Dear PoP – WIRELESS installations at Union Station and National Airport?

“Dear PoP,

I’ve heard a lot of people noticing the giant LOVE letters in Dupont Circle, but has anyone noticed the more unique and massive WIRELESS letters at union station and DCA? One looks like its made out of (oil?) barrels and the other, which seems more fitting, has actual cords and wires making the letters (attached). Has anyone else noticed these or know more about the campaign? Any other locations to look for?”

Anyone know who’s behind this? Verizon? Any other spots around town besides Union Station and DCA?

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  • The Love letters were a VA tourist campaign.

    I’m sure this has some other corporate / ad meaning

  • I just saw the Union Station one and thought it was weird. Although I guess WIRELESS resonates more with the average Washingtonian than LOVE does.

  • I believe the one at Union Station has a sign saying it is sponsored by CTIA, an industry/lobbying association.

  • Less Waste. Less Fuel. Less Paper. Less Wire. That’s what the Wire-LESS displays are all about. They’re part of the work the trade group I work for, CTIA-The Wireless Association, is doing to remind everyone of how wireless technology can help us live smarter, more efficient, and more environmentally sustainable lives. Wireless is helping us all reduce the amount of valuable resources we use every day, and the savings are only going to grow as more and more innovative apps and technology are developed. If you’d like to see our TV ad, go to , click on Ad Campaigns in the menu bar, watch our Wire-LESS green ad, and let us know what you think on our blog(

    • Oh, for a second I got really excited and thought Union and DCA were now offering true, free wireless internet, which would be awesome and groundbreaking for an American airport/transportion hub.

      But it’s just a lobbying ploy for an industry that requires electricity at the heart of itself, which in turn requires (at least in a conventional sense) the burning of fossil fuels which I get to be reminded of from the Natural Gas Industry at all the other metro stations, and cadmium which needs to be mined from the DRC from near slave labor to run my mobile phone’s battery which needs to be recharged daily for hours at a time with the burning of fossil fuels so that I can again use wireless technology again the next day, thus completing the circle, and not really reducing all that much waste after all. But at least I didn’t have to print off that PowerPoint presentation that was emailed to my iPhone.


  • Wireless? Are you serious? That’s so 2001. Wireless really doesn’t suit anyone’s needs except for when it’s in your house. I think almost 90 percent of the time I am in a public space and want Internet access, there isn’t wireless access, or it’s password protected. I’ll take my mobile Internet card instead.

  • …which is also a wireless way of connecting to the internet. “Wireless” does not just mean WiFi.

    (No, I do not work for CTIA. But I am a big ol’ nerd, and I do know that CTIA stands for Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, and that mobile internet card that you use certainly falls under that category.)

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