Dear PoP – Suspicious package/bag at 10th and U St, NW CVS

“Dear PoP,

Went back to pick up my scrip and we were asked to leave, cvs up to metro exit are roped off.”

DCfireems tweets:

“Susp package- 1000 blk U st NW- CVS (near Vermont Av & U St/African Amer Civil War Mem Metro Stop)- area cordoned off – Police handling”

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  • Interesting…i had a UPS package stolen from my house that i found next to the CVS, opened and contents taken out (found it before the cops)…could be a pattern?

  • What a waste of time. DC must have wasted millions of dollars in lost productivity and first responders’ wages dealing with these calls, for absolutely zero benefit. Has one of these calls ever found an actual bomb? No. People, please stop calling in suspicious packages, unless you see something that is very clearly a bomb.

    • Exactly…people have become such hyperweaklings post 9-11. Everything, everywhere is a big bad threat.

      Of the literal hundreds of these suspicious package calls that DC police have been called to, not ONE of them was suspicious at all.

      Quit wasting millions of taxpayer dollars sending out the super g-force response team to every trash box left on the street.

      • the terroist are only making threats and poor attempts at destruction in order to effect us economically. This will not stop until we enact operation Middle East parking lot.

    • Blithe

      Um, How exactly does one determine that “something…is very clearly a bomb”? Not to be overly sarcastic, but I doubt that a true dat suspicious package will be ticking and labeled “bomb”. If there is a real answer to this question, though, I would like to know — since not every mis-placed gym bag or crumpled up box is suspicious enough to warrant police investigation.

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