Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – SW Waterfront (reader request)

This rental is located at 4th St. SW at M St. SW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“The apartment features stainless steel appliances and a large balcony with a view of Nationals Stadium. It is located in a condo development, with an outdoor swimming pool and a front desk staffed 24 hours a day for maintenance requests or package pickups. The complex is safe, clean, and quiet. It is located less than a block from the Waterfront metro and a brand-new Safeway; CVS, Bank of America, several restaurants and bus lines, Arena Stage, and more are within a 2-block radius.

Utilities included. Small pets (under 10lbs) are allowed. A two-year lease is required but the landlord allows sublet/assignment/early termination if the tenant finds an acceptable replacement.”

$1400 sound right for this 1 bedroom?

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  • Two year lease is required? Who does he think he is?

    I’d never sign a 2 year lease, who knows what they will be doing?

    And no, the price isn’t great either. I know someone renting a larger 1br in the waterfront towers across the street (nice gym, indoor/outdoor pool etc) for $1300.

    Bad deal

    • Is it legal in DC to require a two-year lease?

    • Could it be a condo association requirement?

    • If you want to move in a year it could be a pain (although it does say you could find a replacement and move early). But if you’re planning to stay in DC for a little while, it’s great to know that your rent won’t go up. Rent controlled places are allowed to take more than a 4% increase this year and the sky’s the limit for other apartments.

      Clearly not for everyone though.

  • Restaurants? really? What restaurants?

  • I would consider this an April Fools joke. I know that area has a few more amenities than it did a couple of years ago but that price seems a little high even with utilities included.

  • I’d never sign a 2-year lease. I always sign leases with 2-3 month out clauses in that I need to give the landlord a 2-3 month written notice. Similarly, he/she has to give me 2-3 month notice if they decide to sell and want me out.

    A landlord that is demanding a 2-year lease is likely going to be difficult to deal with. Not worth the hassle. AND, the price is not that great.

  • I hate to sound like a broken record (because I often comment on posts like these), but there aren’t too many pet-friendly one-bedroom apartments this close to a metro (that aren’t basement units) for less than $1400. So while this is not the best deal ever, it’s not a bad deal either. I know of several situations where a landlord chose a tenant over other applicants based on their willingness to sign a two year lease, but I’ve never seen it listed as a requirement – I don’t think it’s that sketchy, personally, since if I were a landlord I would probably prefer someone to commit to staying longer also.

    • @ grumpy… did you see it said pets under 10 lbs?? that’s not a pet, that’s a baby rat you put on a leash. this building is not pet-friendly…most people’s cats don’t even weigh that little. and a lot of times the smaller the dog, the yappier it gets, so no, this is not a good deal. as someone recently in the market for a new place with a 50 lb dog, there are better truly pet-friendly options out there. if you really like this neighborhood, you can get a $1300 huge studio at the View across the street (pets under 100 lbs…not a typo!) and not sign a crazy 2 year lease.

      • true, but that’s a studio. Some people want a separate bedroom. And the rents they’re advertising at the View include a 1-year-only discount (I just looked for a place there). If you want to stay another year, the rent will be a lot higher.

    • “I hate to sound like a broken record (because I often comment on posts like these), but there aren’t too many pet-friendly one-bedroom apartments this close to a metro (that aren’t basement units) for less than $1400.”


      This isn’t the greatest deal, because of the odd two-year lease requirement, but it’s not all that bad, for the reasons Grumpy outlines.

  • Maybe for some people a view of the Stadium is worth 2-300 dollars. Baseball enthusiasts can be such fanatics.

    • I don’t think you can really see the stadium from there. I used to rent a house (for $1600/month BTW) that was even closer and still couldn’t see it unless I walked over to M and S. Capitol.

  • Two words: balcony. pool. For a lot of people that’s worth an extra $100 a month, as opposed to being shut up in an apartment or dealing with roommates in a row house. I think $1400 is maybe a hair steep but not too out there. On the other hand, a two year lease is QUITE ridiculous. It’s also super metro accessible and provided the circulator doesn’t get slashed that’s a good transportation option as well.

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