Garden of the Day/Best Spot for a Morning Cup of Coffee or Mojito

A perennial favorite from the corner of 16th and V St, NW. This garden morphs and adapts throughout the warm months. We’ll be back again for another look later in the summer.

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  • That looks like a great place to enjoy that morning mojito while being bitten by the mosquitoes you’re raising in that stagnant pool.

  • This is the most beautiful garden. I always enjoy and receive inspiration from it when I walk by. Regarding the pool: John, it’s not stagnant. There are numerous fish that live there year round. Any mosquito eggs soon become fish poo.

    The owners do such a wonderful job with this garden!

  • wandafish

    That garden is so amazing. Live in the building across the street, and I love walking by it on my way to work. Perhaps the owner will reveal him/herself and share the space with neighbors? 😉

  • This is a fabulous garden. The owners are friends of mine, and when I lived in the next block I enjoyed the garden very much. Thank you for posting the photos.

  • The bugs do make this a difficult place for a cup of coffee, even when they turn on the fountain. I lived next door for a while, and couldn’t sit on my stoop for more than 2 mins without getting bit. They never sit out there either, they have a balcony off their kitchen in the back where they’ll sit out side.

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