Dear PoP – What’s Going on at 1430 Belmont St NW?

“Dear PoP,

Any idea what is going on at 1430 Belmont ST NW near Meridian Hill Park? It looks pretty empty and there was a ton of garbage piled out front. It is a pretty building that has probably seen better days.”

Lots of folks asking what’s going on here. I’ve emailed CM Jim Graham’s office but haven’t heard back yet. Anyone know the scoop?

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  • I live across the street and have noticed many moving trucks coming in and out for several weeks. I wonder what’s happening as well.

  • If I find the URL again I will post it. The residents of the building were moved to another property. This building needs a major renovation and the city has decided to turn it into a co-op. The buyers will be screened by the city and the units will be sold at an affordable price point for qualified city/gov’t workers whose income is below the median. The buyers will have to have a reasonable downpayment and be able to qualify for a mortgage of there own. Hopefully the renovation will figure out a way to contain the trash dumpsters. It’s awful to have that right off the public sidewalk. The rear of the building is a sheer drop off. The rear facing units have the best views in all of DC. The project is GREAT news for the residents of Belmont St on this block.

    • So only government workers would be allowed to purchase the units? I’ve never heard of a plan like that before. Please do post the link if you find it. I live on this block.

    • The building was already a co-op as far as I know. I live on the block and had noticed a lot of moving trucks lately but hadn’t put two and two together that no one was living there anymore – I’ll have to keep an eye out on what happens next.

  • Hmmm – so the city is conducting the demolition unsafely – kind of like the WY18 building in Adams Morgan. Hard to enforce rules you can’t keep yourself…

  • I live next to this place and was wondering what was going on. I do agree the units in the back probably have the best view in the entire city, but the trash and rats out front are disgusting.

    I will never forget the first night i moved into my place, it started to rain and a woman came out of the co-op and got on the hood of a car parked on the street and started dancing as a crowd of people gathered around her and cheered – it was like FAME!


      It’s an old article and I don’t know how things have changed, but it seems as though most of the residents will be moving back in after renovations as homeowners. The tenants’ association bought the property and as Pokerface pointed out, it will operate as a co-op. Any units remaining will be sold.

  • Residents bought the building several years ago. At a bad time for finding financing to renovate. Residents apparently have been relocated and financing set so that gut renovation may be done. Sankofa Co-op – you own shares, not the unit per se.

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