GDoN Revisited by Hipchickindc: 759 Harvard St NW

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Featured Property: 759 Harvard St NW
Legal Subdivision: Columbia Heights
Advertised Subdivision per Listing: Columbia Heights
Original List Price: $349,900.
List Price at Contract: $349,900.
List Date: 02/07/2011
Days on Market: 9
Settled Sales Price: $350,000.
Settlement Date: 03/14/2011
Seller Subsidy: $5000.
Bank Owned?: No Short Sale? No
Type Of Financing: Conventional

Original Good Deal or Not post is: here.

The listing can be seen: here. To see pics, open the listing link, click on the listing then scroll through from the main pic.

This home is located between Sherman Ave NW and Georgia Ave NW on Harvard St NW, a primary eastbound route connecting NW DC to the major medical centers above the McMillan Reservoir. Built during the early 20th century (DC public records date these properties in the 1908-1913 range), these modest brick rowhomes typically have two to three bedrooms and relatively small lot sizes of 800 to 1000 square feet. Lots on the even side of the street are slightly larger than the odd numbered homes. Most homes on this block do not have offstreet parking.

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There was discussion on the original Good Deal or Not (GDoN) post regarding speculation on criminal activity in the area, displacement of prior residents, gentrification, etc. While I don’t have any interest in getting involved in a debate regarding any of these issues, the sales activity on this block reflects trends seen in many downtown neighborhoods. The bottom line is that the statistics show significant change in ownership over the past decade, for which some detail is presented below.

There are a total of 77 properties on this block. Since April 2006, a total of 24 homes, or nearly 1/3 on that block, have transferred ownership (re-sales of the same address within a short time period were counted as one transfer since it is assumed that those properties were renovated by investors and re-sold to owner occupying buyers). A similar number sold in the previous five years. Of the 26 homes sold on the block between 2001 and 2006, 7 were re-sold during the proceeding five years. Ultimately, well over half of the homes on this block alone have different owners than they did ten years ago. Of the 77 properties on the block, currently DC public records identify 19 as non-owner occupied (presumed tenanted , vacant, or commercial use).

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  • For this price, I really wish I owned this place. There is crime in the area, but I think that is reflected in the price and I see nothing but improvement and increased prices here in the coming years. Last year I bought in the U St Corridor area and, while I love it, I do think I would have seen a better return on investment over the long run had I purchased something up here.

    • Where is there no crime?

      • Arlington. Anyway, I wasn’t trying to say anything more than respond to the commenters on the original GDoN who focused on the crime in the area. I personally think it is a great area and would like to live here.

  • i am surprised that the seller actually let it go for $345k. congratulations to the new owners, they got a good house for a good price in my opinion.

  • Meh. Bought over by Sherman Circle. Better price, bigger house and a real back yard.

  • It feels good to say this: Good deal! Congrats to the new owners!

  • Agreed. Great deal.

    • Especially with the streetscape revitalization of Sherman Ave, and if street cars are ever put on Georgia.

      • Even without the streetcars, this is great. Very walkable to the CH metro, close to the 11th St hotspots, in an area that is rapidly changing.

  • Nice house and fairly good deal, I think.

    We bid on a house just a few doors down from this one during our own house hunt in 2009. Having lived nearby, I wasn’t particularly worried about crime or volume of traffic on the street when we bid. When we looked at the house, we met some neighbors who were very friendly.

    My favorite part about this house is the original details that remain, like the stair trim which you can even find in the newspaper advertisement that the developer published in 1912. I also love that the photos give me something to think about as we revamp our own home up the street – a twin of this one!

  • I wouldn’t live in the area because I have little interest in getting stabbed or shot, but for those willing to assume the risk (at least you’re close to WHC!), I think this is one of the few homes that does not look like a ripoff.

  • I did live on that exact block and my house (and truck) were shot up (someone bulleted my ride). I sold it and moved a couple blocks south to Fairmont. A couple of blocks makes all the difference in D.C.

    I wish the new owners luck but watch out. That block is like the wild west. Maybe in 10 years or so the police will actually get the crew problem under control and that block will return to its former glory.

    For me, I prefer not to die for cheap housing.

    • Sorry that happened, but don’t think that stuff is the reg. I’d happily live there. I know people who pay way more for stuff over near H St, where I would feel way more uncomfortable.

      • Actually it is the norm on the 700 block of Harvard. My house and another one up the block were shot up in separate incidents.

        Check the crime reports before buying on that block. Or just go talk to the police. A good question to ask the realtor before buying: “How many people have died or shot on that block in the past 5 years from crew related shootings, stabbings, etc?”

        There is a reason that block has a crime camera on the corner. It’s a Hot Zone.

        Sorry to break the news to the people that just bought that house. The inside looks lovely. May I suggest you just stay inside the house?

  • austindc

    I live on that block, and that house is a great deal! Also, I haven’t been stabbed or shot or attacked by killer bees or anything else scary, but maybe I should watch out for all the sweet neighbors and their polite children and cute dogs. . .

    I admit that I don’t know what this block used to be like, but today it is lovely! Congratulations to the new owners!

  • hello PoP community, thanks for the kind words! we are very excited about our new home. the neighbors that we have met are all wonderful, friendly, welcoming…and we’re looking forward to getting to know everyone better!

  • Welcome, it’s a great area. Just make sure and thoroughly inspect those basement beams they were a bit worrysome.

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