Dear PoP – Laundromat at 11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW Closes

“Dear PoP,

I’m one of those individuals not blessed with a washer and dryer in my apartment building, and my local laundromat at 11th Street and Rhode Island Ave, NW mysteriously closed, stripped bare in a matter of days. There seems to be a drought of laundromats in Logan Circle… searching online hasn’t been much help, and I’m not the kind of person who wishes to spend exorbitant amounts of money at a dry cleaner. Have any options for a simple wash and dry, or perhaps a cheap laundry service?”

Thanks to all the readers who sent in word and photos. Does anyone happen to know if there are plans for this corner? I’ll be sure to keep my eye on it. It’s a great location – so I hope/imagine it won’t sit vacant for too long.

This follows on the heels of TNT laundromat which recently closed in Bloomingdale. I wonder if this is the start of a trend?

I think there is still one available at 11th and M St, NW. That’s probably a good alternative. For those that live nearby where will you use?

Back in the day we spoke about some good ones in Mt. Pleasant.

I’ve always thought the deal at 2326 Ontario Road, NW (see below) was the best:

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  • condos will be going up on that site, although I do not know any details.

  • I’m always surprised at the lack of laundromats in DC. Or, I’m always impressed at how many apartments and houses have washers and dryers.

  • good riddance. If only we could close a laundromat or two in Mt Pleasant.

    • Yeah, because if you can’t afford to live in an apartment or home that has a laundry on the premises, you ought to just kill yourself and decrease the surplus population.

    • Obnoxious, classist/racist anon. comments like this are why I check PoP less and less – PoP, moderate the hell out of this thing + make the dialog more useful to thinking people, please.

      • I agree. Where the hell are all of these “kick the poor out of dc and build condos over their graves” people coming from? Just go live in NoVa.

      • Not sure who you are responding to but if you are responding to my comment, I’d have to say that posts that demonstrate an inability to recognize sarcasm are why I hesitate to post anything on this blog.
        Just for the record, as someone who grew up in a public housing project and whose mother wheeled a shopping cart of laundry to a laudromat two blocks away every week, I (unlike the person I was responding to) have no problem with laundromats.

        • It seemed pretty clear they were referring to the “good riddance” comment, and not yours, which dripped with irony.

    • I miss the days when I used to see Latina women regularly walking in Mt. Pleasant with gigantic sacs of laundry ON TOP of their heads walking to the laundromat.

      It used to make me feel like I was in a different world, just by changing neighborhoods.

      And, by the way, even though they were poor, and rented, and didn’t have their own machines, there was nothing shabby or undignified about them. I miss them.

  • WOW, I feel for you.

    I used to drag my laundry via grocery cart four blocks up the hill into Adam Morgan, back in the day.

    Sounds like a niche waiting to be filled huh? Where are all the entrepreneurs when we need em?

    They could offer machines, drop & wash, and dry cleaning…

    • Considering one of the major selling points of my cheap apartment was that the laundromat was across the street, this is going to be a real pain in the butt. And my apartment is just too small for a standard washer/dryer, and I’ve never heard good things about the small, ventless (and expensive) ones.

  • There’s still quite a few on the NE end of RIA. I understand it’s not as convenient, but maybe it’s time to move as well. There a lot of cheaper, decent apartments also on RIA NE.

  • there’s one on 7th between P & Q. A little out of the way from Logan (though I guess you could take the G2).

    • Yeah, the 7th st. laundromat is a real bute. You can wash your clothes while the bums bum your smokes’, drink velicoff and pea all over the place. If you’re lucky, the corner boys might even offer you a deal on some of the local drugs for sale.

  • I use to live in Logan Circle. There is a laundromat at 11 & M. My neighbors used it every week.

  • And remvoing a carwash. Loved that coin-op car wash.

    Only a matter of time before someone scoops up the Diamond Cab lot / garage across the street.

  • Laundry on 11th St b/t Fairmont and Girard, and Laundromat at 11th & Lamont.

  • But seriously….what up with the car wash? Is it folding along with the laundromat? That place is handy…..and cheap! Stands to reason that so goes the laundry so goes the car wash. Anybody have confirmation?

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