Development Coming to 8th and P St, NW

Renew Shaw spotted the sign over the weekend and I was able to get a little more info from the folks at Capital City Real Estate. They tell me:

“We plan to do 12 two level duplexes. Each 2 bedroom 2 bath. Pricing is not finalized as the project is 6-9 months out, but we plan to have units priced in the mid to high 400’s and a couple maybe just a hair above. There will be parking available for sale for the units once the old Kelsey Gardens development is complete. (there will be rental parking in the meantime, on the Kelsey Gardens site).”

We most recently looked at a Capital City Real Estate project in Columbia Heights at 13th and Park Rd, NW. Though we’ve looked at many others with this one being the most popular so far.

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  • Very exciting! The images look great!

    I assume “6-9 months out” refers to groundbreaking?

  • Love the thoughtful variation, but that pricing seems pretty low — for the upper units in particular.

  • These look so much better and less suburban-esque than the townhomes rendered in the original plan by Metropolitan Development.

    Thumbs up to Capital City Real Estate for putting up some nice looking buildings around town. I wish they could bump up the interior detailing in their units, however.

  • Sounds great but pricing is too low unless units are around /under 1000sqf?

  • This is what I don’t understand … had anyone actually looked at the amount of parking provided at the old Kelsey Gardens location? All of these damn unit block buildings take up a heck of a lot of space but only use about 55% of it for actual living space. Who in their right mind ever accepted the design for these places? Shaw is rife with these ridiculous wastes of space

    • don’t forget, dc was never a big city, and they could hardly give away land back when these places were built. it was a very small percentage of people in the past that didn’t want to have a car if they could get one. and cars and insurance used to be cheap.

      seems outdated now, but it wasn’t back then.

      what do you mean by “unit block buildings?”

      • the Gov housing, coops, and apartment complexes in the neighborhood. They have massive amounts of parking and huge lawns, which generally go unused. Understood that land was not easily developed in the past; it would just be nice to see developers use the entire plot of land. Looks like that is the intent for the current project discussed in this post.

    • Don’t forget that a lot of people want parking or at least want to know that it’s available if they’re buying a home.

  • I think rowhouses are going to look great

  • big ups to Cap City RE for building old-style townhouses!

  • I’m impressed that, unlike the townhomes built by EYA, these have basements that are raised. It adds some authenticity to walk up to the front door instead of placing it on a slab.

  • This makes me so happy. With all the big luxury condo buildings going up just south of here, it’s nice to see a development that matches the character of the neighborhood.

  • Who owns the vacant lots on P Street between Marion and 7th? Those seem like they would be ideal for more of these types of duplexes…thumbs up to Cap City for taking advantage of this space…

  • Bring it on. Given Shaw’s location, building up the density of nice, market-rate housing here just makes so much sense. From this location you can walk to logan/14th, U St. or Chinatown in under 20 minutes. And get to either Shaw/Howard or Mt. Vernon Sq. metro in less than 10.

  • Thanks for the nice comments. We are very excited about this project!

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