Dear PoP – Who Stickered my Car!?!?

“Dear PoP,

Some time in the last couple of weeks, some jerk put two “Green For All” stickers on my car. (I can’t say when exactly it happened as I was out of town, and my spouse is not the most observant individual.) I saw at least one other car on my block that had been stickered as well. I’m pretty angry about it. Those suckers are not coming off.

The more I think about it, the more it seems like it was a sanctioned stickering. Dumb destructive punk kids would have put the stickers on the windshield or someplace equally obnoxious. The ones on my car are placed neatly on the trunk, one on each side, just as you’d put them yourself, if you were the stickering type. Which I am not.
Has anyone else had this happen? Do you think it’s worth contacting the organization about it, just in case they DID give their volunteers a roll of stickers and tell them to “build visibility”?”

Holy cow, this is straight up criminal. Did this happen to anyone else?

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  • Yes, I would contact the org, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for any kind of resolution from them. They’ll probably apologize (if you’re lucky) and that will be that.

    You might try Goo Gone ( to take it off. We use it around the house. Not sure if it’s safe for your car’s paint, though, so please check it out before taking my word!

  • you should definitely contact the organization!

  • Why do you hate the environment? Those “punk kids” were doing you a favor. Just be grateful that you got a free sticker!

      • Eric, what you’ve just said… Is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point, in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this [blog] is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

        • Interesting how everyone on here talks so big about being pro-environment but seems afraid to actually back up that talk with action.

          • This troll is trolling…Everyone ignore and he will shrink and disappear.

          • Exactly! I put stickers EVERYWHERE, and I got “I <3 NATURE LOLZ" tattooed on my forehead. That'll do the trick!

          • ah

            You mean action like criminal vandalism?

            How about a flyer under the windshield making actual, coherent intellectual arguments about behavior rather than a sticker that says nothing other than provide a website?

          • How exactly is a rogue bumper sticker saving the environment? Because it wasn’t tossed in the trash?

          • Eric, most of us DO have a pro-environment lifestyle. We have smaller homes than the majority of Americans, and they are on smaller pieces of land. Those smaller homes consume less energy, and require us to keep the amount of stuff we buy/own to a minimum. Most of us drive very little or not at all.

            In addition to the green elements of our urban lifestyle, many of us take additional steps to be “green”, whether it’s making a conscious effort to use less energy or generate less waste, buying locally, eating less meat, reusing/recycling everything we can, etc.

          • Stickers don’t help the environment. At all.

        • houseintherear


        • +1 for the Billy Madison reference

  • I’m all for a greener environment, but that downright sucks.

    Looks like they’re a California-based group.

  • They say peanut butter works well to take off stickers.

  • Eric posted the stickers.

    • I’d like to post a bunch of stickers over Eric’s mouth and nose… Reduce his carbon footprint like magic! Permanently.

  • A good combo of coal smoke, and CFCs ought to do the trick to get these stickers off.

  • Ridiculous! I’d be so pissed. Try taking your car to an auto-detailing shop instead of potentially damaging your paint with home remedies (and then paying hundreds for a new paint job).

  • Dude, relax. It’s a STICKER. With the right product and a teensy bit of effort you’ll be able to get it off your car no problemo. Maybe you should try to remove the sticker before you go around bitching about it. (And, judging from the above picture, I don’t believe you’ve actively tried to get it off.)

    • they probably took the picture prior to trying to take it off, lol.

    • I wrote the letter, but that’s not my car. It’s one of the others on my street that got stickered. I ruined one of my own new accessories trying (unsuccessfully) to remove it. Good thing I have two, huh?

      Who wants to bet that erin is doing a marketing internship, and is going to pitch the guerrilla-stickering idea at the next meeting? Dumb punk. When you grow up and buy your own car, get back to us.

      • What’s worse? Bitchy, or sock-puppety?

        I do not apologize for the 2:59 posting. PoP, 3:00 ain’t me. Cheers.

      • No, well deserved!

        Welcome to the PoP commenting world of bitterness, anonymous anger, and despair 🙂

      • Chill out! Look around, all of these commenters are offering suggestions for how you can remove the stickers, and return to your sticker free days. I was just saying that there are plenty of remedies for removing stickers without “ruining” your “new accessories.” Also, just stating the obvious, but accessories don’t really seem like the right choice in car problems.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          The organization Green for All has emailed me and the OP and says that they have absolutely nothing to do with this and it’s “unacceptable for someone to put a sticker on someone else’s car”.

          • I’m no Carolyn Hax, but it’s also unacceptable to take a public swipe at your spouse like that too.

          • “I’m no Carolyn Hax, but it’s also unacceptable to take a public swipe at your spouse like that too.”

            For real. Maybe the spouse did it.

        • The suggestions are only coming as a result of the bitching. Your statement about the sticker looking virgin was incorrect. Any other stupid statements you’d like to throw around, Erin?

    • So, you wouldn’t mind if someone put say, an NRA sticker on your car?

      • Complete the analogy and I’ll think about it. Someone put an environmentalist sticker on a car (maybe a gas guzzling SUV). What would a gun-nut put an NRA sticker on to make a point?

        • Really? Your answer depends on context?

          Maybe you’re trying to be a smartass, but does context actually matter? Putting a sticker on a gas-guzzling SUV is vandalism, as is putting an NRA sticker on, say, a Prius with an anti-gun vanity plate (to use an extreme example).

  • Try using WD-40. That might work to take it off.

    • Yup this will do it. I used WD-40 and an old credit card on a bumper sticker that was on a used car I bought. Worked perfectly. Soak the sticker in WD-40, then scrape from the edges with the credit card. It helps to re-spray it a couple of times as you get more of the sticker off.

    • I agree. WD-40 is exactly what you need to remove the adhesive without ruining the paint. A backup would be lighter fluid, but I wouldn’t use goof-off or other similar products that could corrode or discolor the paint.

      BTW, why would you say “my spouse is not the most observant individual” in your letter to PoP? If I was your spouse, I’d slap you for being thick-headed.

      • Am mentally picturing the exact location of my can of WD-40, for immediate deployment this evening. Thanks to everyone for the ideas.

        As for the other: When I returned home after several weeks abroad and said “Did you put these stickers on the car? No? How long have they been there?” and questions in that vein, Spouse replied “You’re asking me? You know I’m not very observant when it comes to things like this.”

    • That would be ironic since WD-40 is made out of petroleum.

  • I’ve heard a hair dryer works well on bumper stickers. I have never tried it myself and you’d need one long extension cord.

    I have used vodka to remove super sticky medical tape and bandaids. It’s possible vodka is only magic on or in the body, though.

  • Sounds like the work of ELF to me…

  • Rubbing alcohol and a razorblade will get it off. Put alcohol on a cloth and wet the sticker, then scrape with razorblade. Repeat as necessary.

  • Just get some run-of-the-mill Varsol from your hardware store for $3 – I’ve yet to find any glue it doesn’t remove, unless it was a heat-fused plastic laminate, which isn’t likely 🙂

    That will likely remove wax too though, so rewax at some point.

    • Varsol will ruin the paint–it’s actually sold as paint thinner. DO NOT use it to take a sticker from the painted parts of a car.

  • Stickers? Thats it? When I was a young punk we would key SUVs. Punks got no balls these days.

  • Find the persons responsible and destroy them.

  • What kind of car is it?

    • um, I’m used to reading snarky, rude, bitchy, vicious and downright mean posts here, but this very random, irrelevant question made me laugh out loud for some reason!

      I’m not trying to be mean… I just think it’s funny. Maybe because I’m flippin’ exhausted.

      I’m sure I’ll hear an ear full about why it’s relevant, so go ahead, I guess…

    • Yes, tell us so we can decide if you deserved it.

  • Just cover it up with a McCain/Pail sticker. That’ll show em!

  • houseintherear

    I took the stupid side stripes off my car a few years ago. Either let it sit in direct sunlight or blow dry the sticker for minute, then peel off carefully with your fingernail (not a metal tool). Use vinegar or that goo gone stuff for the residue.

    Then send a bill for your time to the organization. 🙂

    • Second the hair dryer, which I’m sure is a pain to connect all the way from your house, but it works.

  • Sheeeeeiiiittttt. If I wanted stickers on my car, there would be stickers on my car, so this would run me hot. Sorry you’re having to deal with it OP.

    I had someone use magic marker on my white car door once and I couldn’t get it out with regular soap and water so I took it to a carwash and they used some elixir that made it go away. Maybe a local carwash can offer some suggestions/help?

    • On that note maybe the inspection station has something that would work, since they’re used to taking stickers off? Of course, those are on the windshield.

      • Yeah, they usually just scrape those with a razor blade-type device, which is fine to do on glass. Completely different results on paint, of course! 🙂

  • This totally happened to me too – I feel your pain! On Monroe between 13th & Holmead. The good news is they do come off. I used baby oil, cotton balls and elbow grease. I was out there for about 30 minutes but they came off and left no residue and didn’t take off the paint like some other solutions might. Good luck!

  • I am stunned by the reaction of my fellow POPies here.

    I would expect this in a run about Guns in CH or the Metro, the Idiot Graffit Fools destroying our neighborhood with their blight, or even the half ass gentrifying argument – but sticker on a car.

    WOW… Stickers come off, stop with the drama!

    • They don’t come off easily and can cause damage to the car.

      If you’re living in an urban environment like DC your lifestyle is automatically greener than the vast majority of Americans’ anyway.

    • If it just peeled off, it probably wouldn’t be a problem. Dozens of comments have said it is very difficult to get off. Who wants to spend their free time scrubbing, with chemicals, and elbow grease? I don’t care if it looks like a cheerful sticker, if it’s not the property of who put it on, I think it is vandalism.

  • I share your outrage, OP. It’s destruction of property, which undercuts any good message the sticker’s carrying.

    This stuff works wonders.

    Go to hardware store get the kind that comes with a pump. Saturate the sticker, wait a few minutes and then work it off with a rag or paper towel.

  • Angsty, childish, anti-car behavior…

    How much do you wanna bet “Dr Pangloss” is responsible for this? 🙂

  • Definitely not sanctioned GreenforAll tactic. If you are familar with Van Jones, the former Obama aid, who ran Colors of Change (and who Glen Beck helped get fired from his White House position), he’s behind GreeenforAll. They have centers at black colleges across the country and try to get minorities interested in environmentalism.

    As for a solution: Hair drier followed by Gunk’s “Tar-N-Bug Remover” which is clear coat safe and available at AutoZone and Home Depot.
    Definitely not a sanctioned GreenforAll tactic. I’m familiar with the group’s publications and standard advocacy and increasing public support for environmental issues is their M.O. Gorilla crap like is likely kids who got the stickers at ongoing “Campus Tour”. Does the OP live near Howard or another university?

    As for a solution: Hair drier followed by Gunk “Tar-N-Bug Remover” which is clear coat safe and available at AutoZone and Home Depot.

  • Green for All, huh?

    An organizer for them from NYC sat behind me on the Bolt Bus on Monday and was so annoying and loud. He spent the whole time (four hours plus) on conference calls, and four different people, including me, had to ask him to lower his voice.

  • Irony: WD-40 is made out of petroleum.

  • mayonaise. slather it on, let it sit, peel off.

    And yes, whoever put it on there is an asshat.

  • OP- you must call MPD. Unless upstanding citizens stand up to these criminal hooligans, our neighborhoods will never be safe from this wanton destruction.

    While I wouldn’t expect a quick response, if you canvas your neighborhood and reach out to all the victims of this atrocity, you can create a sense of urgency and force MPD to pursue these thoughtless eco-thugs.

  • dont really think that its that big of deal, it doesnt say something offensive/negative. sounds like you are afriad to show people you care for the environment.
    i’ve heard of a few campaigns before that use stickers with more neg messages to put on big cars like SUVs, and hummers. being that they are not green.
    not sure what type of car it is, but could be the reason you were targeted.

    • So does that mean we can vandalize your property, just as long as it’s a positive message? Or is it only messages that you agree with that are allowed? Grow up, hypocrite.

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