Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights (owner request)

This rental is located at 14th and Clifton St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Parking Included in secure underground lot

Only a Short walk to the U-Street Metro or Col Heights Metro for access to downtown.

Custom $17,000 Bose Surround System installed throughout whole unit, awesome for music/movie enthusiasts and entertaining.

Side Porch and Sunroom in Back Provide for a unique layout.

Washer Dryer in Unit

Flat Screen + Bose stereo system comes with it too!

12 month lease
Pets OK
1 month deposit
utilities separate
High end programmable thermostat keeps utilities low and environment pleasant”

$2565 sound right for this 2 bedroom?

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  • Expensive, but sounds about right for everything that’s included. The parking alone is worth a couple hundred bucks a month.

  • Considering the ‘goody too shoes’ at View 14 (2303 14th Street N.W.) are asking $4321 for a 2br, this seems reasonable.

  • i love the front of this building

  • I think this sounds great.

  • BOSE

    Blatently.. Overpriced.. Stereo.. Equipment..

    Having said that, nothing from BOSE costs 17K so you got taken.

    Secondly, the first thought when I saw that in your ad was “guy is flaunting stereo system more expensive than a Honda Accord so he can justify an otherwise overpriced apt.” I would really take that out of your ad.

    Thirdly, 14th and clifton is the no-mans land between columbia heights and U street.

    Conclusion. Someone can do a lot better.

  • With the parking, a decent deal but would be spot on if some utilities were included, especially considering that block.

  • not a steal of a deal but, including underground parking, it’s definitely in the reasonable range.

  • That area can be a little sketch, but the price sounds right for what you get (though I could care less about the stereo system). Definitely much more worth it than that overpriced pile o’ crap for $2900 at the Floridian.

  • No way. This is way too dangerous of a neighborhood.

  • if you have a car, it’s probably not too bad (i.e., you’re not trying to walk everywhere). then again, does circulator do a decent job up 14th?

    all the same, if you have a car, there’s a lotta other places you could live for around the same price.

  • How many bath? If it’s one, this place is over priced.

    Still seems a stretch with two baths but it’s a sellers mkt and someone would probably bite.

  • Nobody buys Bose anymore.

  • I live a block away, the neighborhood isn’t sketchy anymore, it was when I moved in in 2006 though. It’s a short walk up to CH, down to U and a block from Meridian Hill Park. The building is nice and the underground parking is huge, seems like a pretty good deal considering the prices of the new cookie cutter crap coming online just south on 14th. But the bose speakers even look sh#tty in the photo.

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