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  • I’m pretty sure you can buy it on Amazon.

  • Vace in Cleveland park sells huge bags of it.

  • Baked & Wired in Georgetown.

  • you can buy loose leaf yerba at whole foods in their tea aisle, in 1-2 lbs bags. i’m pretty sure you can get it at harris teeter as well. its not that exotic

  • I’ve seen it at Whole Foods.

  • Whoops, that was meant to be a reply to rowsdower. Vace has yerba mate in abundance.

  • You can get Guayaki brand at whole foods.

  • YES! organic also sells it

  • I’ve seen it in Tynan.

  • Capitol Supermarket on 11th and N

  • World Market

  • I bought mine at that market on Mt Pleasant Street. they have big bags and little ones. It’s the org brand. now cups is something else, where to find a cup??

  • Trader Joes has it in tea bags as well

  • El Chaparral market across Wilson Blvd from the Whole Foods in Arlington has a nice selection.

    • +1 for El Chaparral. They have a wide variety of brands from Argentina in case you have your favorite and also they have 1/2kg and 1kg packs.

      Whole Foods sells Guayakí but it’s expensive and also not very well suited to drink with an actual mate. It’s chopped very thinly in a way that can clog the bombilla and also it will be very strong at the beginning and then it’ll wash off. This is because, as the instructions in the packages indicate, it’s thought for being prepared as tea (in a teapot, not in a mate) so watch out for that.

      There’s also a place called El Patio on Twinbrook Pkwy, in Rockville, where you can find yerba and many other products from Argentina and South America.

  • They have it at Cafe Atlantico, and it’s quite yummy.

  • from dirty hippies all over south america.

  • Rodman’s in Friendship Heights sells large bags of it in several varieties.

  • Vace or Los Primos are the only places in DC that reliably carry cheap Argentine mate. Best International used to, but I haven’t seen it there in a while.

    The Grand International supermarket at 7 corners always has it too. Also El Patio on Twinbrook Pkwy in Rockville, has good selection of mate, bombillas, and various Argentine groceries (frozen empanada wrappers, etc).

  • natural food stores

    (employed by Wisdom Natural brands, makers of Wisdom of the Ancients Herbal Teas)

  • I buy mine at Rodman’s on Wisconsin. They have about 5-6 different kinds, including citrus flavored. It’s dirt cheap. I use a French press to make it and serve it with vanilla soymilk. YummmM!

  • Vace in Cleveland Park and Rodmans on Connecticut almost at Friendship Heights both have a host of Argentinean brands.

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