Dear PoP – Taylor St House that Burned Totally Renovated and for sale

“Dear PoP,

Remember this house at 727 Taylor St, NW that had a fire [July 2010]?

I’ve been noticing tons of work going on – major renovation – and now it’s for sale. It sold for $144,500 on 1/25/2011. It looks pretty sharp.

The agent said they already have 2 offers!”

The house is currently for sale for $499,900 and you can see photos here.

I’ll be honest – I’m amazed it got renovated so quickly. I feared it would remain boarded up for a while. Very glad to know I was wrong. What do you think of the reno?

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  • I guess it’s fine for a house that was gutted by fire. Nothing to distinguish it from all the rest of the quick-flip renos, though.

    Now I hope the flippers/ developers will turn their attention to the shell on the 1300 block of Oak. Of course, there’s pretty much nothing left, there. It’s blighty as hell.

    • Agreed. Menkiti seems to have a specific style of flip–or rather, no style at all. I don’t think I like much of anything that they do.

  • bfinpetworth

    Seems like the market is heating up in Petworth. Perhaps just the normal spring bump but several houses that had been on the market are now under contract – one on Illinois north of Sherman Circle and one on Buchanan between 5th and Illinois.

    This place looks nice although I’m not a fan of the kitchen counter/backsplash tile combination. Too much for the eyes to deal with. Don’t love the downstairs layout.

    Glad to hear it already has offers.

  • That’s a nice-ish renovation. Interesting layout for the first floor.

    I wish the could have found a way to leave more light in the back of the house, through. The whole “daylighter” design is kind of ruined by having that enormous backsplash and cabinets cover up a wall that was probably originally windows.

    • bfinpetworth

      Agree – cutting out any existing windows in a row house is really unwise – they already have such limited natural light.

    • Hmm, good point about covering up some of the possible daylight.

      The kitchen backsplash is way too busy for me, but other than that and the kitchen design not optimizing the daylight, the house looks nice to me.

  • The block is shaping up to be very pretty with the trees and improvements. Most of these comments were pretty predictable. I like the simple approach to these houses. They are fairly uniform from the start so why mess with it? It’s a good open plan and very livable. What else would you want or could you do, given the constraints of the basic attached house? Great job!! Fast and clean… I can’t wait to meet my new neighbors.

  • I’m the OP – I was very happy to see this house back in shape and ready for sale so quickly. I thought the renovation looked nice – much better than the type of flip jobs that were typical a few years ago.. I do prefer houses with original features intact, but I know first that when this house was split up into apartments a few years ago a lot of original features were probably lost. So no problem with this house being essentially all-new inside.

    This house has some features I thought were really great – a large yard for the neighborhood that includes parking, a huge master BR with a full bath attached (you almost never see that in Petworth because houses were not built that way) and a nice non-cookie-cutter kitchen reno (sure not to everyone’s taste but I liked it).

    Plus, what an awesome location – 1 block to the farmer’s market, Yes Organic Market, and Domku. Almost next to the park at 8th & Taylor. The metro and almost all the new development in Petworth are within a 10 minute walk.

  • “and a nice non-cookie-cutter kitchen reno (sure not to everyone’s taste but I liked it).”

    I looked at 40+ houses when searching for my DC house, and I can assure you I saw about 30+ kitchens that had those cabinets/hardware/style.

    • I agree, those cabinets look pretty cheap, and that style of counter top is already starting to look dated. But if you want your kitchen to always look like it was sexy in 2001, then go for it.

    • bfinpetworth

      True – I think I had the same cabinets/hardware in my apartment at Allegro in CH prior to moving to Petworth.

      And when does granite become so cliched that people start moving beyond it? Kind of like Corian in the 80’s.

      • Granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances are already played out.

        • Just curious, what are people doing instead of granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances? What are the other options?

          • I believe the “new thing” is the countertops made from recycled… “stuff” (Sorry I don’t know what!). I always see samples at the Green Festival, and also you can see some such recycled tabletops in Room and Board.

            Actually, the materials can be quite nice, good muted colors, smooth, solid, nice textures, good weights, etc.

          • And also I saw salvaged countertops — you know like a copper counter rescued from a demolition. That was cool.

          • bfinpetworth

            Wood is also making a nice comeback. Usually not the whole kitchen – perhaps an island with wood top, and then some stone or composite in the rest of kitchen. Warms up the whole look and feel. It needs to be a closed grain wood, though – like cherry or maple – rather than grainier woods like mahogony, walnut, for sanitary reasons.

            I have white marble in my kitchen. Love the old world look of it, but they are high maintenance – they etch like crazy with the least little bit of acidity. I’ve decided to let them age gracefully rather than fight the inevitable.

          • as a contractor that’s in a new remodel about once a week, this is what i see a lot of
            countertops: concrete, glass, recycled materials, granite. mixing different materials is really what i’m seeing most in homes of people with interesting tastes.

            appliances: often disguised as cabinets. that’s most common in high end remodels that aren’t going for a modernist look. things like this are common too:

        • i disagree completely.

    • caveat: I last went house shopping in 2005, so maybe this kitchen is everywhere now…it’s just way better than when I was looking. In 2005 almost every flip job had yellow brass light fixtures and the Home Depot “stained glass” front doors. I like to think the flippers became PoP fans and saw how much everyone hated their choices 😉

  • I like the blue exterior very much.

  • Looks nice and well done. Price is very reasonable in my opinion but I pay more attention to other parts of the city.

  • I despise the open floor plan. And the rest looks like cheap Home Depot. I also hate those big tan tiles in the bathroom that all these flips seem to have. My house has that from its own cheap reno before the guy died and the place went into foreclosure. I’ll rip it out as soon as I can afford to.

  • Listed at $499,900 and I’m pretty sure it went to contract yesterday for $559,900. CRAZY.

    • bfinpetworth

      Wow – good news for the neighborhood!

    • GREAT to hear. I’m not surprised, as similar renovations sold for $555K (700 block of Shepherd St NW) and $575K-ish (two houses on the 700 block of Upshur St NW). So $559K, while a huge bid up, is in line with other comps.

    • As a neighbor, I’m thrilled about the price. As a person of taste, I’m appalled. That kitchen backsplash makes me dizzy.

  • $559.900! You have got to be kidding? These places are just not worth that…I live on this block and I am shocked to hear they got that much.
    Just wait till they catch Dude peeing in their flowers and the yard littered with chip bags and foam containers from Danny’s.
    That’s is insane!

  • Any intel on that recently completed renovated house in the 700 block of Upshur, a block up from Domku? There hasn’t been an open house but the work was completed a few weeks ago and I have heard it’s on the market for $600K, which seems insane to me.

  • Is anyone else sick of this same discussion every time a house is posted? Who would be fool enough to choose a house because of a back-splash, appliance or ceiling fan. Would you rather they did a DC Design Center redo and added another $150,000 to the asking price?! Think about the space; this approach is correct. Open the floor plan, install reasonably good finishes and appliances, sell the thing and the buyer gets to complete or change the finishes in his/her own taste over time. If it’s a good house and you mean to live in it, you’ll benefit from this approach. Remember the price point we are talking about here. If you did more high-end inside it goes above the range to the attract suitable buyers. I will cheer when the term “flip-job” and the misconception that Home Depot only carries low-end stuff disappears from the neighborhood blogosphere.

  • Though this house was withdrawn from my MRIS listing last week I just found it on Craigslist for sale at $559,000. Perhaps they realized they could get more than list and are now shooting for the stars? Whatever. Not worth asking price now, that’s for sure.

  • Petwork Shopper, it sold for well over $559K… so I think you are wrong.

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