Flipped Car in Adams Morgan/Lanier Heights Sat. Night

These photos are fascinating/horrifying. A reader writes:

“The accident happened on Ontario Place around 2am saturday night/sunday morning. The car that flipped is a Toyota Celica and the girl driving it walked away with only a scratch on her knee. I didn’t see her, but another neighbor said he helped her get out of the car and she was ok. The car she hit is a Jeep Cherokee and you can see it up on the curb in some of the photos. It looked like there was almost no damage to the Jeep, which was amazing, but one of the cops there said the axle was broken.”

Amazing that the driver walked away with only a scratch.

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  • Amazing that the driver was able to walk away at all with what was presumably a Miguel Cabrera-ish BAC of 0.27.

    Feel free to jump on me for making assumptions about one car accidents that happen in Adams-Morgan at 2 am.

  • Goodness…

    How fast must someone be traveling on a small side street like this to flip a little car. Glad she is alright though, now she can face charges on her own two feet.

    And people freak out about speed traps and cammeras.


    • Right, but if she’s over the BAC limit, chances are she’ll get a slap on the wrist. And if by some miracle she wasn’t drunk, she’ll get a ticket for some token amount. After all, no one was killed (this time) and “accidents happen.”

      If someone flips their car on a residential road like this, someone should lose their license for a good long time. Of course, that’s not how we roll in the USA…

    • the reason people freak out, in part, is because speed traps and speed cameras are never on small side streets where speeding is enormously dangerous. I dont think I’ve ever once see a cop doing a speed trap on side streets, even the ones that notoriously have a lot of speeders.

      • those streets unfortunately tend to get speed bumps instead of police attention

      • an interesting exception to this is Porter St between Connecticut and Wisconsin Aves. If you bust the 25mph speed limit, you get an immediate (fast switch) red light that makes you sit for an obnoxious period of time. It’s an effective deterrent (at least for me) from speeding.

      • Just fly by Park Place and Manor Place sometimes…

        Watch for flash coming from the unmarked car that changes almost daily.

    • Couldn’t have been going too fast. If it was, there would be more damage. Heck, the side windows are intact!

  • Not sure why they loaded it onto the flat-bed still upside-down? Couldn’t they have righted it and then had an easier time loading it (and done less damage to it)?

    • It’s already totaled at that point – why run the risk of damaging other nearby vehicles parked on that narrow street by trying to flip it there?

    • I’m guessing they would worry about damaging the cars parked nearby while righting the upside-down one. I doubt they were too concerned about causing additional damage to the already-flipped vehicle, and rightly so.

    • I wondered this too, and think the others are right about the narrow street making it harder to flip the car back over. We had our little pickup truck flipped over by a person who ran a red light at an intersection in Tyson’s Corner, and they righted the truck before winching it onto the wrecker. We too were just fine (ER visit found only bruises), despite the 45 mph speed of both cars, and sliding on the roof for quite a distance. Modern cars are remarkably strong, especially if it’s just a flip and not a roll of multiple revolutions.

  • Wow – you really don’t see many Toyota Celicas these days

  • I know that physics can lead to surprising results sometimes, but I am going to go ahead and say that anyone who manages to flip a car on a residential city street might not be a good candidate for having a driver’s license.

  • one could make a great coffee table book of admo car crashes. I’ve seen so many impossible driving feats there.

    a car stuck on top of a metal trash can / driving into newspaper boxes / crashing into buildings / stuck after crashing into buildings / crashing into lamp posts / knocking over fire hydrants / driving on the sidewalk / cars on fire for no apparent reason / driving down the stairs at quarry road / hit by run-away dumpsters / idiotic-dangerous-agro-drunk-criminal-hit and run-crazy-s%*# too numerous to count.

  • “Which once again proves my theory – women can’t drive!”

  • My first car was a 1992 Toyota Celica. That little car had a surprising amount of pickup. It was a stupid car for my parents to let me have at 17 and I came close enough to flipping it a couple of times, stone cold sober. I can only imagine the scratch on the knee I’d have gotten if I’d been dumb enough to drive that car while drunk.

  • For Sale: Custom 2002 Toyota Celica Convertible. Involved in just one minor accident.

  • Looks really strange as there is no visible damage to the front of the Celica either. Maybe her fender hit the tire and it flipped her car over in freaky physics fashion?

  • I saw this as I was coming home that night, and standing there, couldn’t tell how the car got flipped, or even which other car or cars were involved. She must have at least got some speed going, but that’s a short, narrow street so this was particularly surprising.

  • Wow- but this is really no laughing matter. Adams Morgan drunk driving happens far too frequently. Of course only a small fraction of it is ever revealed in a crash like this or vehicular manslaughter as happened last year. I’ve always supported closing 18th street during the weekends. This does away with a lot of parking and the ability to pimp your car down the strip. This would force a lot of people to take the metro which would actually boost the late night ridership and make it more viable to continue. Jim Graham has expressed willingness to explore the idea to close the street but nothing ever seems to come of it even though countless people have suggested it and countless city’s do this with great success in similar neighborhoods. Now that the street scape overhaul has started and will disrupt traffic anyway it seems it would be a good time to pilot a weekend street closure there.

    • It’s a good idea, in theory. It would wreak havoc with all the Metrobuses that use 18th Street, though.

      • you could close it to everything but buses. That would require having cops out on duty, instead of just putting up barriers.

        But if people drive as badly there as everyone is saying, just barriers would be ineffective anyway–someone would just drive through them!

    • how would that help? this took place on a side street, not the main strip. sadly, intoxicated drivers would still park and drive on side streets.

  • It must’ve been the faulty Toyota gas pedal

  • So was the Jeep that this hit a parked vehicle with no one in it? I can’t quite picture what happened to cause this car to flip and push the other car up on the curb.

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