Dear PoP – What’s Going on at 4th and I St, NE

“Dear PoP,

Anyone have more info on the construction at 4th & I? I believe these are also going to be apartments, right across from the spot where the Giant/apartments were supposed to go. Wish the Giant had broken ground already! If I have to deal with all the noisy construction, I would much rather have a grocery store across the street to reap the benefits of in the end :)”

According to Jonathon O’Connel at The Post:

…the company [AvalonBay] is close to getting underway at another smaller site in the District, near the city’s burgeoning restaurant and entertainment hub on H Street NE. Cox said the company had acquired 318 I Street NE, a site that Broadway Development had planned for condominiums before being foreclosed upon in 2009. AvalonBay plans 140 apartments, which will have easy access to H Street, NoMa and Union Station.

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  • This was originally approved as a PUD, by the same owners and architects of Senate Square. It would have looked like a smaller version of that project. But apparently AvalonBay is going to be tossing out the approved plans, and building a matter-of-right project. The PUD included about 20 more apartments, but otherwise it shouldn’t change too much.

    Fourth Street is finally getting together… the vacant building at K and 4th is finally being renovated again, the Giant is starting soon, Tru Orleans is looking good, and Ethiopic has new facade grant. Not a bad set of improvements in just a couple blocks!

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