Good Deal or Not? “1600sqft Flat/Artist Studio” edition

This condo is located at 440 M St, NW:

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The flier says:

“This is not your every day space. Spectacular 1600sqft Flat/Artist Studio in heart of Mt Vernon. Industrial door frames, walls of glass, salvaged courthouse wood framed windows. Sunny & Bright. Open floor plan allows for flexibility in layout/design. Room for separate living & dining, home office and more! 10′ ceilings. Wood-burning fireplace. PARKING & Private Patio + Garden Area. 3 Blks METRO.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $549,555 ($200 monthly condo fee.)

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  • I love that block. All of the restored brownstones reminde me of Park Slope or Brooklyn Heights. It’s an awesome block, with really great renovations. Still, 549,000 is high for a lower level condo with 1 bath anywhere in the city. And while M street is great, the area around there can get sketchy. I’d advise driving around there on a warm summer night.

  • I could have sworn this was already a GDON, as I remember people complaining it was underground. I love the 400 block of M.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Just double checked (because it’s def. happened before) but this is the first time we’ve seen this one on a GDoN.

      • You may be thinking of the place right down the street at M and 5th that was profiled and had the gas latern out front.

  • Seems a bit too high for essentially a one bedroom + den w/ one bath. Surprised they got away with calling it a two bedroom. The back room/artists area is cool – but what’s up with the terrible office building windows and doors to the patio? Convenient but kind of awkward area of town as well. Agree that there are some very pretty houses there though.

  • Hmm this is a weird space…and it looks like there is only 1 bedroom from the floor plan. It doesn’t seem like a real bedroom either as the only “windows” open to the living room and office. I would think they will have trouble selling this one despite its size.

  • Does anyone else find the “living room” area awkward? Like there should be more furniture? Or walls?

    • MsNesbitt

      I agree! Seems like they should have created at least the illusion of a separate space behind the couch, which just awkwardly hangs out in the middle of the floor. The layout of this unit is very strange, and I agree with the other commenters – None of the rooms are particularly closed off for privacy, and I’m not sure what they’re considering the “second bedroom.” Seems like they might have a bit of a hard time selling it as a true 2BR; should list it as a studio and note the walls throughout.

  • An actual artist could never afford this place.

  • I actually kind of like it. 1600 sq ft is pretty much unheard of for that price in most DC condos and in most small town houses as well. The space is a bit awkward, but you could easily have a huge master bedroom by cutting out the “family room” since you already have a living and dining room in the front of the home. (I know walking through a bedroom to go out to the patio isn’t ideal) Plus parking and outdoor space? I’d say the pros outweigh the cons.

    • “1600 sq ft is pretty much unheard of for that price in most DC condos and in most small town houses as well.”

      Really? Take a short trip up to Shaw/Bloomingdale/Eckington and look at recent sales. While obviously not across the board you’ll find places with more square footage, actual yards and driveways for WELL under this price (many close to or under $400K even), and those aren’t shells. You have to make an argument for this place on more than just the square footage. Access to Mt Vernon Square amenities is really the only selling point here unless the finishes really float your boat.

      • Not shells, but not renovated like this. A $400k house is a great deal, but to keep up with the Joneses is going to take another $50 – $100k easy, brining you back up or close to half a mill.

        This home is priced right. I think it’s another good example of needing a buyer with some vision. It’s huge. Divide the “family room” into a living room, master bedroom, another full bath, walk in closet. The only downside is that one of your bedrooms lacks a window. But I think some people can get beyond that, if you give them a couple hundred square feet for free — which is kind of what’s happening here.

        Looks like the back yard faces back of Yale Steam Laundry, maybe. I mean, you could buy there and get great views, but I think you’d have a third less space for the price.

        • But what you’re talking about would ALSO take $50-100k. I’d rather have a house that needed a little cosmetic work.

      • Apples and Oranges.

        This place is 1 1/2 blocks from a safeway/busboys/kushi/etc. and all of the new retail soon to come across the street and it is 4 blocks to chinatown/penn quarter. If you want to live in a highly walkable area, you have to pay for it. If you don’t mind being in an area with limited resources and have a car, you can always pay less for sure, but you can’t compare the neighborhoods on equal footing.

  • Bad, for that money, you should be able to find a nice house with better outdoor space.

  • I just don’t see OVER 1/2 a million dollars.

  • i looked at this place years ago when it was for sale and yes, it’s an awkward space, but it’s fun to imagine how you would use that large “family room”. i would use it as a roller skating rink.

  • Went to the open house a couple weeks ago, it’s a nice space with nice quirky details, but it’s certainly NOT a two bedroom. It’s barely a one bedroom as they have that weird middle space plopped in the middle of the unit and it has no real closet – just built ins crammed in the sleeping space.

    The realtor said the guy who lived there was a photographer and used the big room to set up lighting and backdrops for shoots, and lived in the front area/bedroom. He also had an estimate to add another bathroom, and had some suggestions for how someone might add a wall to make a true bedroom. But why spend $5k+ on a second bath and even more than that to make a true bedroom, when you’ve already spent $500k for what is essentially a junior one bedroom with a huge studio.

    I can’t see it really being useful for anyone who a “starving artist” but someone who did a higher-paying craft like studio photography might. And yes, the back doors to the parking space and patio are weird commercial office doors…definitely need an update.

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