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“Dear PoP,

Do you think your readers could share their recommendations? I just got a quote for about $2200 for a two-year comprehensive termite/pest/rodent treatment contract from Connor’s, and want to know if others have had good experiences with other companies. They were very kind and didn’t pressure, and they’re very highly rated on Yelp, but that’s a heck of a lot of money. I’d like to get some other quotes from recommended businesses.

I’m really looking for recommendations ongoing pest management (where they come and do the sprays, termite trap thingies, etc. every 90 days or whatever), from rodents to bugs. I’m curious which companies folks are using in DC, what they’re paying, what kinds of service they get for that price and what kinds of contracts these companies are offering. As a consumer, its hard to be totally knowledgeable about different types of pest mitigation strategies so you know what you’re getting.”

Who do you guys use for ongoing pest management?

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  • I use Connor’s. Before they came, there was a serious rodent/bug issue going on in my place. Connor’s is really great, plus they’ll come if you ever have a problem (if you do the unlimited, all-inclusive package). Needless to say, in the 10 months I’ve had their service, there was only one “problem” that they had to come out for outside of our scheduled every other month appointments. I live in a one bedroom apartment with a back yard, and the total cost for the all-inclusive was $450 for the year. Did you ask if they would give you a better deal if you paid all up-front? That knocked $90 off my total cost. Good luck!

  • +1 on the hilarious picture… cats are also my preferred method of pest control.

  • funny picture. I thought the same thing also. I haven’t had a pest problem since I adopted my kitteh.

  • On a related note… has anyone had any experience using a pest control service specifically for rats?

    I don’t have rats in my house (thank God), but my entire alley has a really bad rat problem and I have rats behind my house as a result.

  • My feeling is that if you have bugs, pay an exterminator. But if you have a mouse problem, I’ve never actually heard a success story unless the exterminator is also someone willing to move furniture and plug up holes.

    My experience with mice is that once you see one mouse, you must declare Total War. Paint your face, arm yourself, and march into battle. Show no mercy. Mercy is for the weak. Total War requires singular focus and patience, for the mice are crafty little bastards and they’ll counterattack.

    Mouse poison in the walls gives you rotting mouse carcasses in the walls. So I’d buy some good traps and find out where the mice are getting in. It’ll save you $1000/year if you’re just calling someone for mice.

    But again, if you have a bug problem, exterminators are the answer.

  • Dear PoP,

    FREE MR. POON! This is a terrible mistake. Really. Poon is an upstanding citizen and well-respected member of our community. He volunteers with lame orphans and often gives change to hobos.

  • My condo building uses Innovative Pest Management. Their website has a lot of good information even if you decide not to go with them. They come monthly and monitor the glue traps in the stairwells and laundry rooms. Though this post is kind of anti-climactic because I don’t know what we pay them for our contract… if you are a single-family homeowner it would probably be a lot different than our arrangement, anyway.

    But I highly recommend them, when I was having massive bedbug anxiety from all the media reports last year the vice president of IPM talked to me on the phone for a long time and answered all my questions, he wasn’t in a rush to get off the phone at all. So they seem very responsive.

  • We had a contract with Terminex right after we moved into our house – it was vacant for a long time and the big cockroaches, among other creepy crawlies had enjoyed the absence of humans way too much.

    The price was relatively reasonable (about $100/quarter – I think $399 was the yearly price) and technician was consistently the same and always nice, but after a while we decided that our regular cleaning regiment, allowing for the occasional unwanted visitor, was preferable to living in a chemical-filled house. We canceled it after a couple of the quarterly treatments. It has been quite a few months now and we haven’t had any issues.

    We were also told, however, that termites weren’t likely to be a problem for us because of the particular type of wood in our mostly brick house – it isn’t a favorite of theirs, so our pest issues don’t include unseen infestations that will damage the structural integrity of the house. It would have been a tougher decision if it was more than the gross factor.

  • Ward Pest control. Mr. Ward took care of the little critters in our house. They came back about 1 year later (due to teh vacant house next door), but haven’t been back in over 1 1/2 years now. I don’t remember what we paid.

  • My cousin recommended Connors and I bought their year contract (I’m on the 3rd year.) I recommend them, too, and defintely pay for the whole year up front. Their e-mailed newsletter is hilariously alarmist.
    On a scary note: I unfolded the Washpost (delivered in the plastic bag)recently and there was a bedbug inside one of the sections.

  • I use Affordable, they come quarterly as well as any time that I call them, and it costs about $400/year. (Covers all pests except termites, and my understanding — which I hope NEVER to deal with — is that bedbug treatments would also be extra.)

  • We had a contract with Orkin about five years ago that was supposed to cover bugs and rodents inside and out of our rowhouse for something like $120/month. Unbelievable waste of money. They stopped up crevices and holes with unsightly steel wool and laid down glue traps that never caught ANYTHING except our curious cat. Once/month a guy would come around and tell us where he’d seen new droppings.

    We wuz robbed, I tell you.

    More recently we did a contract with American Pest after they rid our house of bedbugs. They set termite traps in the front lawn, rat poison in the back, plugged holes and laid mouse traps throughout our house. After two home visits, however, we cancelled out the contract because their billing was too confusing/complicated and with no further pest activity, the service lost value for us.

    They were very good with the bedbug problem, though.

  • Yeah, Connors ongoing contract doesn’t include termites or bedbugs. It does include mice and silverfish.

  • American Pest Control has all inclusive contract (generic bugs and mice) for $450 a year including initial assessment. They have been very effective with the occasional mouse in the townhouse but I was never really infested (just one tiny mouse coming back at beginning of winter every other year). They have been very effective with moths, ants and what not. They come every 3 months for general treatment / check up and as many other times as you want if you have a specific issue. They also treated carpenter bees successfully but that was not included in the ongoing contract. They have efficient service and kind. I have been with them for years definitely recommended.

  • I used Superior Pest Control to get rid of roaches– I think it was $75 for treatment, and you could get them to come back for free every 2 weeks for the next 3 months (which I did, because they kept coming back). Never had a problem since.

  • Thanks for posting, PoP! +1000 for the photo.

    We don’t have a mouse problem (yet), but couldn’t get a cat anyway because we’re allergic. Our big problem is termites. Apparently our house is prone to them, so without structural changes we’ll always be at risk.

  • We signed a contract with American Pest Control after we had flying ants get in through our skylights and start swarming our bedroom last spring (it was horrific). We paid about the same as poster AC above (right around $450/annual contract). They took care of the swarming ant problem very quickly, and also discovered a big termite problem on our back deck, and crickets in the basement. With our contract, they come out every three months to set new traps in the basement for the crickets, monitor the termite traps that they placed outside our house, and treat ants inside our home.

    They’ve been very responsive when we’ve called to schedule treatments outside of the normal three month window, always take off their shoes if they need to come in the house (not a big deal, but greatly appreciated), and our service technician is really great with our cats (also not a big deal, but awesome nonetheless). We’ve been really happy with them, and glad we signed the retainer since one treatment (especially if you have termites) just doesn’t cut it. Good luck!

  • I signed a contract with Orkin after seeing a few roaches. We never had a full infestation of anything except ants, which they promptly took care of with a few simple bait traps, and the ants haven’t returned. The service is a little indifferent (missed, late appointments, etc), but they’re definitely the cheapest and they’ve been effective for us.

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