you can back it up.
        just sayin’

        • I have no experience with Home Depot remodels but I can’t tell you how many people I know who have remodeled their kitchens with IKEA cabinets and are very satisfied. A lot of their stuff (at least what I have seen) looks really good. And some contractors that I trust recommend their products highly.
          But agreed that some might not take kindly to the idea of $850K for IKEA finishes.

          • And just to be clear, I have no idea where the finishes in this house came from. But I do like them regardless.

        • I think “Home Depot Flip Job” would be a good name for a band.

  • So all of those dudes come with the house?

  • Love the creativity of the listing agent, but the exposed section of the master bedroom is a little creepy looking.

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