Dear PoP – Major Police Presence on 1200 Block of H St, NE this Sat.

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“Dear PoP,

Do you have any idea what was going on in the 1200 Block of H. St. NE on Saturday around 5pm? Around 4:00 or so there were 2 squad cars, 1 wagon and 10-12 motorcycle cops heading East on H. st with lights and sirens on. About an hour later 6-8 MPD Bicycle cops were stopping cars in the middle of H. St in front of the Autozone parking lot and were stopping cars somewhat randomly for about an hour-hour and a half. They appeared to be handing out citations to some of the drivers. They were standing on the double yellow line with about 3-4 MPD officers checking cars, waving cars on and directing traffic somewhat as well as stopping some cars here and there. They were all out of there by 7:00 or there about.

I have noticed an increased presence by MPD since a few weeks ago when there were a couple of muggings and a stabbing in the area of 13th and H. st. But I haven’t seen anything like this where it appears they were running some kind of check point. Anyhow, if you’ve heard anything about this I would be interested to know what was going on. It’s a first on H. St. as far as I know.”

Anyone else see this show of force? I know MPD uses this tactic from time around town. Have you ever seen a similar show of force in your neighborhood? I remember seeing a similar show of force last year on 11th St, NW in Columbia Heights and on New Hampshire Ave, NW in Petworth. It is also a common sight when Chief Lanier calls for an “all hands on deck” which has been a semi regular occurrence during her tenure.

Unfortunately DC Alerts reported a robbery on that very block Sun. night:

“Robbery Snatch @ 2109 hrs 1200 H St NE LOF B/M, 5’10, thin build, wearing a black baseball cap and L/S running in the 800 block of 12th St NE”

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  • Checking for safety belt/cell phone use violations. Just a little way to bring in some extra cash for MPD.

    • Some people seem like they’re practically begging to hand over their money to the city in the form of traffic citations. Always amazes me.

  • Checking for safety belt/cell phone use violations. Just a little way to bring in some extra cash for MPD.

    And to knock a little sense into our out-of-town drivers that distracted driving in an area congested with pedestrians is a grievous danger to everyone not in a car.

    You’re right, though, we should throw our region’s inattentive drivers a pity party. Everyone’s out to get them…

    • Some dickswab driving a Porshe SUV just flipped me the bird for walking in the crosswalk across the canal. God I hate Virginia residents.

      Rather than ticketing 0.01 percent of aggressive drivers, I will the District would allow residents to capture the license plate of offenders and submit the photos to MPD.

      • Yeah, maybe in some other economy, but not this one. Separating the legitimate offenders from the complaints sent in from self-righteous assholes who feel they’re always right and everyone else is wrong, would come at an enormous expense of time and manpower.

      • I’m assuming that in this particular case it was a Virginia driver, but in the interest of fairness I will point out that DC and MD drivers are also a-holes. I have witnessed it personally.

      • Sounds like you probably deserved it, with that sort of comment.

  • *wish

  • I wonder if this is related to what I saw outside the DC Convention Center at around 3pm on Saturday afternoon.

    Traffic was backed up as probably 30 cop cars & motorcycles maneuvered around Mass Ave. Eventually they drove off.

    It took me ~10-15 mins to get from 12th & Mass to 7th & Mass.

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