Dear PoP – Has weekend yellow line service in the direction of Huntington been suspended north of Mount Vernon Square?

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“Dear PoP,

Over the last several months, I have made an observation that I can’t seem to make sense of, and I was hoping that you could clear up my confusion. I live in Columbia Heights, but occasionally travel to Alexandria on the weekend. This is an easy enough trip– hop on the yellow line at Columbia Heights in the direction of Huntington. However, for the last several months, I have noticed that there are no yellow line trains at the Columbia Heights (or U Street) stations in the direction of Huntington on the weekend. The board in the station only displays anticipated arrivals for green line trains, and simply waiting for a yellow line train has proved a failure. Instead of boarding a single train, I am forced to transfer at Chinatown (or Mt Vernon Sq) with standard weekend wait times between trains. Despite this lack of service, trip planner on the WMATA website continues to list departure times for yellow line trains from Columbia Heights toward Huntington and no relevant service disruptions are present on the website. Moreover, there still appear to be yellow line trains traveling in the direction of Fort Totten, so the suspended service is only heading out of the city into Virginia. I don’t do this weekend trip very frequently, but my experience has been consistent.

Has anyone else noticed this? Any clarity would be greatly appreciated!”

I know I’ve still been able to catch the yellow line over the weekends – have others noticed any changes in the yellow line over the weekend.

I know it’s possible in the future that it could get cut/reduced in budget cuts but to my knowledge that has not yet occurred (and hopefully never will!).

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  • I have only had to do this twice in the last couple of months, but both times I tried there were no yellow line trains coming to U Street. I asked the station manager and he confirmed that only green line trains were servicing the station. It was very early in the morning, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference. Also the trip planner was wrong in my situation as well.

  • I’ve actually been wondering the same thing. Last week, we were able to get a yellow line from U Street, but we’ve had this experience several other times. We even got off at Gallery Place and checked with the station manager, who wasn’t rude but wasn’t very helpful – said they were still running. Anyway, I’d love to know what’s going on with this. Doesn’t make sense!

  • I believe with the track work on the Blue and Yellow lines in recent months, Yellow line service north of Mt Vernon SQ has been reduced on many occassions. I travel downtown via GA Ave station nearly every Saturday night and am generally able to get a Huntington train, except for a few occassions recently. Because the 62 bus, which I take to the station, is schedule to arrive just as a Green Line train leaves, the Yellow line service is great because it reduces wait time to about 10 – 12 minutes, rather than 20.

  • Other than the weekends where they suspend it due to trackwork, no, never encountered this. I’ve been able to catch Yellow Line trains between Huntington and Fort Totten several times over the weekend.

    I did notice that the boards don’t display arrival times based on when they’re going to leave their terminal station, but rather after they leave. So if you’re at, say, Columbia Heights and don’t see a southbound Yellow Line train on the board, just wait – eventually you’ll see one arriving in 4 minutes.

    • +1

      Usually the yellow line trains that do arrive (Columbia Heights) are listed on the board as unlabeled trains “— — Train”

  • Sometimes the yellow line trains do not show up on the Board because they start at Ft. Totten. They do not appear on the Board in C. Heights until the train has departed the Ft. Totten station, which is probably about 8 minutes away. I usually just ask the manager when the next yellow line train will be there and he/she has been helpful (believe it or not).

  • I don’t ride on weekends, but have noticed that during rush-hour all of the Yellow Line trains terminate at Mt. Vernon.

    This wouldn’t be a problem, except that there will frequently be 3 yellow line trains in a row, meaning folks trying to get north of Mt. Vernon are left waiting for awhile.

  • I’ve noticed this too. Concerned about my early morning flight from DCA on sunday. Tranfer time might be an issue.

    • The fact that Metro doesn’t open until 7 AM on Sunday is probably going to be a bigger issue for your “early morning” flight.

    • Call a cab. Having to deal with Metro’s ineptitude is not worth missing a flight over.

  • Yellow trains don’t show up until about 5 min before arrival time because that’s how long it takes from Ft. Totten. That being said, there’s no reason to NOT get on a green and transfer later if it shows up on the platform, just in case the yellow line isn’t servicing those stations for whatever reason… I haven’t seen the yellow line stop serving CH on a weekend yet, but I’m sure it happens.

  • That explains why when I was on a yellow line train this past weekend (heading to U street) we were forced to get off at Convention Center.

  • When I went to Old Town two weekends ago, our yellow line train terminated at Mt Vernon Sq and everyone had to get off the train. It seems the same as the rush hour service, but you’re right in that there haven’t been notifications to a sweeping change.

  • last saturday evening i caught a yellow line train from U street with no problems.

  • I’m guessing the lack of a Yellow line train was due either to track work on the Yellow line in VA, or what other commenters have pointed out about Yellow trains not showing up on the arrival board until they have left Fort Totten. But you really shouldn’t opt to wait for a Yellow train rather than Green train because both train lines run on the same track so there’s no way a Yellow train would ever get in front of the Green train that is in front of it – you should get on the Green train and transfer to Yellow in one of the stations that you are sure that they overlap.

  • I took a yellow line train from U Street to DCA on last Saturday afternoon. So it was running.

    As noted, the trains do not necessarily show up on the boards until they leave Fort Totten. So the board may list all greens until a yellow pops up in between them.

    Also, in addition to rush hour, yellow line trains may terminate at Mt. Vernon Sq. due to Nat games or other events that require higher than normal green line track usage.

  • I took the Yellow line to Alexandria yesterday.

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